• Subscribe a Report in other format - like Excel, PDF or even an Image

    296 votes
    @I would like to see 2 things in Tableau 11, as long as there is Mailing Capability.   1. Allow Admin to schedule and send Viz to multiple users/groups from Tableau server. 2. Allow users to subscribe a report ...
    Pradeep Kumar
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  • One-click built-in Log Collector for Tableau Desktop

    1 vote
    It would be nice to have 'One-click built-in Log Collector for Tableau Desktop like Server ziplog.   WHAT: - Easy built-in log collecting tool for non-IT users WHY: - Non-IT users are not familiar with comman...
    Ryusuke Ashiya
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  • When republishing a workbook or data source default selection to current Site

    1 vote
    Hi,   Whenever I republish a workbook or data source and have been disconnected from Tableau Server I have to login again, which is no big deal, however every single time I have to re-select the Site as well. Si...
    Jonathan Drummey
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  • Allow range/limits for forecasting

    0 votes
    I would like to have the ability to set limits to the forecast range. An example of this is we are transitioning between systems and want to show the volumes of each system by month/yr. If I enable forecasting, the 1 ...
    Brian Hansen
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  • Possibillity to make Tableau Online URL more user-friendly

    0 votes
    As a user, I want to use my Tableau Online with a more user-friendly URL. To do this I need the possibility to change standard URL, for ie. "https://10xxx.online.tableau.com", to something I am more familiar with, fo...
    Yulia Prylypko
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  • Two factor authentication for Tableau local identity model

    0 votes
    When uploading sensitive data to Tableau Server such as HR/Payroll data it would be great if we had the ability to use two factor authentication on Tableau's local identity management model.   Ideally this would...
    Sean Arnold
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  • Last Viewed By

    14 votes
    One aspect of Tableau Server administration is clearing out old content, stuff that's no longer being used.  To help with this endeavor would be a column that shows the last time a workbook or view was seen: &#...
    Toby Erkson
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  • Tableau Server Recycle Bin

    101 votes
    It's great we have version control build into tableau now - awesome! But it only works for things that exist on the server. It would be nice if a deleted workbook or data source went to a recycle bin in case it was do...
    stephen roman
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  • Best Idea EVER

    6 votes
    My name is Stefan Michaelcheck.   You are going to love this idea.   Tableau and Sony and/or Microsoft should try a partnership for the first corporate "videogame", that let's Tableau subscribers utilize S...
    Stefan Michaelcheck
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  • Feature Request: Disable scheduled refreshes

    7 votes
    Here's my situation:   Tableau Server was recently upgraded "Upgrade" in our our organization means standing up a new server and migrating workbooks from the old version to the new When the new server was buil...
    Laurence MacKenzie
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  • Ability to kill/stop running extract refresh tasks.

    62 votes
    WHAT: Tableau server should offer an option to Pause/Stop/kill an ongoing extract refresh tasks under "Background Tasks for Extracts" dashboard. WHY: 1.It has been seen that there is dependency on data loads & use...
    Sunil Tikar
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  • Export to PowerPoint using JavaScript API

    23 votes
    Tableau released the capability to export a workbook as a PowerPoint file in the Tableau Server 2019.1 release. However, the ability to export a workbook isn't available through custom code by using the JavaScript AP...
    Binit Kumar
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  • Allow lock permission for child project while parent project unlocked

    282 votes
    Tableau's first release for nested project is 10.5. In 10.5 release, only top parent project can be locked. When parent project is locked, all its child project permission is also locked. If parent project is unlocked...
    Mark Wu
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  • Undo Delete / Trash / Recover - Tableau Online

    89 votes
    My suggestion is simple - keep the meta data for deleted workbooks and extracts and move them to a 'recycle bin' where you offer an undo.   It could be an idea to improve UX on the two tier menu system to not o...
    adam slader
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  • Allow for server to have managed list of tags

    41 votes
    Hello,   We are using a federated approach to creating dashboards.  This means our business users as well as IT will be creating and posting dashboards from 9 different offices to the server.  We want ...
    Scott Heidenreich
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  • Writeback to Excel and Text Files

    36 votes
    What Allow writeback to Excel and Text Files.   How Various methods could be used, such as overwriting, deleting and adding data as is every change adds a row and flags "overwritten row" as history Another ...
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  • The Addition of TouchID / Pin Code Support to Tableau Mobile

    25 votes
    Hi,   For transparency - Customer Advocacy Manager in APAC for Tableau.   I am seeing requests for a TouchID / Pin Code Security layer to be added to Tableau Mobile.  If the Tableau Mobile App is brou...
    Mark Evans
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  • Choose time zone when creating a schedule

    25 votes
    It would be great if we could select a time zone when creating a schedule, since we have offices in different time zones. Sure, we can probably calculate the correct time relative to the server time, but for some of t...
    Daniel Teo
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  • Tableau Server: Import Multiple Active Directory Groups at once

    3 votes
    Currently, the pop-up "Import a Group from Active Directory" only allows you to select and add one group at a time. Especially when groups follow similar naming conventions and multiple groups pop up in the search, it...
    Carl Martin
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  • Workbook Levels - Worksheets, Workbook, Global, Default

    252 votes
    The abilitiy to create templates or style sheets would be nice, but even more useful would be Workbooks Levels. Workbooks levels would give us the ability to customize all properties and features of a Workbook Level. ...
    . Tableautester
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