• BETWEEN function

    152 votes
    Here's a function that would be quite helpful: BETWEEN   It may work similarly to how it does in SQL Server. It could be used to compare 2 numbers, dates, etc   Anybody agree with me?   In pseudo cod...
    Ryan K
    created by Ryan K
  • Notification when email subscription is delayed/fails

    7 votes
    One of my users had an email subscription severely delayed and I only found out about it because this person (in upper management) failed to receive it. Unless I want to duplicate every subscription my user base has a...
    Robert Watters
    last modified by Robert Watters
  • Ability to connect to Google Sheets located on Google Team Drives

    176 votes
    Tableau supports access to Google Drive but not Google Team Drive.  Many organizations are now moving towards Google Team Drives as a way of organizing data by workgroup, function, or project rather than document...
    Joel Sevinsky
    last modified by Joel Sevinsky
  • Connect to Airtable

    39 votes
    It would be incredibly helpful if there were connections between Airtable and both Tableau Desktop and Tableau Prep. Currently I am exporting csv files from Airtable and then connecting to Tableau, but this process is...
    Allison Steel
    last modified by Allison Steel
  • A way to create a Tableau data dictionary in order to see the Field Names within a workbook and associated formulas

    92 votes
    Tableau does not have the ability to export the workbook logic and load the field names and formulas into other software, for example a program that manages metadata for a company/department to provide a data dictiona...
    Sunil Tikar
    last modified by Sunil Tikar
  • Be able to kill a database refresh task on the Tableau Server

    643 votes
    Sometimes for a variety of reasons, a refresh database query on the server may be running for too long and there is no easy way to gracefully kill the process. If Tableau server is to truly serve as an enterprise data...
    . Tdeane
    last modified by . Tdeane
  • Show worksheets/views where a field or a calculated field is used

    60 votes
    It would be helful to have an option to search for worksheets/views where a field/calculated field is used. My workbook has so many worksheets I don't want to enter each to check if a specific field is part of it or not.
    Grit Gehrmann
    created by Grit Gehrmann
  • Ability to Change Default Settings on Filters and Formatting

    53 votes
    Apologies if this already exists.   It would be super helpful to have the ability to change the default settings for filters and formatting.   Specifically for filters: 1. Ability to set default settings ...
    Jake Cluff
    last modified by Jake Cluff
  • Font Outlines in Text

    22 votes
    Readability of text is incredibly important in data visualization tools like Tableau. Please allow users to outline fonts so that text is readable in regardless of background colors. Heat-maps often suffer from this i...
    David Justiniano
    last modified by David Justiniano
  • Tableau connector to MongoDB Community Edition

    47 votes
    Tableau can currently only connect to MongoDB enterprise edition via the MongoDB BI Connector. I feel there should be direct connectivity from Tableau to MongoDB CE without have to go through third party ODBC drivers.
    Vignesh Iyer
    last modified by Vignesh Iyer
  • Tab Formatting

    38 votes
    There is a need to format worksheet tabs so they are more obvious to report consumers!. Furthermore, I have find that published worksheets do not retain the color settings on Tabs .  For example, from within Tabl...
    Robert Sinclair
    last modified by Robert Sinclair
  • New Calculation Function - TEXT

    98 votes
    TEXT([dimension], format_text) where format_text is a custom number format (i.e. "#,##0.00" or "0.00%"). This is really an expansion of the STR function. I have some charts where I control the label with a parameter t...
    Mark Jackson
    last modified by Mark Jackson
  • Replace Blank Dashboard Charts With a Text Field

    210 votes
    For a dashboard containing multiple chart types, when there is an instance in the data where there are no records, instead of the chart being blank there needs to be a text field showing "N/A" or some other user defin...
    David Pope
    last modified by David Pope
  • Data Driven Alerts on a Cross-tab

    14 votes
    Hi,   After some research, I came to know that, Data driven alerts aren't possible on cross-tab.   Some of the end users are interested in cross-tab reporting and data driven alerts is one of their requir...
    last modified by sriharsha.tadepally
  • Dashboard Actions - "Run on Single Select Only"

    58 votes
    WHAT: This feature should live by its name. "Run on Single Select" works for the first time, but after that it needs a manual deselection to be re-activated.   EXPECTED: If a worksheet has a dashboard action ...
    Rahul Upadhye
    last modified by Rahul Upadhye
  • Salesforce connector for Tableau Prep with ability to write SOQL

    59 votes
    It would be helpful to add SalesForce connector to Tableau Prep. Also it will be good to provide ability to extract data using SOQL.
    Shriniwas Perle
    last modified by Shriniwas Perle
  • Don't show total when dimension has one sub-item

    408 votes
    What Please don't show total when dimension only has one sub-item. Said differently, show only total when dimension has at least two sub-items.   Why It avoids duplicated information It saves precious screen...
    last modified by kettan
  • Data Alerts API

    20 votes
    Hi all,   I know that there's a lot there on the subject: FAQ:  Rule-based Alert   And I know there's the new data-alert functionality in 10.3 (10.4?). <= That's exactly what I need - except I wan...
    Michel Roberge
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  • Customizable email alerts

    2 votes
    Email alerts currently are super generic. We should be allowed to set the column names and conditions, send alerts for tables and not just charts.
    Priya Raghuveer
    last modified by Priya Raghuveer
  • Segment-Specific Alerts in Tableau View

    7 votes
    This is a following to the discussion in this thread: Creating multiple alerts on same chart   It seems the current system cannot be used to set alerts specific to segments within a view. If an alert is set, ev...
    George Chen
    last modified by George Chen