• Tooltips in headers (field labels, quick filters, parameters, etc)

    454 votes
    What Please make it possible to show tooltips in field labels, quick filters, and parameters. The tooltip format could be HTML. One important benefit would be the possibility to link to more information. The tooltip...
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  • Slack Community for Tableau users

    0 votes
    One of my friends created a slack channel for Tableau users across the globe and it's really kicking off right now. Would be great to see active user community discussing real life problems for , be it Tableau Server...
    Anil Thorat
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  • Easily Find Worksheets using a Data Source

    103 votes
    It would be great to be able to select a data source in a workbook and easily find out which worksheets are using that data source
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  • Address the issue of broken links in Community Forums

    4 votes
    Many Community Forums posts contain links to Tableau resources which are broken. In some cases I had to use the Wayback Machine to get a 2015 copy of a page linked in 2016.   This happens very often and in the k...
    Tony K
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  • Tableau Prep: Flow Summary Overview

    45 votes
    What is your idea?   Have an easy to read summary of all the actions/changes as the data moves through the flow that can be exported into a PDF with supporting diagrams. Can be as simple as take existing step n...
    Neil Miller
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  • Contribute to Knowledgebase

    1 vote
    Idea: Let the community submit changes/additions to the knowledgebase. Product managers could then verify that the content is accurate and then publish the change.     Backstory: I came across an issue t...
    Thomas Rones
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  • Include Title in Crosstab

    2 votes
    It would be great to have the ability to choose whether or not the title is included in the crosstab data. This would help reduce confusion when crosstabbing multiple views at a time. Currently, the only options that ...
    Larus Thomasson
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  • Icon to indicate fields with changed names

    4 votes
    I would like an icon in the Measures and Dimensions panes that indicate fields with names that have been changed.  Something similar to the equals sign in front of the data type label that indicates a calculated ...
    Sue Stankus PhD
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  • Calculated fields - exportable list for auditing

    155 votes
    One of my colleagues suggested this idea.   The problem: My colleague has a workbook with a lot of calculated fields which all use similar formula, but different measures. He discovered that the template formul...
    created by Dimitri.B
  • Multiple external data sources (Tableau Server, images/excel files for refreshable narrative)

    5 votes
    Hello,   Who ever reads this I hope you are well.   Currently we host a number of stories within Tableau server for our clients. These include multiple data source in SQL Server (Fine), Narrative from our ...
    Jamie Withington
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  • Track Data Downloads via Crosstab and PDF by User

    7 votes
    Our company manages sensitive data deployed regionally via Tableau Server. We would love the capability to track when a user successfully downloads data from a Workbook via Crosstab or PDF on Tableau Server.   ...
    Tristan Burnham
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  • User-defined metadata automatically assigned

    100 votes
    What Please make it possible to assign various workbook metadata automatically when connecting to data.   Examples of workbook metadata:   Field:  alias, type (dimension or measure), data role (conti...
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  • CLOB data types in Tableau Desktop

    9 votes
    Develop capability for Tableau Desktop that allows Oracle CLOB data type fields to be displayed to the Dimension pane.
    James Wadas
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  • Tooltips for individual dimensions

    282 votes
    What Please make it possible to show tooltips in dimension items wherever they appear (views, quick filters, parameters, legends, etc.)   How The associated tooltips could be stored: locally in the twb in a ...
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  • Auto adjust Row height or width based on Length of the text in Text tables

    2 votes
    Row height/width should be auto adjust based on the length of the text presented in that particular cell. Ex: If length of the text in one cell is 100 characters and second row of the cell is 2000 characters. That spa...
    Reddy Ch
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  • Grant readonly access to pg_largeobject

    76 votes
    Grant readonly access to pg_largeobject.  This will assist in deep analysis of workbook and datasource metadata.
    Jeff Strauss
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  • Email notifications when comments are made on a viz on Tableau Server

    153 votes
    So, users can submit comments on worksheets and dashboard on Tableau Server. It would be great the author of the dashboard got notification of these comments and would allow much greater feedback.   Duplicate id...
    Matt Francis
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  • Some change for autodetected keywords in French

    1 vote
    I was reading this page : Understand Field Type Detection and Naming Improvements - Tableau   Keywords Code, Key, and ID Field names that contain the following keywords and meet the conditions listed are treated ...
    Simon AUBERT
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  • Exporting missing data in Tableau Prep Builder Joins

    3 votes
    There are some situations where in a Join step, in Tableau Prep Builder, I can see the missing values that are not appearing in the "Join Clauses" pane. But I cannot physically export them, and if there are many missi...
    Guy Dor
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  • Expose Data Source Measures/Dimension Names and Descriptions/Synonyms with REST API

    1 vote
    Add the details of Data Sources to the existing data source api.     This would hopefully include the following: Measures Dimensions Descriptions Data Types Synonyms
    William Cummings
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