• Allow easy changing of horizontal layout containers to vertical (and vice versa)

    32 votes
    Sometimes I find myself having created a dashboard using layout containers and then finding that I want to re-arrange items so they are laid out vertically instead of the original horizontal.  Or maybe horizontal...
    Joshua Milligan
    last modified by Joshua Milligan
  • Tableau Prep: Flow Summary Overview

    61 votes
    What is your idea?   Have an easy to read summary of all the actions/changes as the data moves through the flow that can be exported into a PDF with supporting diagrams. Can be as simple as take existing step n...
    Neil Miller
    last modified by Neil Miller
  • Tableau Server Subscriptions: Add size (x by y)

    493 votes
    The image sent with a subscription in Tableau 8 Server is a great first start, but alas the image is always of poor resolution when the dashboard is set to Automatic. It would be much better to be able to specify an i...
    Jim Thompson
    last modified by Jim Thompson
  • Auto refresh dashboard (Tableau Server & Tableau Mobile)

    108 votes
    Can we have an auto-update dashboard option on Tableau server and Mobile?   This helps people to keep their information up-to-date without having to manually clicking the "Refresh" button.   Regards  ...
    Irwan Tjanterik
    last modified by Irwan Tjanterik
  • Connector for SugarCRM

    12 votes
    We would like to offer our customer, bundled solution of Sugar from SugarCRM, a CRM software and tableau. Since SugarCRM has the tight integration with Cognos, it would be great if we have an alternative option. It m...
    Hiroshi Takeuchi
    last modified by Hiroshi Takeuchi
  • REST API 3.x workbook publishing useful error diagnostic response

    5 votes
    The REST API asynchronous publishing operation introduced in REST API version 3.0 (with Tableau Server 2018.1) is polled via the Query Job function but this can only identify when the job has finished, not whether the...
    Gavin Butler
    last modified by Gavin Butler
  • Calculations Based on Generated Longitude and Latitude

    120 votes
    I would like to be able to perform calculations based on longitude and latitude generated by Tableau.  For example, if I was every city in between two longitudinal areas, I could write an equation for it.  T...
    Ian Coe
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  • Assign URL to dashboard Navigation button

    19 votes
    The 2018.3 release of Tableau Desktop includes a Navigation button object that you can add to a dashboard. The "Navigate to" dropdown list on the "Edit Button" dialog is automatically populated with the other sheets i...
    Matt Bleakley
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  • Add Fit options to Maps

    57 votes
    Add the set of 'Fit' options (especially 'Fit Entire') to maps on a dashboard especially floating maps:     Here's the current workaround: http://community.tableausoftware.com/message/241400#241400 ...
    Shawn Wallwork
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  • export csv crosstab using tabcmd

    296 votes
    Taken from support question: http://community.tableausoftware.com/message/204332   Re: export csv crosstab using tabcmdIs it possible to use tab command to export a cross tab to a csv file?  I can get tabcm...
    Nathan Krisanski
    last modified by Nathan Krisanski
  • Honor date granularity on continuous "Range of Dates" filters

    22 votes
    Date filters that are configured as a continuous "Range of Dates" slider do not honor the specified granularity. For instance:   For example, if Superstore [Order Date] is configured as a MONTH (Continuous) filt...
    Jamieson Christian
    last modified by Jamieson Christian
  • Add scalable map overlays

    4 votes
    Idea: Part A: Make it possible to make the size of shapes on maps maintain their relative size with the scale of the map          Part B: Add the ability to overlay an image o...
    Heidi Kiser
    last modified by Heidi Kiser
  • Filter Data for Sales force Extract

    59 votes
    Hi,   When creating an extract using a Sales force connection it would be helpful to have a filter option on a column to restrict the amount of data being processed using a standard connection or a table.  ...
    pradhyumna kulkarni
    last modified by pradhyumna kulkarni
  • Coloring logarithmically using color editor

    38 votes
    This idea is suggesting adding a logarithmic option to the color editor This option will enable better visualization for optimal human perception. More details can be found at Vizible Difference: Coloring Logarith...
    Alexander Mou
    last modified by Alexander Mou
  • Tableau Prep: Custom Field Separator on Output

    71 votes
    The ability to output data to .csv is a great option but commas as a field separator can sometimes be problematic. It would be great if we could specify a customer field separator (ex. pipe - |) on output like we can ...
    Patrick McCormick
    last modified by Patrick McCormick
  • Restore Scroll Bar Sizes in Chrome

    166 votes
    After our recent upgrade to Tableau Server 2018.1, we noticed that in the Chrome browser, the scroll bars of published Workbooks were considerably smaller than they used to be, image below. Please restore them back to...
    Muteru Mwangi
    last modified by Muteru Mwangi
  • Allow users to rename "All" in the Quick Filters!

    6 votes
    Ever since I started using Tableau, I always wondered why was this not implemented in the first place. I know there are a lot of workarounds, but they all come with their own loopholes, like using parameters will rest...
    Rohit Yeruva
    last modified by Rohit Yeruva
  • Tableau Prep - Build export to a database (ODBC or SQL Server or even Excel)

    167 votes
    How about building an export function to a database or Excel (not just .csv). I love Tableau Prep, however its export options are very limited. Your competitor products (such as Alteryx) offer many data export optio...
    Gavin Wyborn
    last modified by Gavin Wyborn
  • Custom Color Palettes for Web Authoring

    54 votes
    With the enhancements made to Workbook and Dashboard Web Authoring, I would like to be able to provide my organization with the color palettes in our Corporate Branding guide. Without this capability, it is difficult...
    Harrison McGehee
    last modified by Harrison McGehee
  • Upgrading GIS capabilities (3D/4D) i.e. Z-axis support

    33 votes
    Ability to render 3 dimensional (Shapefiles) (X, Y, Z) co-ordinates Ability to import common vector and raster formats - for offline use - into mapsources directory Ability to represent 4th dimension (potentially wi...
    Allan Walker
    last modified by Allan Walker