• Integrate Tableau Mobile with IBM MaaS360 for MDM

    1 vote
    Add support for Mobile Device Management (MDM) through IBM MaaS360 so that customers can securely provide enterprise access to Tableau Mobile app. Per the latest Tableau Mobile Deployment Guide, MaaS360 is not on the ...
    Brianna Frost
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  • Searching for contents within Dimensions, Measure and location of such contents in the dashboard

    2 votes
    Many times dashboard are built using various dimensions, measures and calculated fields. Contents are sometimes hard coded in multiple fields which get used in various parts of the dashboard(s). Replacing hard coded c...
    Deoraj Kalpoo
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  • Tab Colors after Publishing to Server, Online, Mobile, Public

    243 votes
    While I can create colored tabs in Desktop, the color is lost when its published to Tableau Server, Online and Public. It would be great if you could retain those colors for tabs when publishing.   If you agree,...
    Alex Cook
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  • Push Notifications to Subscribers [DUPLICATE]

    8 votes
    I want to link this idea to an existing (and really good) idea http://community.tableau.com/ideas/2291   I am creating and publishing reports for a global company which means i also have to deal with multiple ti...
    Aldwin Ver Rosaldo
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  • Needs a better UNDO & a REDO button

    86 votes
    For Dashboards it would be great if there was an undo redo button or go back button or a shortcut to remove a Keep Only or Exclude section.   A co-worker created a dashboard with no white space and no quick filt...
    . Tableautester
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  • Treeview in Dropdown for Hierarchies

    6 votes
    Tableau allows easy creation of hierarchies within attributes using drag and drop. It would have been awesome if this hierarchy then can be showed as a quick filter using a Treeview control.   The current work a...
    Siraj Alimohamed
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  • Auto refresh dashboard (Tableau Server & Tableau Mobile)

    104 votes
    Can we have an auto-update dashboard option on Tableau server and Mobile?   This helps people to keep their information up-to-date without having to manually clicking the "Refresh" button.   Regards  ...
    Irwan Tjanterik
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  • Create UX Dingbat Font

    3 votes
    Please Create a User Experience Dingbat font, which would allow for developers to add UX icons to Titles.  This way I can easily add icons to help improve the user experience.  I know that I am currently abl...
    Steven Davic
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  • support only sheet to get connected.

    2 votes
    Is requesting to add the feature of connecting one or more google sheet tabs to tableau instead of  carrying connection of whole large google sheet. One should have the flexibility to connect a sheet of there ch...
    priya chaurasia
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  • Viz in Tooltips - Highlight Action

    102 votes
    Currently, the Viz in Tooltips work as a set filter.  I'd like the ability to highlight instead of filtering.   This could be used for a multitude of business use cases.   I want to be able to highlig...
    Adam Crahen
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  • Device Designer - Automatic Text Size Changes on Custom Layouts

    55 votes
    The biggest problem with device designer is text size.  Text all over the default view looks great and then is way too big for mobile.    It would be nice if the text automatically scaled down to matc...
    Adam Crahen
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  • Widgets for Tableau Mobile App (iOS and Android)

    39 votes
    It would be great if Tableau Mobile apps supported widgets which we can place onto the homepage of the phone. This would provide a quick glimpse of what is going on with our most important results without opening the ...
    Selchuk Emin
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  • Add Tableau Mobile support for authenticating OpenId Connect

    40 votes
    The current Tableau Mobile apps do not integrate with Tableau Server via OpenID authentication. This restricts the usefulness of the OpenID Connect authentication feature of Tableau Server.   Please include supp...
    Simon Forwood
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  • Dashboard Actions - "Run on Single Select Only"

    65 votes
    WHAT: This feature should live by its name. "Run on Single Select" works for the first time, but after that it needs a manual deselection to be re-activated.   EXPECTED: If a worksheet has a dashboard action ...
    Rahul Upadhye
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  • Set default start page for tableau mobile

    3 votes
    We have designed a landing page dashboard and set it as default start page for all our users in tableau server for the web page users. Now the mobile users are asking that they want to have the same default home page ...
    Azhagiri M
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  • Need options to enable/disable Tableau Mobile App usage for Tableau Server

    8 votes
    Hello,   We have some use case for Tableau Mobile in enterprise usage.   Right now, everyone can access Tableau Mobile if they have Tableau Server user.   There is some certain use case that, we wa...
    Vorapol Santhadkolkarn
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  • Introducing Back button

    5 votes
    Hi There,   This is Sree, it would be better if we introduce a back button by default for dashboards.   These are the functions that is required.. consider we have three sheets 1,2,& 3...   ...
  • Tableau Community Mobile App

    7 votes
    An app to mobile friendly access this community, read the forums, vote on ideas, interact on the go.
    Bruno G. F. e Silva
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  • Set a default start page for a specific subset of users

    6 votes
    Please reconsider the feature of setting a default start page for specific users and groups.   Many of my customers have a problem reaching which are not data minded yet, asking them to click 4 to 5 times just ...
    Valon Buxhovi
    last modified by Valon Buxhovi
  • Option required to hide TOOLTIP in mobile app

    3 votes
    Currently I am using mobile app 2019.1. In my dashboard action filter is running on 'selection'. On desktop/laptop, tooltip appear by hovering the cursor and Action aplied by selection. It's fine for desktop/laptop ...
    Himanshu Sharma
    last modified by Himanshu Sharma