• Allow Shading of Mark Label Background

    34 votes
    Pretty straight forward... I think we should be able to have a colored/shaded box under mark labels if we want to.   We can shade titles and text boxes - why not mark labels?   Like this (only without hav...
    Cathy Bridges
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  • A way to retrieve last datasource update time via API

    32 votes
    Is anyone else absolutely as bewildered as I am that there is no way to do this?!!   How can you offer <Data Update Time> only in a sheet's title--which is useful in such limited capacities.   Make i...
    Kurt Fredericks
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  • Provide insight into custom view settings (e.g. in edit mode)

    12 votes
    In Tableau Server, there's no way to view all the settings for a custom view, especially if there are hidden filters (e.g. "exclude", "keep only", or shared filters from other sheets).   The custom view can get ...
    Kristen Connolly
    last modified by Kristen Connolly
  • Semi-Transparent Tooltips...

    146 votes
    Wouldn't this semi-transparent tooltip be cool?   I know the ultimate test for any Idea is: What will this new feature allow us to do that we can't do now?* You are ultimately looking for the exciting new feat...
    Shawn Wallwork
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  • Tableau Public for Mobile

    25 votes
    When I get my daily dose of Tableau Viz of the Day on my mobile, I want to view it right on my  mobile.   Helas, we don't have a Tableau Public app for mobile.   You guys probably know how important T...
    Alexander Mou
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  • Allow dimensions to be members of multiple hierarchies

    73 votes
    What is your idea?   Allow dimensions to be members of multiple hierarchies.   What problem are you trying to solve or what scenario would this idea solve?   Currently, if I require multiple hierarchies...
    Patrick Martin
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  • Updated Tableau Version History

    33 votes
    What Please continually keep  Tableau's Pace of Innovation  updated and make it easy to find. Currently every version older than 8.3 isn't linked. Archive (Looking for more) only covers version 8.3.  ...
    last modified by kettan
  • Enable Published data source to be used for Workbooks that have Parameters

    1 vote
    This issue is explained in this Tableau article, with a suggestion of how to prevent this issue, which essentially says "Don't use this feature". Tableau support confirmed that there is no solution to this.   Su...
    Andres Scharifker
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  • Tableau Public profile badges

    47 votes
    Inspired by TC18 Fanalytics here is an idea discussed on the table I was part of; how cool would it be if Tableau Public had badges that could be awarded to your Tableau Public profile to reward you for participation ...
    Simon Beaumont
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  • Tableau Public allow for multiple featured visualisations

    1 vote
    Currently users can make only one featured visualisation. It would be good to allow for 4 Featured - to fit the first row at the top
    frederic fery
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  • Blinking/Flashing Cell

    16 votes
    There might not be a massive amount of demand for this but why not try.   As we are building dashboards and want to direct the eyes to places of massive importances I think it would be nice to be able to set a c...
    Toan Hoang
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  • Add license keys without requiring a Tableau Server restart

    0 votes
    The proposal   Provide a mechanism to let Tableau Server use licenses that are added with tsm, without requiring to restart the Tableau Server services via tsm restart.   Why we need this   Using the...
    last modified by boudhayan.roychowdhury.1
  • Tableau Prep: Specify Data Import Starting Row for Excel Spreadsheets

    244 votes
    To make Tableau and Tableau prep more useful, there needs to be an option to bypass the data interpreter and be able to manually choose which line to start importing data for excel spreadsheets.   When working w...
    Grant Kelly
    last modified by Grant Kelly
  • Tableau Prep Parameters

    155 votes
    The ability to create parameters and use them throughout the flow - from source, to calculation logic, to output location and name would be incredibly useful.   What I envision: A single, global value parameter...
    Joshua Milligan
    last modified by Joshua Milligan
  • Background formatting of tooltip box

    42 votes
    Hi,   It would be great to be possible to format the background color of the tooltip box (now it shows only white background). As well as change the look of the tooltip box lets say circle shape.   BR Sharad
    Sharad Adhikari
    last modified by Sharad Adhikari
  • Text selection within tooltips

    17 votes
    It would be great and useful if you could select and copy text within Tooltips. Apart from the standard benefits of copying any text to the clipboard, this would also make it possible to copy data from a certain row a...
    Jim Owen
    last modified by Jim Owen
  • Tableau Prep: Flow Summary Overview

    71 votes
    What is your idea?   Have an easy to read summary of all the actions/changes as the data moves through the flow that can be exported into a PDF with supporting diagrams. Can be as simple as take existing step n...
    Neil Miller
    last modified by Neil Miller
  • Azure Integrated Authentication

    76 votes
    Azure integrated authentication is not yet a part of the native SQL Server connection provided by Tableau Desktop. Please add as the workaround (ODBC) is not supported in Native Tableau.
    Barrett Studdard
    last modified by Barrett Studdard
  • Ability to Place Image / Logo on Story, Dashboard, Worksheet

    214 votes
    I believe adding the ability to place an image or logo on a story, dashboard or worksheet would help to make the feature more useful.   This feature would lead to creating less dashboards and more interactive bo...
    Connor Singerline
    last modified by Connor Singerline
  • Allow Landscape orientation of reports in the new PDF Subscription Emails

    In Review
    176 votes
    The "PDF attachment to subscriptions" introduced in Tableau Server 2019.3 needs the option to allow the emails to have landscape orientation. Currently landscape orientated reports are being squashed into portrait. &...
    Tony Brisciani
    last modified by Tony Brisciani