• Tab Colors after Publishing to Server, Online, Mobile, Public

    213 votes
    While I can create colored tabs in Desktop, the color is lost when its published to Tableau Server, Online and Public. It would be great if you could retain those colors for tabs when publishing.   If you agree,...
    Alex Cook
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  • Tableau Mobile - Filter Value - Read Barcode / QR Code from Device Camera

    5 votes
    Your competitor, MicroStrategy Mobile, have the ability to read barcode / qr code from Device Camera.   The scenario for this is as follows: we have printed qr code put in our customer's store (we are a distribu...
    Endro Koesno
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  • Viz in Tooltips - Highlight Action

    82 votes
    Currently, the Viz in Tooltips work as a set filter.  I'd like the ability to highlight instead of filtering.   This could be used for a multitude of business use cases.   I want to be able to highlig...
    Adam Crahen
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  • The Addition of TouchID / Pin Code Support to Tableau Mobile

    26 votes
    Hi,   For transparency - Customer Advocacy Manager in APAC for Tableau.   I am seeing requests for a TouchID / Pin Code Security layer to be added to Tableau Mobile.  If the Tableau Mobile App is brou...
    Mark Evans
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  • Auto refresh dashboard (Tableau Server & Tableau Mobile)

    63 votes
    Can we have an auto-update dashboard option on Tableau server and Mobile?   This helps people to keep their information up-to-date without having to manually clicking the "Refresh" button.   Regards  ...
    Irwan Tjanterik
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  • need Tableau Reader for iPad

    2 votes
    Please add the ability to connect to an Ipad to open a .TWBX via Tableau Mobile without requiring Tableau Server/Tableau Online. thanks
    Craig Mullins
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  • Tableau Mobile - Recognize the Tableau Domain when Linking Between Dashboards

    31 votes
    Every URL action outside the existing dashboard in Tableau Mobile launches the browser, which requires users to login again.  While there are some truly external URL actions embedded within our dashboards, the ap...
    Jeff Cole
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  • Device Designer - Automatic Text Size Changes on Custom Layouts

    46 votes
    The biggest problem with device designer is text size.  Text all over the default view looks great and then is way too big for mobile.    It would be nice if the text automatically scaled down to matc...
    Adam Crahen
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  • Native connection for Google Analytics for Firebase

    12 votes
    Native connector for Google Analytics for Firebase - Google's (relatively) new analytics platform for mobile apps.
    Peter Lizamore
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  • Tableau Community Mobile App

    6 votes
    An app to mobile friendly access this community, read the forums, vote on ideas, interact on the go.
    Bruno G. F. e Silva
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  • Best Idea EVER

    6 votes
    My name is Stefan Michaelcheck.   You are going to love this idea.   Tableau and Sony and/or Microsoft should try a partnership for the first corporate "videogame", that let's Tableau subscribers utilize S...
    Stefan Michaelcheck
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  • Make it possible to center tables within a worksheet

    10 votes
    Situation: From time to time I create a single table worksheet and add a custom filtering to it. For instance I have created a table that shows me a customer hierarchy (parent/customer) with a filter on both these va...
    Quincy van der Ree
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  • Slack Community for Tableau users

    0 votes
    One of my friends created a slack channel for Tableau users across the globe and it's really kicking off right now. Would be great to see active user community discussing real life problems for , be it Tableau Server...
    Anil Thorat
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  • Add Tableau Mobile support for authenticating OpenId Connect

    36 votes
    The current Tableau Mobile apps do not integrate with Tableau Server via OpenID authentication. This restricts the usefulness of the OpenID Connect authentication feature of Tableau Server.   Please include supp...
    Simon Forwood
    last modified by Simon Forwood
  • Auto adjust Row height or width based on Length of the text in Text tables

    2 votes
    Row height/width should be auto adjust based on the length of the text presented in that particular cell. Ex: If length of the text in one cell is 100 characters and second row of the cell is 2000 characters. That spa...
    Reddy Ch
    last modified by Reddy Ch
  • Scheduled autorefresh option for a tableau worksheet using live connection

    11 votes
    Hi - Today Tableau only provides autoschedule of a worksheet via a tableau extract. I have a scenario where I have data sitting in high performing Netezza platform and I am making a direct connection from Tableau to N...
    Vivek Seth
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  • in tableau tooltip how to show previous years and month and current years and months at a time

    1 vote
    Hi Guys,     h i have a requirement in tableau however I only want to display the last 12 months data in my line chart. And for each month, when I hover over each cell, I would like the tooltip to display t...
    RAO Miriyala
    last modified by RAO Miriyala
  • Option to Substitute "#" character in the view/workbook/dashboard URL on Tableau Server

    1 vote
    Firewall rules on F5 cannot be created due to "#" included in the URL in order to identify and limit access to contents for mobile users. Is there a way to change/substitute "#" to a different character? For example: ...
    Jacek Majda
    last modified by Jacek Majda
  • Built in Workbook Refreshes

    8 votes
    There are 3 different scenarios that I have in mind for a built in refresh.   1. Refreshing with Extracted data When you publish a workbook with Extracted data only, you setup a refresh schedule. When the Extra...
    Albert Vincent Jr
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  • Auto Refresh Dashboard

    5 votes
    As i have requirement to show the live data in tableau dashboard as it is connected to datasource in live mode, but to get the latest data we need to click phisically refresh button, can you guys add a setting on desk...
    master works
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