• Sensitive/confidential Data Encryption on Tableau Server

    76 votes
    Hi There -   My company business users publish Tableau workbooks with sensitive and confidential data to Tableau servers. My company also has a compliance requirement to secure all sensitive data in all formats...
    Sreedhar Gajula
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  • Option to cache per workbook on Tableau Server

    166 votes
    It would be great if Tableau Server had an option per workbook on whether it should create/use a cache or not. Content on Tableau Server often varies where "refresh less often" applies better to some content and "refr...
    Brandon Cole
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  • Export to PowerPoint using JavaScript API

    23 votes
    Tableau released the capability to export a workbook as a PowerPoint file in the Tableau Server 2019.1 release. However, the ability to export a workbook isn't available through custom code by using the JavaScript AP...
    Binit Kumar
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  • Allow lock permission for child project while parent project unlocked

    282 votes
    Tableau's first release for nested project is 10.5. In 10.5 release, only top parent project can be locked. When parent project is locked, all its child project permission is also locked. If parent project is unlocked...
    Mark Wu
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  • Add no as option to revert URL Parameter to hide Revert Button in tool bar

    3 votes
    In URL Parameter for :revert, following options are available now.   all; filters; sorts; axes; shelves   In addition, if option value no is added to hide the revert button from the toolbar. This will be s...
    Sathish Sampath
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  • Modify the time that the "upgrade thumbnails" task runs in Tableau Server 2019

    3 votes
    Right now, the task is hard coded to run on Monday mornings around 12:15am.  Would like the ability to modify this task to run at a time decided by the customer.
    Joel Reyes
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  • Dynamic URL According to Selected Filters

    0 votes
    Hey guys,   A lot of times I'd like to share a particular chart with my team and I can't just copy and paste the URL since it will show the default filters. Each time I have to clarify what filters I was using o...
    Iván Oliveri
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  • Return “Data Source Time” field functionality back to its original usage

    20 votes
    Idea placed on behalf of my end users.   Issue It appears that Tableau changed functionality for the “Data Source Time” field. When using a Tableau Server data source, the field no longer shows the da...
    Toby Erkson
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  • "Excel Like" Sorting - a child's play

    413 votes
    We all agree that: "Sorting needs to be easy as a Child's Play" We also agree that: "Sorting in Tableau is Painful"   since the dawn of mass computing, which was 30+ years ago, people got used to this capabilit...
    Scott Eaton
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  • Tableau Server Recycle Bin

    99 votes
    It's great we have version control build into tableau now - awesome! But it only works for things that exist on the server. It would be nice if a deleted workbook or data source went to a recycle bin in case it was do...
    stephen roman
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  • Ability To Export Whole Workbook To Excel Similar To The PDF Function

    425 votes
    It would be great if this had the ability to export the all worksheets at once into Excel even if it is to multiple excel files. Similar to printing all the whole workbook to PDF. An additional feature would be to exp...
    Joseph Pirraglia
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  • Use Context Filters in Server Web Edit

    22 votes
    I would like to be able to use Context Filters in the Web Edit screen instead of always having to set the context in Desktop.   Currently I am delivering reports to customers that have some calculated fields tha...
    Kellan Smith
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  • A way to retrieve last datasource update time via API

    27 votes
    Is anyone else absolutely as bewildered as I am that there is no way to do this?!!   How can you offer <Data Update Time> only in a sheet's title--which is useful in such limited capacities.   Make i...
    Kurt Fredericks
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  • Undo Delete / Trash / Recover - Tableau Online

    89 votes
    My suggestion is simple - keep the meta data for deleted workbooks and extracts and move them to a 'recycle bin' where you offer an undo.   It could be an idea to improve UX on the two tier menu system to not o...
    adam slader
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  • Allow for server to have managed list of tags

    41 votes
    Hello,   We are using a federated approach to creating dashboards.  This means our business users as well as IT will be creating and posting dashboards from 9 different offices to the server.  We want ...
    Scott Heidenreich
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  • Include msinfo32.nfo file in the ziplogs file

    9 votes
    There's currently a documented switch for the tsm maintenance ziplogs command that is supposed to generate and include the msinfo32 file with system information.   It appears this file is successfully generated ...
    Tony Kau
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  • business glossary

    10 votes
    It'd be helpful if Tableau could integrate with our enterprise business glossary. (We happen to use IBM's InfoSphere Business Glossary.) Then, just as our users currently do with other data tools, they could select te...
    Austin Burke
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  • Allow 'Subscribe Others' for users other than the Owner

    80 votes
    The 'Subscribe Others' was a great feature added to the product.  However, it is too restrictive.  Oftentimes, a person owning the workbook is not the one that should be subscribing others.  My idea is ...
    Lee Forst
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  • Disable Schedules Using tabcmd (Restore Automation)

    72 votes
    I would like to have the ability to disable server schedules using tabcmd. Right now this is a barrier to automating backup restores into my test environment.
    Mark Jackson
    created by Mark Jackson
  • Option to separate Tableau data connections properties and data source definition

    39 votes
    This can be a solution to many problems if a new object type is created called 'Connection'.   The connection should contain the following and should be editable directly on the server:     ...
    Hitesh Sharma
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