• Dashboard Actions - "Run on Single Select Only"

    59 votes
    WHAT: This feature should live by its name. "Run on Single Select" works for the first time, but after that it needs a manual deselection to be re-activated.   EXPECTED: If a worksheet has a dashboard action ...
    Rahul Upadhye
    last modified by Rahul Upadhye
  • Font Outlines in Text

    22 votes
    Readability of text is incredibly important in data visualization tools like Tableau. Please allow users to outline fonts so that text is readable in regardless of background colors. Heat-maps often suffer from this i...
    David Justiniano
    last modified by David Justiniano
  • Data Alerts to send to Slack

    36 votes
    Provide data-driven alerts to Slack   I don't have as much visibility on email as I do with Slack. I see email having less and less engagement and Slack being a better communications tool. Email is not checked ...
    Arran Sadlier
    last modified by Arran Sadlier
  • radius-function for maps created in tableau

    14 votes
    What is your idea? Please implement a radius-function for maps created in tableau! This functionality would also be very helpful in a mobile version, when e.g. sales persons are onside and would like to see what is ...
    Maximilian Ernst
    last modified by Maximilian Ernst
  • Device specific permissions

    1 vote
    The ability to have different permissions for different devices would be nice.  I don't want my end user to be able to download data on a mobile device but I do want them to have that capability on their PC.
    Nicolas Fuentes
    last modified by Nicolas Fuentes
  • TSM mobile app

    2 votes
    a TSM mobile app or all-in-one administrator app so a server admin could manage the server using the app.
    Bruno G. F. e Silva
    last modified by Bruno G. F. e Silva
  • Save Custom Views with Action Filters

    1 vote
    Custom views have been great for saving traditionally filtered views, but views filtered on actions (e.g. set actions) don't currently save in the custom views.   Would be nice if views filtered by action filter...
    Dexter Chan
    last modified by Dexter Chan
  • Device Designer - Automatic Text Size Changes on Custom Layouts

    53 votes
    The biggest problem with device designer is text size.  Text all over the default view looks great and then is way too big for mobile.    It would be nice if the text automatically scaled down to matc...
    Adam Crahen
    last modified by Adam Crahen
  • Undo / Redo History + Thumbnails / Auto Macro Creator

    5 votes
    The undo and redo buttons when held down, show a short textual history of the changes like a browser history or breadcrumbs with the ability to navigate directly to a particular point in the history : <- Undo ...
    Alex Vinot
    last modified by Alex Vinot
  • Auto refresh dashboard (Tableau Server & Tableau Mobile)

    74 votes
    Can we have an auto-update dashboard option on Tableau server and Mobile?   This helps people to keep their information up-to-date without having to manually clicking the "Refresh" button.   Regards  ...
    Irwan Tjanterik
    last modified by Irwan Tjanterik
  • Viz in Tooltips - Highlight Action

    90 votes
    Currently, the Viz in Tooltips work as a set filter.  I'd like the ability to highlight instead of filtering.   This could be used for a multitude of business use cases.   I want to be able to highlig...
    Adam Crahen
    last modified by Adam Crahen
  • Auto adjust Row height or width based on Length of the text in Text tables

    5 votes
    Row height/width should be auto adjust based on the length of the text presented in that particular cell. Ex: If length of the text in one cell is 100 characters and second row of the cell is 2000 characters. That spa...
    Chinnapu Ch
    last modified by Chinnapu Ch
  • Data Driven Alert Email Should Use Desktop Layout Not Default Layout

    6 votes
    In trying out the new Data Driven Alerts in 10.3, I noticed that the email is sending a screen grab of the default layout in the device designer instead of using either the mobile, tablet, or desktop layout.  Thi...
    Ben Parrish
    last modified by Ben Parrish
  • Mouse/touch scrolling through a story to navigate between story points

    4 votes
    Something like How the U.S. and OPEC Drive Oil Prices  and The Calderon family’s connections   I've always felt that in online and mobile storytelling, scrolling up/down with either a mouse or a finge...
    Matt Hong
    last modified by Matt Hong
  • Device Designer - Allow Sheets to be Added from Other Layouts

    17 votes
    It would be great if new worksheets could be added from another layout view.    The user experience is much different on mobile and new sheets have to be floated outside of the default dashboard view to be...
    Adam Crahen
    last modified by Adam Crahen
  • Device Designer - Allow Multiple Layouts Per Device Type

    19 votes
    We need to be able to create multiple device layouts to accommodate different devices.   We can take a chance on designing using the generic phone layout or make it even smaller, but I've already experienced cas...
    Adam Crahen
    last modified by Adam Crahen
  • Add Tableau Mobile support for authenticating OpenId Connect

    36 votes
    The current Tableau Mobile apps do not integrate with Tableau Server via OpenID authentication. This restricts the usefulness of the OpenID Connect authentication feature of Tableau Server.   Please include supp...
    Simon Forwood
    last modified by Simon Forwood
  • Widgets for Tableau Mobile App (iOS and Android)

    38 votes
    It would be great if Tableau Mobile apps supported widgets which we can place onto the homepage of the phone. This would provide a quick glimpse of what is going on with our most important results without opening the ...
    Selchuk Emin
    last modified by Selchuk Emin
  • Make Tableau Conference 2016 available by App to everybody

    0 votes
    I tried to use the App called Tableau 16 for seeing some of the video sesions from Tableau conference 2016.   But I wasn't available, so my idea is to change the app Tableau 16, so when this year Conference is o...
    Henrik Skovsted Iversen
    last modified by Henrik Skovsted Iversen
  • Online Collaboration - Add annotation in the Chart

    1 vote
    Currently in Tableau Server and Tableau Online, we have collaboration as Comments features, that can be shared with other users for the same Dashboard.   It will be good, if we have feature to add Annotations on...
    Rajashekar PK
    last modified by Rajashekar PK