• Ability to read data from XML files

    1 vote
    Tableau, Can you please provide the ability to read data from XML files into Tableau Prep & Tableau Desktop?
    Vinay Gangireddy
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  • Prevention of full data output in Tableau Prep & Tableau Desktop

    1 vote
    Hi,   One of my clients has so strict information security rules that they want to prevent business units to be able to export data in plain form (csv, xls etc.) even if they have the ability to use Tableau Desk...
    Uygar Yüzsüren
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  • Editing database connection on Server

    24 votes
    So I'm working at a client that uses Teradata as a primary data source. Within their data environment they have 3 instances (Dev, UAT and Prod).   The issue we are running into is that we can edit the server con...
    Justin Crowley
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  • Changing Field Names in Data Sources

    2 votes
    Currently, if I change the name of a field in a published data source, any attached workbooks that use that field will break. Each workbook must be opened, and have the reference changed for that field. If I change th...
    Michael Welter
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  • Create Original Extract in Tableau Server

    78 votes
    I have a very large extract that fails in Tableau Desktop because I'm running a 32 bit machine that can only access 3GB RAM. It would be great if I could schedule the initial extract to run on Tablea Server which has ...
    Mark Jackson
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  • Add ability to set project visibility based on whether a user can see content in the project

    1 vote
    We use projects internally to user groups who will have access, but we rely primarily on the workbook level permissions to govern access to the needed content for each user. This means that we have parallel workbooks ...
    Matt Bigger
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  • Bring back 'Views' sparkline in Tableau Server

    27 votes
    Hovering over a Workbook or sheet in Tableau Online/Server used to bring up a tooltip with Views and a sparkline for the last 12 weeks, like below:     In 2019.1 this feature seems to have gone, but it wa...
    Lily Unsworth
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  • Add back View Counts at the Sub-Project level and make it sortable again | Tableau Server

    9 votes
    Here are two other threads discussing the problem.   Sort Workbooks by View Count and Missing View Counts New content explorer browsing experience in 2019.1   Here my version of why this is an issue: &#...
    Jeff Schiesser
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  • Change default workbook sort by on Tableau Server

    126 votes
    With Tableau Server v10 it appears that the default workbook view sort by is set to "Views: All (Most-Least)". If I change the sort by to something else, go to another project and then go back again, the sort by rever...
    Randy Kirschner
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  • Add user security to schedules

    109 votes
    When a schedule is created on Tableau Server all users who have publisher permissions can use any schedule. This is a problem when you have mid-day extract refreshes for things like published data sources but you want...
    Michael Moore
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  • Custom Color Palettes for Web Authoring

    42 votes
    With the enhancements made to Workbook and Dashboard Web Authoring, I would like to be able to provide my organization with the color palettes in our Corporate Branding guide. Without this capability, it is difficult...
    Harrison McGehee
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  • Triggering Subscription Distribution WITHOUT a Schedule

    19 votes
    Our goal is to have a set subscription distribution list, but to always have it pushed manually when the admin decides appropriate.  We do not wish to have a set time/date schedule for this to ever be sent. ...
    Tyler Starn
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  • Do not show white space on smaller published dashboards when larger dashboards exist in the same workbook

    14 votes
    I searched high and low for an existing idea on this, but the only ones I found were from 2012 and have been archived - though I am not sure why as this issue still persists.   I have 2 dashboard tabs in the sa...
    Kendra Allenspach
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  • Allow ability for group of users to refresh extracts

    76 votes
    Currently only server admin, site admin, project leader or owner can refresh and extract.  We need the ability for others to refresh the extract, but not provide them the ability to change permissions on the data...
    Judith Lanzo
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  • Disable user email configuration on Server

    20 votes
    When synchronization with AD is enabled it is possible to disable in the configuration of a user the possibility to modify the email that was imported from AD?
    Jacobo Gómez
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  • Allow lock permission for child project while parent project unlocked

    344 votes
    Tableau's first release for nested project is 10.5. In 10.5 release, only top parent project can be locked. When parent project is locked, all its child project permission is also locked. If parent project is unlocked...
    Mark Wu
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  • Ability to Subscribe to an Excel (DATA/CROSSTAB) format

    100 votes
    I know we can subscribe tableau viz, sheets, workbook at certain schedules to email. Yet, it is just like a snapshot of the viz and when you click it, it will bring you to the viz,workbook itself..   Would it be...
    Rodell Basalo
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  • Advanced Relative Date Options

    111 votes
    The 'Relative Date' filter is a wonderful tool, but limited by the way it is anchored, forcing users to either switch to 'Range Date' filters or build numerous calculated fields as workarounds to display data exactly ...
    Tyler Glenn
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  • Allow customization of the "Forgot your password?" password reset email

    13 votes
    There should be a way to customize the email the user receives after clicking the "Forgot your password?" link, in Tableau 10.   At a minimum, the name of the product (currently "Tableau Server") and of the comp...
    Glauber Ribeiro
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  • tabcmd refreshextracts - pass a parameter

    18 votes
    Allow passing of parameters into a refreshextract of a datasource or workbook.  We have a working model for backdated incrementals, however it requires on a quarterly basis to go into the workbook and adjust the ...
    Jeff Strauss
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