• 'IN' Operator equivalent

    900 votes
    I would like an equivalent to the SQL 'IN' operator.  Currently the only way to compare a list of values is by using an OR operator.  This is very cumbersome when comparing a large list of values.   For...
    Stephen Smirl
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  • Allow null value as parameter to stored procedure

    5 votes
    When creating a dataset from a stored procedure, Tableau doesn't allow null values to be passed as parameters.    One workaround for strings is to create a parameter with a null value, but for dates this d...
    Russell Lamb
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  • Enable Performance recording on Tableau Online

    76 votes
    It would be nice if Tableau can enable Performance recording on the Tableau online server, similar to the Tableau server.       --> Community Manager update [Ciara Brennan] Also refer to duplicate ...
    last modified by SANDEEP MOOLA
  • Filter Data for Sales force Extract

    60 votes
    Hi,   When creating an extract using a Sales force connection it would be helpful to have a filter option on a column to restrict the amount of data being processed using a standard connection or a table.  ...
    pradhyumna kulkarni
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  • Enforce policy for password history

    1 vote
    Currently in environments using Local Authentication, users can reuse previous passwords. It would improve security to have the option to prevent this in Tableau Server.
    Scott Currie
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  • dyanmic labelling of x or y-axis

    19 votes
    Currently, the user can only specify a specific name for the x or y-axis.   On my charts, I would like the labels to change depending what the user selected.    For example, I am charting profit vs r...
    last modified by anna.schilter
  • Data Alerts to send to Slack

    43 votes
    Provide data-driven alerts to Slack   I don't have as much visibility on email as I do with Slack. I see email having less and less engagement and Slack being a better communications tool. Email is not checked ...
    Arran Sadlier
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  • The return of the thumbnail option

    28 votes
    Apparently since the last update it is no longer possible to pick our thumbnail when the workbook is connected to a published datasource. Result: Every workbook uploaded to Tableau Server with a user filter of some s...
    last modified by sander.binda
  • Change datasource on one worksheet and not others

    673 votes
    Here's the challenge I come across (which has different ways to address it, but for now, let's just say that the data is split into nearly identical excel workbooks, one for each region -- and it has to stay that way)...
    Brad Earle
    created by Brad Earle
  • Data blending: Support non-additive aggregates (COUNTD, MEDIAN, RAWSQLAGG_xxx) when linking dimensions are not in the view

    646 votes
    Tableau v8 added a new style of data blending (DB2) where the linking field does not have to be in the view. However, when the linking dimension is not in the view, non-additive aggregates from the secondary like COUN...
    Jonathan Drummey
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  • Google Ads and Google Analytics connectors for Tableau Prep Builder

    18 votes
    The Google Ads and Google Analytics connectors in Tableau Desktop work well with simple scenarios. However, combining data from multiple accounts and getting all the relevant metrics together for more advanced analysi...
    Antti Koljonen
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  • Allow deleting a table without deleting dependents and filters.

    84 votes
    Allow data source tables to be deleted without removing dependents as well.  For example, I want to remove the first table, system_users, but leave the rest of the tables: I should be able to delete the system...
    Toby Erkson
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  • Tooltips in headers (field labels, quick filters, parameters, etc)

    494 votes
    What Please make it possible to show tooltips in field labels, quick filters, and parameters. The tooltip format could be HTML. One important benefit would be the possibility to link to more information. The tooltip...
    last modified by kettan
  • TABLEAU PREP: Append / Incremental Update from Data Source

    99 votes
    Would be nice to see a feature added to Tableau Prep that allowed for an incremental update from the data source similar to what is available in Tableau Desktop.  I know this can be achieved through some clever f...
    Joshua Irish
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  • Add JSON File connector to Tableau Prep

    146 votes
    Please add the JSON parsing capability To Tableau Prep, just like Tableau Desktop
    Frederic Pinchon
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  • Limit the Measure Names that appear in Quick Filter

    454 votes
    I show the Measure Names Quick Filter so that Tableau Server users can select which measures to display. I only want to show them a selection of measures from the workbook, not all measures in use.   At this tim...
    Rebecca Sundquist
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  • Rotate header label 45 degrees

    231 votes
    I would like the ability to rotate header labels 45 degrees. Header labels currently rotate to read horizontally or vertically (90 degree rotation). My use case is a visualization which has many columns with lengthy h...
    Ben Cross
    last modified by Ben Cross
  • Update Tableau's bundled postgres odbc driver

    50 votes
    Tableau installs a postgres odbc driver along with Tableau Desktop as noted here (Driver Download | Tableau Software ).  Currently, version 9.06 of this driver is being installed which is around 2 years old. ...
    Robert Looney
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  • Support MS Access .mdb files on Mac (Desktop and Prep)

    0 votes
    Microsoft Access database files (.mdb files) are not supported by Tableau Prep or Desktop as data sources. We have an old data source that is using this format, would like to be able to connect it to Tableau directly ...
    Stuart Henry
    last modified by Stuart Henry
  • Allow WebHooks events available to content owner/project leaders

    1 vote
    Currently only System and Site Admins have the ability to create and manage Webhooks within a Site using the Webhooks REST API. Why not open it up for content owner project leaders project owner   For the in...
    Mark Wu
    last modified by Mark Wu