• Create Tableau Connector to Microsoft Flow

    13 votes
    Microsoft Flow Will enable Automation to do Multiple things for Different Apps . The Connectors for Multiple Softwares is already Available.   Flow Website: Automate processes + tasks | Microsoft Flow   U...
    Ranjith Gade
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  • Allow lock permission for child project while parent project unlocked

    317 votes
    Tableau's first release for nested project is 10.5. In 10.5 release, only top parent project can be locked. When parent project is locked, all its child project permission is also locked. If parent project is unlocked...
    Mark Wu
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  • Manage Desktop Licensing With Tableau Server

    20 votes
    If desktop license keys were something that was applied to a server installation, then keys would no longer disappear into the ether when an employee's computer gets re-imaged without a tableau admin being aware of it...
    Tyler Key
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  • Add Dark Theme For Tableau Desktop, Tableau Server etc.

    178 votes
    Hi there,   Spending 6 hours per day in Tableau Desktop would be nice to have a Dark Theme. It can cover: Dark Theme adoptions for interfaces and for dashboards as well User can select in which color theme he...
    Egor Larin
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  • Refresh history of undo/redo when we pass between dashboards and loading the dashboard at first time-Tableau Embedded

    2 votes
    Hi,   We hosted tableau workbook in our website. We implemented undo/redo by using API method of undoAsync() / redoAsync(). When we pass between dashboards --> The undo is already activated and if we click...
    Rotem Tragash
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  • Tableau Server Recycle Bin

    112 votes
    It's great we have version control build into tableau now - awesome! But it only works for things that exist on the server. It would be nice if a deleted workbook or data source went to a recycle bin in case it was do...
    stephen roman
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  • Ability to connect to Google Sheets located on Google Team Drives

    178 votes
    Tableau supports access to Google Drive but not Google Team Drive.  Many organizations are now moving towards Google Team Drives as a way of organizing data by workgroup, function, or project rather than document...
    Joel Sevinsky
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  • Advanced Relative Date Options

    99 votes
    The 'Relative Date' filter is a wonderful tool, but limited by the way it is anchored, forcing users to either switch to 'Range Date' filters or build numerous calculated fields as workarounds to display data exactly ...
    Tyler Glenn
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  • Data Source Filters for Web Authoring/Web Editing

    1 vote
    Web authoring is a fantastic feature for casual analysis, particularly for Explorers, but sometimes it is necessary to pare down the amount of data for the sake of relevance and performance.
    Ryan Cooper
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  • Tableau Prep Builder - Classify fields into dimensions & measures

    6 votes
    I'm missing a feature in Tableau Prep Builder: In the final output step when selecting "Publish as a data source" on Tableau Server, I have no option to classify the fields into dimensions or measures. Sure, in genera...
    Marcel Zemp
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  • Display custom views in user's Tableau Server profile

    16 votes
    Issue There isn't a way to see one's custom views, private or public, in a single location on Tableau Server/Online. This is the type of custom view I'm talking about: Idea When going to My Content there should ...
    Toby Erkson
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  • Triggering Subscription Distribution WITHOUT a Schedule

    0 votes
    Our goal is to have a set subscription distribution list, but to always have it pushed manually when the admin decides appropriate.  We do not wish to have a set time/date schedule for this to ever be sent. ...
    Tyler Starn
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  • Connect to Oracle Eloqua With Eloqua IP Whitelist Enabled

    1 vote
    The Eloqua connector built by Tableau is not currently compatible with IP white listing is because it relies on an external AWS service for connecting. That service doesn’t have a static IP you can white list so...
    Paul Raja
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  • Query nested fields in a Google BigQuery connection with Standard SQL

    44 votes
    Currently there is a limitation in Google BigQuery connector: "The ability for Tableau Desktop to query nested fields in a Google BigQuery connection with Standard SQL is not a current functionality of our product" &#...
    Carlos Palminha
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  • Provide support for Tile Services (WMTS-OGC)

    7 votes
    Background maps are essential and political sensitive. WMS is slow and not the right protocol for background services. We need (WMTS) Web Map Tile Service to be supported and hope Tableau could implement this fairly s...
    Jan Bliki
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  • Pivot For SQL

    0 votes
    Hello Folks, I was working on some complex solution. I tried making the dummy data using excel. My solution worked around doing the pivot with Tableau. Once I tried to implement the same solution with more complex da...
    Shaibaz Mulla
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  • Disable Ask Data For All Data Sources Setting for Administrators

    44 votes
    Currently there is not a supported or documented way to turn off or disable the ask data feature for all data sources, without also turning off the web edit feature.  I would like to propose a setting be added fo...
    last modified by russiam
  • Run subscription schedule for selected users/workbooks

    28 votes
    We have a subscription schedule with many subscribers  that subscribes to different workbooks. It happens that the schedule run before one of the workbooks that is part of the subscription schedule have been upda...
    Tommy Harstrom
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  • Email notifications to GROUPs when comments are made on a viz on Tableau Server

    5 votes
    With 2018.2, users can @mention Usernames in comments on worksheets and dashboard on Tableau Server. In an enterprise usually a TEAM is responsible for a task and hence capability to tag an existing GROUP in tableau...
    varun tandon
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  • Viz in Tooltips - Highlight Action

    91 votes
    Currently, the Viz in Tooltips work as a set filter.  I'd like the ability to highlight instead of filtering.   This could be used for a multitude of business use cases.   I want to be able to highlig...
    Adam Crahen
    last modified by Adam Crahen