• Tableau Prep Parameters

    140 votes
    The ability to create parameters and use them throughout the flow - from source, to calculation logic, to output location and name would be incredibly useful.   What I envision: A single, global value parameter...
    Joshua Milligan
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  • Tableau Prep: Parameterize Output File Names

    32 votes
    It would be useful to be able to parameterize the file name of an output file.   For example, if I write a CSV file into a directory of other similar files (from previous Flow executions) which contain different...
    Owen Price
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  • Tableau Quip connector

    7 votes
    Request to create native Tableau to Quip connector for Tableau Desktop, Prep Builder and Server  
    Mark Wu
    last modified by Mark Wu
  • Add Record ID / Index feature in Tableau Prep

    241 votes
    Adding a unique record ID to data has a number of use cases, some of which are met by the forthcoming ROW_NUMBER() function in Prep Builder 2020.1 (now in beta):   1. Identifying the original sort order of the d...
    Jonathan Drummey
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  • Tableau Prep: Add Table Calculations - especially Index() and PreviousValue()

    318 votes
    This is my number one ask: Please add Index() and PreviousValue() functions to Tableau Prep.  This would also require the ability to define a sort (covered by https://community.tableau.com/ideas/8715 ) prior to ...
    Joshua Milligan
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  • Disable Steps / Pass-Through Data

    1 vote
    Allow users to disable a step using a shortcut key and via the context menu.   For steps with input and output, the data would just pass through unchanged.  This will allow users to easily switch filters on...
    Matt Shoemaker
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  • Tableau Prep - OData connector for SharePoint

    101 votes
    The ability to connect to SharePoint lists would be a great Add to the software. We have many lists in sharePoint that is being used in Tableau reports Not having the ability to connect to them is a big deal.
    Steve Dreibelbis
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  • Tableau Prep: Output a packaged data source (TDSX)

    45 votes
    Tableau Prep is a great way to build multi-step data transformations that result in a nice, clean, data set ready to be shared on Tableau Server / Online. It allows me to output this data as a Tableau Extract--either ...
    Matt Coles
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  • Tableau Prep - Initial SQL link/box for Cloudera Hadoop Connection

    6 votes
    Often users have to set initial request pools when connecting to a Hadoop instance to secure server bandwidth to execute queries. In Tableau Desktop, the Cloudera Hadoop connection box has this Initial SQL link and bo...
    John Marucci
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  • Create Hierarchies/Change Default Properties in Tableau Prep

    14 votes
    When I run my workflow, it overrides default properties such as hierarchies/fiscal year starting month.  It would be beneficial to not have to replicate this in Tableau desktop each time I reload the datasource.
    Joshua Drevs
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  • Tableau Prep - Setting the default aggregation to measures within flow and when publishing outputs

    15 votes
    To be clear I know you can aggregate data within a flow and do calculations but this is an idea to add the same functionality as Desktop to set the defaults to fields before creating an output or publishing to a serve...
    Chris Mace
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  • Prep: Maintain column/field order in output

    33 votes
    Tableau Prep is being used for more than just loading into Tableau Desktop or publishing to Tableau Server/Online. At this time the order of fields as we see in the Profile pane in Prep is not necessarily maintained a...
    Jonathan Drummey
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  • Tableau Prep allow joins on Nulls

    8 votes
    Tableau Prep as of 2019.4 does not support joining Null values, i.e. where Table A.Column A and Table B.Column A both have Null values and we want to join those two columns (potentially with other join clauses).  ...
    Jonathan Drummey
    last modified by Jonathan Drummey
  • Salesforce connector for Tableau Prep with ability to write SOQL

    82 votes
    It would be helpful to add SalesForce connector to Tableau Prep. Also it will be good to provide ability to extract data using SOQL.
    Shriniwas Perle
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  • Support NUMERIC type from BigQuery

    102 votes
    Support NUMERIC type from BigQuery.
    Jiayu Xu
    last modified by Jiayu Xu
  • Tableau Prep: Ignore Case in Join Option

    12 votes
    Tableau Prep Builder is case-sensitive when joining two data sources. I think that it would be very helpful to have an option (perhaps a checkbox) that instructs Tableau Prep to ignore case in that particular join. Th...
    Collin Smith
    last modified by Collin Smith
  • Allow switching off auto-update (flow execution) in Prep  [RELEASED | 2020.1.1]

    84 votes
    Tableau Desktop allows to switch off auto-update, which is quite handy when I need to apply a series of changes that will each be computationally expensive but I don't need to see any itermediate results, just the fin...
    last modified by Dimitri.B
  • Saved Data Connections in Tableau Prep

    38 votes
    I regularly use 5 different data sources in Tableau Prep, and every time I want to start a new data flow I have to retrieve the connection information from a password manager and enter the information by hand for each...
    Vincent Baumel
    last modified by Vincent Baumel
  • Add Sort records in the flow feature to Tableau Prep

    108 votes
    Tableau Prep changes the sort of the data in each flow as required by the different tools. There are a couple of use cases for needing the option to sort the records in a flow:   1) The output is required to be ...
    Jonathan Drummey
    last modified by Jonathan Drummey
  • Tableau Prep: Custom Field Separator on Output

    66 votes
    The ability to output data to .csv is a great option but commas as a field separator can sometimes be problematic. It would be great if we could specify a customer field separator (ex. pipe - |) on output like we can ...
    Patrick McCormick
    last modified by Patrick McCormick