• TABLEAU PREP: Append / Incremental Update from Data Source

    104 votes
    Would be nice to see a feature added to Tableau Prep that allowed for an incremental update from the data source similar to what is available in Tableau Desktop.  I know this can be achieved through some clever f...
    Joshua Irish
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  • Add option to remove unwanted color palettes

    6 votes
    Out of all the default color palettes the only one I use is Tableau 20. The majority of the time I have to scroll all the way down to the bottom to find my custom color palettes.   Please give us the ability to ...
    . Tableautester
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  • Turn off load metadata when editing data source (SQL Server)

    61 votes
    It would save time to be able to do the following: Load metadata for all the tables in a database once when opening edit data source window Make multiple changes, i.e., add tables, change joins, rename tables Click...
    Sheryl Tufts
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  • Full support for data blending with SSAS Cubes in Tabular mode

    21 votes
    Microsoft is pushing the (newish) "Tabular mode" of SSAS cubes heavily. Compared to Tableau extracts there are some pros, e.g. possibility to connect from Excel.   Tableau can connect to and use SSAS Cubes in T...
    Esben Michelsen
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  • Allow Salesforce connector to pull calculated fields - formulas and roll-up summaries

    82 votes
    With the Tableau connector to Salesforce.com, it currently does not allow visibility to any data fields that are formula fields or roll-up summaries. This is making it very painful, as my company has a lot of business...
    Brad Blake
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  • Connectivity to files stored in Amazon S3

    41 votes
    We store lots of flat files in Amazon S3 containing aggregated result sets generated through EMR.  We are able to connect to these files from other tools like QlikView which enables us to not maintain a separate ...
    Steve Gotlieb
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  • Create Subscriptions for Non Tableau Online Users

    3 votes
    We would like to be able to subscribe users who are NOT tableau online users to reports.   I get why Tableau would not want to send subscriptions which are merely a screen grab/image of an existing visualization...
    James Rowland
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  • Allow Action Filters on Story

    127 votes
    Hi Tableau Engineers,   I would like to request to enable dashboard action filters on Story level.   Issue: We are building enterprise scale dashboards that use a lot of action filters (Menu) to navigate ...
    Angel Sinha
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  • Tableau Prep - OData connector for SharePoint

    117 votes
    The ability to connect to SharePoint lists would be a great Add to the software. We have many lists in sharePoint that is being used in Tableau reports Not having the ability to connect to them is a big deal.
    Steve Dreibelbis
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  • NetSuite Connector

    72 votes
    Are you interested in connecting directly to your NetSuite data from Tableau? Refreshing it on Server or Online? If so I'd really like to learn more about your use case and needs, please share them!   Drew Loika...
    Drew Loika
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  • Use table worksheet as a datasource

    493 votes
    There are plenty of times where I would like to use a table on a worksheet as a new datasource - perhaps there are some complex table calculations that I don't want Tableau to recalculate, or that make the chart diffi...
    Alex Kerin
    created by Alex Kerin
  • Different Columns Width

    1554 votes
    While I'd like to keep by default the current behaviour of column widths of text tables, it would be nice to also have the option to:   1. Fix the width of each column individually 2. Add a "Fit to content" opt...
    last modified by thierryjakircevic
  • Add Block Comments to Calculations

    In Review
    310 votes
    I often find myself wishing there were block comments available in calculation windows. It can sometimes be a pain to comment out each line with "//". It seems the most common syntax for this is "/* */". But perhaps m...
    Mark Jackson
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  • Edit / Remove the "Caption" title

    18 votes
    This is a small idea, but addresses a need I routinely experience.  It would be nice to be able to remove or edit the title "Caption" from a Caption box.    
    Robert Sinclair
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  • Auto refresh dashboard (Tableau Server & Tableau Mobile)

    120 votes
    Can we have an auto-update dashboard option on Tableau server and Mobile?   This helps people to keep their information up-to-date without having to manually clicking the "Refresh" button.   Regards  ...
    Irwan Tjanterik
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  • Remove all worksheet lines, borders and colours with 1 click

    9 votes
    When adding a worksheet to a dashboard to appear as a transparent sheet I find it tedious to have to go through the sheet, row and column tabs to untick all the line, border and shading options.   Can we have th...
    last modified by naresh.suglani.0
  • Dynamic Column Headings

    31 votes
    To be able to include calculated fields & parameters to column headings. This functionality is possible for worksheet headings, it would be great if we could do the same for column headings too. The current workar...
    Paul Carswell
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  • If the "Guest" user is enabled on a server, sharing a link to the "dashboard sheet" from a server is using "Guest" account to login instead of the user's credentials.

    1 vote
    If the "Guest" user is enabled on a server, sharing a dashboard link from a server is using "Guest" account to login and bypassing the row-level security. Any dashboard with row-level security is displaying blank repo...
    Anil Dindi
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  • Waterfall diagram with several dimensions

    7 votes
    It is not possible to implement a waterfall diagram with several dimensions directly. A waterfall diagram with one data dimension can be built up with the GANTT chart. Please implement a feature in a further version w...
    last modified by hans-jost.vonweyhe
  • Remove username from the url for a customized view

    5 votes
    Currently the url for a customized view contains the username of the user that created the customized view. We have users that are using the url as link straight into the customized view. That causes a problem wheneve...
    Tommy Harstrom
    last modified by Tommy Harstrom