• Need updated Help, Knowledge, or Blog post dedicated to Hyper Extracts

    1 vote
    The most enlightening information I could find anywhere on Tableau.com was from these three articles by Gordon Rose from 2014.  Thanks also to Marius Kaiser and Erwin van Laar for the Tableau Conference 2019 YouT...
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  • Allow the value of parameters to be set by a calculated field

    1 vote
    There are places where only a literal or parameter may be used, e.g. for the datepart in DATETRUNC.   Parameter actions are great for manual control via buttons, but it would also be handy to be able to set them...
    Tim Beard
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  • Input/Output to/from multiple Tableau Server sites into Tableau Prep Builder

    4 votes
    This feature would be useful for comparison between production/sandbox environments, and also for deploying standardised datasources to multiple sites at once.   Input Inputting from multiple sites would be use...
    Ravi Mistry
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  • Ability to Place Image / Logo on Story, Dashboard, Worksheet

    212 votes
    I believe adding the ability to place an image or logo on a story, dashboard or worksheet would help to make the feature more useful.   This feature would lead to creating less dashboards and more interactive bo...
    Connor Singerline
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  • Add Calculation Function: PRODUCT

    47 votes
    The Product function (in Excel) simply multiplies a set of numeric values.    In the finance industry at least, this function is commonly used to calculate total growth (or return) for a series, which can ...
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  • Apply All Button to change all filters and parameters at once!

    54 votes
    It would be nice to have a single button that affect the whole filters and parameters   Like the update button on the tool bar. In fact there could be a quick buton that runs all the filters it self kind of li...
    Tomi Lee
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  • OR condition in join

    22 votes
    Similar to SQL assistant I should be able to create the following join condition when I am creating a data source -   Select * from TableA A inner join TableB B on (A.fieldA = B.fieldA OR A.fieldB = B.fieldB)
    Gowtham Pavuluri
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  • 'IN' Operator equivalent

    944 votes
    I would like an equivalent to the SQL 'IN' operator.  Currently the only way to compare a list of values is by using an OR operator.  This is very cumbersome when comparing a large list of values.   For...
    Stephen Smirl
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  • Ability to connect to Google Sheets located on Google Team Drives

    221 votes
    Tableau supports access to Google Drive but not Google Team Drive.  Many organizations are now moving towards Google Team Drives as a way of organizing data by workgroup, function, or project rather than document...
    Joel Sevinsky
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  • Show SQL

    574 votes
    What Please let us see the Tableau generated SQL sent to the database engine, including option to copy the code, so we quickly can debug it in the source database.   Why It makes it easier to learn, debug, tu...
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  • Show SQL statement instead of XML for published data sources

    17 votes
    Hallo,   We are using the performance recorder extensively to analyse our dashboard performance, and especially useful is the ability to see the SQL statement Tableau generates, also enabling us to have very use...
    Daniel Teo
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  • Workbook Levels - Worksheets, Workbook, Global, Default

    293 votes
    The abilitiy to create templates or style sheets would be nice, but even more useful would be Workbooks Levels. Workbooks levels would give us the ability to customize all properties and features of a Workbook Level. ...
    . Tableautester
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  • Cascading parameters

    3 votes
    Functionality should be introduced to make cascading parameters (one parameter dependent on another parameter) within tableau. This has wide ranging uses and will reduce a lot of the tedious and complex workarounds cu...
    Josh Black
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  • Tooltips in headers (field labels, quick filters, parameters, etc)

    507 votes
    What Please make it possible to show tooltips in field labels, quick filters, and parameters. The tooltip format could be HTML. One important benefit would be the possibility to link to more information. The tooltip...
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  • A new way of managing Data Sources - ONE data source across multiple sites / projects

    38 votes
    I have a dream... that one day, I can create a Tableau Data Source and then ASSIGN this data source to multiple sites and projects without having to copy/re-load the same data source into all the different places peop...
    Catherine Denmeade
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  • Display 0 instead of No Data/Blank Worksheet

    3 votes
    I would like Tableau to display "0" instead of a blank worksheet.   I have a worksheet created to show "Total Parts Installed", but within the dashboard the user is allowed to filter out Products. When user sele...
    Amy Hernandez
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  • Show on which sheets a data source is used

    106 votes
    When pulling together multiple data sources, I inevitably end up with one or more data sources that I scrap during the creation process.  I try to clean as I go, but once you're in the flow sometimes the housekee...
    Doug Reyff
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  • Access to rest of Workbook/Sheet Meta-Data in Formula/Function

    75 votes
    My idea is quite a simple one...Can we have a function to access the rest of the workbook/sheet Meta-Data as we can with users. We have access to this in the Title construction.   Currently we have   ......
    Simon Runc
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  • Ability for Tableau to connect to an XML file

    202 votes
    This topic is in the discussion area, but I want to make sure it is in the idea list.
    David Nelson
    created by David Nelson
  • Rename Data Source Via Tableau Server

    121 votes
    Add a button to the "more actions" list:"Rename Data Source"   The new name should be applied to all workbooks that are connected to the data source.  
    or kornboim
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