• Tableau Mobile - Filter Value - Read Barcode / QR Code from Device Camera

    9 votes
    Your competitor, MicroStrategy Mobile, have the ability to read barcode / qr code from Device Camera.   The scenario for this is as follows: we have printed qr code put in our customer's store (we are a distribu...
    Endro Koesno
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  • Support for both device SSL certificate as well as Server Certificate  to help authenticate using Single Sign on like Shibboleth

    1 vote
    In a Mobile environment, our environment uses a SSL cert for the IOS device as well as the Tableau Server SSL Cert for the Single SSO (Single Sign on Client)   For the SAML authentication to begin the client sho...
    David Humphries
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  • Auto refresh dashboard (Tableau Server & Tableau Mobile)

    87 votes
    Can we have an auto-update dashboard option on Tableau server and Mobile?   This helps people to keep their information up-to-date without having to manually clicking the "Refresh" button.   Regards  ...
    Irwan Tjanterik
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  • Viz in Tooltips - Highlight Action

    97 votes
    Currently, the Viz in Tooltips work as a set filter.  I'd like the ability to highlight instead of filtering.   This could be used for a multitude of business use cases.   I want to be able to highlig...
    Adam Crahen
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  • Set default start page for tableau mobile

    0 votes
    We have designed a landing page dashboard and set it as default start page for all our users in tableau server for the web page users. Now the mobile users are asking that they want to have the same default home page ...
    Azhagiri M
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  • Tab Colors after Publishing to Server, Online, Mobile, Public

    231 votes
    While I can create colored tabs in Desktop, the color is lost when its published to Tableau Server, Online and Public. It would be great if you could retain those colors for tabs when publishing.   If you agree,...
    Alex Cook
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  • Add Tableau Mobile support for authenticating OpenId Connect

    37 votes
    The current Tableau Mobile apps do not integrate with Tableau Server via OpenID authentication. This restricts the usefulness of the OpenID Connect authentication feature of Tableau Server.   Please include supp...
    Simon Forwood
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  • Data Alerts to send to Slack

    37 votes
    Provide data-driven alerts to Slack   I don't have as much visibility on email as I do with Slack. I see email having less and less engagement and Slack being a better communications tool. Email is not checked ...
    Arran Sadlier
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  • The Addition of TouchID / Pin Code Support to Tableau Mobile [RELEASED | 2019.4]

    27 votes
    Hi,   For transparency - Customer Advocacy Manager in APAC for Tableau.   I am seeing requests for a TouchID / Pin Code Security layer to be added to Tableau Mobile.  If the Tableau Mobile App is brou...
    Mark Evans
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  • Contest should be organized by Tableau  [RELEASED]

    3 votes
    Hey, I think tableau should be introduce some contest that can be technical and non technical so that people can be aware of it and we community can be enjoy this. Tableau can be introduce daily tasks with some priz...
    Raghav Agarwal
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  • Add the possibility to see projects in the Tableau Mobile App [RELEASED]

    14 votes
    When opening the app you can see a list of workbooks but we don't have the possibility to see them by project. When the amount of workbooks grows it is difficult to find certain views specially when using a phone or a...
    last modified by ernesto.suguer.0
  • URL Actions to Other Dashboards Stay Within Tableau Mobile App [RELEASED]

    62 votes
    ON TABLEAU MOBILE APP ONLY:   Currently it seems that URL actions on dashboards take you out of the app and open your browser. Many times this is great. However, if you are trying to take a user from one dashboa...
    Ian Rubiano
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  • Mobility for Tableau reports

    21 votes
    Currently, the only way to access Tableau files from a mobile device is via the Tableau Online (or Tableau Server).  in many cases, it is cost prohibitive to have many users have a license for this.  Most re...
    Anthony Muscarella
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  • Interactive PDF Functionlity  [DUPLICATE]

    1 vote
    It seems every few years this topic comes up, but i would love to see the ability to create a PDF, by either 'download' function or 'save as' function, that retains all of the functionality of the dashboard, e.g. Filt...
    Nick Yarbrough
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  • Notification Mobile

    10 votes
    The Tableau Mobile App for IOS or Android could get notification alert. This way is useful to alert users in their cell phones or tablets.   Various app has this functions but Tableau app doesn't.
    last modified by ALEXSANDRO BRUM
  • Auto Refresh Dashboard

    10 votes
    As i have requirement to show the live data in tableau dashboard as it is connected to datasource in live mode, but to get the latest data we need to click phisically refresh button, can you guys add a setting on desk...
    master works
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  • Tableau Mobile - Recognize the Tableau Domain when Linking Between Dashboards [RELEASED]

    31 votes
    Every URL action outside the existing dashboard in Tableau Mobile launches the browser, which requires users to login again.  While there are some truly external URL actions embedded within our dashboards, the ap...
    Jeff Cole
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  • Projects in Mobile App  [RELEASED]

    7 votes
    Hello,   Through web browser on Server, we are able to create, manage and view projects therefore it is easier to find what you are looking for. However, on mobile users need to filter view to workbooks only and...
    Kemal Gürler
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  • Fullscreen Mode for Tableau Mobile   [RELEASED]

    4 votes
    - Headers of the dashboards are taking 30% of the mobile space. so, we need to remove the headers. - Remove the dashboard details in mobile application(Owner name, Time and Project name) as it is irrelevant to the use...
    Thirumaniraja sankar
    last modified by Thirumaniraja sankar
  • Ipad App reading twbx files  [RELEASED]

    261 votes
    I would love to see an iPad app that would read and interact with Tableau Packaged Workbooks(.twbx).  I know this is possible with Tableau Server, but I am small time (just me), so Tableau Server isn't a financia...
    Calvert Hydes
    last modified by Calvert Hydes