• Select/Clear all & Export option for jobs in 2020.X

    1 vote
    when we go to jobs tab in 2020.x version, we are able to see the jobs which are completed, failed, cancelled and running. However there is no option to select/Clear All. We need to manually select all the jobs. We als...
    Pallavi Bodepudi
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  • Fetch workbooks by project REST API

    57 votes
    It would be great to be able to query workbooks by a project id via the REST API. Without having this feature, developers are left to page through a lot of workbooks to get the few they need that belong to the project...
    Aaron Freeland
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  • Dashboard view export as Power point in 2018.1.3

    1 vote
    As this feature is already introduced in the latest update. It would be great if this feature introduce in the older version also as we have image and PDF already there. it will be great help if this option is there t...
    Ashish Tiwari
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  • Delete all connected metrics when view is deleted

    1 vote
    Tableau 2020.2 released a long-waiting Metrics feature. Metrics is an independent object (unlike Alert and Subscription). Metrics is created from view. Current behavior (v2020.2) is that when the view is deleted, the ...
    Mark Wu
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  • A way to retrieve last datasource update time via API

    32 votes
    Is anyone else absolutely as bewildered as I am that there is no way to do this?!!   How can you offer <Data Update Time> only in a sheet's title--which is useful in such limited capacities.   Make i...
    Kurt Fredericks
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  • Provide insight into custom view settings (e.g. in edit mode)

    12 votes
    In Tableau Server, there's no way to view all the settings for a custom view, especially if there are hidden filters (e.g. "exclude", "keep only", or shared filters from other sheets).   The custom view can get ...
    Kristen Connolly
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  • Enable Published data source to be used for Workbooks that have Parameters

    1 vote
    This issue is explained in this Tableau article, with a suggestion of how to prevent this issue, which essentially says "Don't use this feature". Tableau support confirmed that there is no solution to this.   Su...
    Andres Scharifker
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  • Add license keys without requiring a Tableau Server restart

    0 votes
    The proposal   Provide a mechanism to let Tableau Server use licenses that are added with tsm, without requiring to restart the Tableau Server services via tsm restart.   Why we need this   Using the...
    last modified by boudhayan.roychowdhury.1
  • Allow Landscape orientation of reports in the new PDF Subscription Emails

    In Review
    176 votes
    The "PDF attachment to subscriptions" introduced in Tableau Server 2019.3 needs the option to allow the emails to have landscape orientation. Currently landscape orientated reports are being squashed into portrait. &...
    Tony Brisciani
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  • Rename Data Source Via Tableau Server

    123 votes
    Add a button to the "more actions" list:"Rename Data Source"   The new name should be applied to all workbooks that are connected to the data source.  
    or kornboim
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  • Allow Server Administrators To View As Other Users

    587 votes
    What is your idea?   Enable a feature which will allow Server Administrators to view Tableau Server as another user, or user level of permissions, in order to evaluate security.   What problem are you trying...
    last modified by adam.freeman.2
  • REST API: Add ability to change project owner.

    10 votes
    I'd like the ability to change a project's owner through the REST API. There's currently the ability to do this for workbooks. I need this, because I will occasionally need to delete users who own projects, and am pre...
    Sean Megeath
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  • Allow ability for group of users to refresh extracts

    88 votes
    Currently only server admin, site admin, project leader or owner can refresh and extract.  We need the ability for others to refresh the extract, but not provide them the ability to change permissions on the data...
    Judith Lanzo
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  • Add image (logo) to worksheet

    19 votes
    When downloading a dashboard as pdf you have great control of the layout with images etc.. However there are situations where you have more data in a worksheet than fit in the worksheet i.e. you have scroll bars. In t...
    Tommy Harstrom
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  • Choose time zone when creating a schedule

    28 votes
    It would be great if we could select a time zone when creating a schedule, since we have offices in different time zones. Sure, we can probably calculate the correct time relative to the server time, but for some of t...
    Daniel Teo
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  • Add/Edit custom message to existing subscriptions

    108 votes
    As of 10.5 , you can add custom messages to subscriptions but there's no way to edit or add the custom message to an existing subscription.  https://onlinehelp.tableau.com/v10.5/pro/desktop/en-us/help.htm#whatsne...
    last modified by alex.apolloni.0
  • Multiple Identity Providers in Tableau Server

    16 votes
    Ours being a multi-tenant environment we need the option of configuring multiple SSO with the Tableau environment. Use case for this request would be that Users coming from different domain doesn’t have to reme...
    Anchal Bindal
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  • More scheduling options for Tableau Server

    172 votes
    It would be great if the scheduling options could be expanded a little on the Tableau Server.   As a simple example - often times I'd like to schedule a workbook to update on "The first Tuesday of the month." Th...
    Nat Lutz
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  • Tableau Server Recycle Bin

    175 votes
    It's great we have version control build into tableau now - awesome! But it only works for things that exist on the server. It would be nice if a deleted workbook or data source went to a recycle bin in case it was do...
    stephen roman
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  • Viz in Tooltip for grand totals

    70 votes
    When using a viz in a tooltip, the filtering does not work for grand totals. With a simple viz that contains one dimension each on columns and rows and the tooltip set up to show another viz filtered to just those 2 d...
    Scott Reichley
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