• Have the availability to search for field in data source window

    6 votes
    It would be great to have the availability to search in the data source window for fields (similar as it is available in the data pane in worksheets or as it is available for sheets and data source names in the data s...
    Eugenia Kis
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  • Advanced Relative Date Options

    95 votes
    The 'Relative Date' filter is a wonderful tool, but limited by the way it is anchored, forcing users to either switch to 'Range Date' filters or build numerous calculated fields as workarounds to display data exactly ...
    Tyler Glenn
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  • Be able to kill a database refresh task on the Tableau Server

    639 votes
    Sometimes for a variety of reasons, a refresh database query on the server may be running for too long and there is no easy way to gracefully kill the process. If Tableau server is to truly serve as an enterprise data...
    . Tdeane
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  • Ability to Customize Welcome Banner Content in Tableau Server

    16 votes
    Issue With Tableau Server 2019.2, Tableau has introduced a "Welcome" banner that shows up on the top of the Server homepage when a user first logs in (and until they dismiss it).  When I first heard of this new ...
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  • Server Admins: Ability to delete Custom Views

    33 votes
    Right now when custom public views are enabled on workbooks the only person with the ability to remove it is the creator of that view, not the publisher or a server admin. I realize custom views don't give additional ...
    Eric Liong
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  • Individual Extract Refresh Schedules

    1 vote
    I have some workbooks where I would like intraday extract refreshes for more up to date data but I don't need other extracts refreshed because the source only gets updated once a day and it takes like 30 minutes. Rath...
    Milton Foxley
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  • Subscribe a Tableau Server Group to a View

    198 votes
    In Tableau 10, functionality was introduced to allow users to subscribe other users to a particular view, as below:     What would be even better is if the ability existed to subscribe entire Tableau Serv...
    Dave Washburn
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  • Support more Redshift IAM AuthTypes

    10 votes
    What is your idea?   The Redshift driver supports several ways to authenticate. By default Tableau only supports username/password, which is a common but outdated use of credentials for big setups with multiple ...
    last modified by steffen.grlach
  • Allow a default "embedded password" or "promt user" for datasources.

    3 votes
    Currently when I republish a dashboard that has external tableau server datasources, my original selection of "embedded password" is forgotten and I end up publishing unusable dashboard with "prompt user" selected for...
    Jeff Hancock
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  • Allow lock permission for child project while parent project unlocked

    302 votes
    Tableau's first release for nested project is 10.5. In 10.5 release, only top parent project can be locked. When parent project is locked, all its child project permission is also locked. If parent project is unlocked...
    Mark Wu
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  • Notify report owner when a comment is written on server

    55 votes
    When a user writes a comment on server the workbook owner should be notified a comment has been written.   I understand there's a vizalerts workaround for this, but really this functionality should come out of t...
    Andrew Watson
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  • Edit data sources directly on server

    559 votes
    Hi,   Not sure if someone already posted a similar idea (did a quick search with no results), but I would like to be able to edit and manage my data sources directly on Tableau Server. Whenever I want to make a ...
    Geert Janssen
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  • Allow for server to have managed list of tags

    51 votes
    Hello,   We are using a federated approach to creating dashboards.  This means our business users as well as IT will be creating and posting dashboards from 9 different offices to the server.  We want ...
    Scott Heidenreich
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  • Tableau Desktop support for SharePoint URL's (SharePoint Online and SharePoint On-Prem)

    0 votes
    We are moving away from a content management model thats centered around user content being stored in network shares to a model heavily oriented around SharePoint and OneDrive. Initially we are moving content to Share...
    Michael Mahoney
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  • Add Service Account data connection for Google BigQuery

    56 votes
    Our IT organization does not support OAuth on the Tableau Server to connect to BigQuery. They require the use of a Service Account rather than an individual user account.  Without this authentication, users canno...
    Leigh Fonseca
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  • Tableau Prep Builder - Enable creation of user filter when publishing data source to Tableau Server

    2 votes
    I'm missing a feature in Tableau Prep Builder: In the final output step when selecting "Publish as a data source" on Tableau Server, I have no option to define user filters as I have, for example, in Tableau Desktop w...
    Marcel Zemp
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  • Tableau Prep Builder - Classify fields into dimensions & measures

    1 vote
    I'm missing a feature in Tableau Prep Builder: In the final output step when selecting "Publish as a data source" on Tableau Server, I have no option to classify the fields into dimensions or measures. Sure, in genera...
    Marcel Zemp
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  • Sign out the session with OpenID provider when logging out of Tableau Server

    11 votes
    When configured to use OpenID as authentication method, currently Tableau Server will not sign-out the session with the OpenID provider when logging out of Tableau Server. This is a problem in single-sign on scenario...
    Dennis Pekelder
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  • Possibility to deactivate "embedded password" of publisher's credentials while publish a workbook

    13 votes
    Hi everyone,   some weeks ago I discovered a huge security breach within the permission setting on Tableau Server. I think most of you follow the permission concept by setting up different projects for differen...
    Florian Rieger
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  • "Excel Like" Sorting - a child's play

    419 votes
    We all agree that: "Sorting needs to be easy as a Child's Play" We also agree that: "Sorting in Tableau is Painful"   since the dawn of mass computing, which was 30+ years ago, people got used to this capabilit...
    Scott Eaton
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