• Remove Gaps in Views and allow control over the axis range

    73 votes
    EDITED: Changed to have control over axis range for all chart types and not just Area charts.   Hi:   When the visualizations are created, there is some buffer added to the axis instead of starting and end...
    KK Molugu
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  • Workbook Levels - Worksheets, Workbook, Global, Default

    284 votes
    The abilitiy to create templates or style sheets would be nice, but even more useful would be Workbooks Levels. Workbooks levels would give us the ability to customize all properties and features of a Workbook Level. ...
    . Tableautester
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  • Make small multiples easy in Tableau (panel/trellis charts)

    121 votes
    It's difficult, not impossible, but difficult, to do this: in Tableau.   From Wikipedia, A small multiple (sometimes called trellis chart, lattice chart, grid chart, or panel chart) is a series or grid of sma...
    John Munoz
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  • Copy and Paste objects in a dashboard

    376 votes
    I would like to copy and paste objects on dashboard. Example copy Text object and place it in multiple dashboard. or Copy an image object place it in multiple dashboard.
    Boopesh Jayabalaji
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  • Semi-Transparent Tooltips...

    135 votes
    Wouldn't this semi-transparent tooltip be cool?   I know the ultimate test for any Idea is: What will this new feature allow us to do that we can't do now?* You are ultimately looking for the exciting new feat...
    Shawn Wallwork
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  • Change datasource on one worksheet and not others

    696 votes
    Here's the challenge I come across (which has different ways to address it, but for now, let's just say that the data is split into nearly identical excel workbooks, one for each region -- and it has to stay that way)...
    Brad Earle
    created by Brad Earle
  • Add support of ClickHouse DB - large volumes column-oriented database

    95 votes
    ClickHouse is an open-source column-oriented database management system that allows generating analytical data reports in real time.   ClickHouse manages extremely large volumes of data in a stable and sustainab...
    Yuriy Gavrilov
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  • Data Alerts to send to Slack

    50 votes
    Provide data-driven alerts to Slack   I don't have as much visibility on email as I do with Slack. I see email having less and less engagement and Slack being a better communications tool. Email is not checked ...
    Arran Sadlier
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  • Measure Names/Values Variables...

    299 votes
    Here's another example of why it would be handy to know the Measure Names/Values variables: If only this were possible. And in this case it would at least be helpful to be able to put at parameter in the 'Title' fi...
    Shawn Wallwork
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  • Automate subscription based on extract refresh.

    156 votes
    Subscription in tableau server is specifically based on TIME. It makes more sense if there is also a feature of ''Subscribing to view/workbook based on the extract refresh". My situation is worse using bat files. We ...
    S.R T
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  • JIRA integration with Tableau        (Pooja Gandhi)

    221 votes
    It would be awesome to see Tableau allow integrating with JIRA software. Bug tracking, issue tracking and other functionality of the project would be great to see real-time via a live connection. I am typically involv...
    last modified by pooja.gandhi
  • Tableau Bridge Client Enhancement - Adding Query editor

    2 votes
    Hello,   I have the following recommendations for the tableau bridge which would greatly help everyone.   1. Being able to change the custom SQL query in tableau bridge or tableau online instead of publish...
  • Add custom locations to any map view (regardless of data source, no data blending)

    2 votes
    Please add a function to maps that allows you to take any map view with data points and add in your own custom locations to the map. I know you can do this by blending datasets and using dual axis but it doesn't alway...
    Dylan Weaver
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  • Allow setting refresh priority of extracts on Tableau Bridge

    7 votes
    We have several extracts that we refresh to Tableau Online using Tableau Bridge.  Many of these refreshes can occur at the same time and currently Tableau Bridge appears to chose which one it will refresh first r...
    Mitch Thompson
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  • Access to rest of Workbook/Sheet Meta-Data in Formula/Function

    72 votes
    My idea is quite a simple one...Can we have a function to access the rest of the workbook/sheet Meta-Data as we can with users. We have access to this in the Title construction.   Currently we have   ......
    Simon Runc
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  • Timezone conversion support

    372 votes
    Problem Many of the dates I use are timestamps in UCT (GMT) and converting to local time is difficult in TABLEAU particularly consider daylight savings variations.   Recommendation Provide a timezone conversio...
    Randy Hockin
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  • Display Timezones

    245 votes
    Our company operates off Market Hours - mainly in EST.  The Tableau Server environment does not display timezones when it relates to date/time - specifically schedules.  As an administrator, when I create a ...
    Michael Perillo
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  • Enable a option to Export the PDF of a Dashboard with "Scroll Bars"

    20 votes
    The only way we can export a PDF with scroll bars is to export the Worksheet itself. Dashboard cannot be exported with as a PDF when it has scroll bars. Only the user view of the dashboard gets converted to PDF. Enabl...
  • Loop Back and speed of Motion chart

    1 vote
    Hi Guys,   We have a functionality of Motion chart in Tableau and it is working totally fine in Tableau Desktop but when we publish it on Tableau Server/ Online/ Public then that functionality does not work the...
    last modified by KALPIT GOYAL
  • Synchronise legends across multiple marks cards and worksheets

    52 votes
    In many cases, the data being represented on size or color is comparable across multiple marks cards and worksheets. However since tableau does not allow dynamically synchronizing legends, the results may be deceiving...
    Bethany Lyons
    last modified by Bethany Lyons