• Data Source within ZIP file

    36 votes
    It would be great to be able to connect to data files which are stored in container files such as a ZIP or a TAR, particularly for CSV, without having to unzip them. This would even more useful where the data is comin...
    Matthew Reeve
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  • Allow Incremental Refresh to Modify Rows

    365 votes
    Currently the incremental refresh adds new rows but does not alter rows that have changed since the last update. This doesn't work well for many situations where a full refresh is expensive but some of the most recent...
    Sean Mullane
    created by Sean Mullane
  • Incremental refresh & relative date filter

    17 votes
    We noticed that incremental refresh only adds rows based on the extract filters. It doesn't remove any rows even the extract filter is not anymore valid for all rows. If we want to remove rows from the extract (/hyper...
    Tapani Paajoki
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  • Disable Auto-Update by default on Tableau Server

    67 votes
    I couldn't find this request so I'm posting it in hopes that we aren't the only users who would like to see this.   It would be awesome if we could disable by default the Auto-Update on Tableau Server when users...
    Steven Nguyen
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  • Apply number formatting inside a calculated field

    900 votes
    I need to be able to take numbers and apply number formatting to them based on the logic of my calculation.  The number formatting should be exactly the same as the "Custom" formatting that tableau does now. ...
    Russell Lamb
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  • Allow to change parameters of a failing Snowflake connection

    9 votes
    Hi Tableau community!   We are using Snowflake on Azure as a cloud based data warehouse and Tableau Desktop as a BI tool using the data on the Snowflake. During the implementation of Snowflake we did a lot of t...
    Frank Seiffert
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  • SQL Server MFA Support

    16 votes
    For authentication to our SQL Server in Azure we use AD - Universal with MFA support. This is not currently supported by Tableau and it would solve a lot of issues we have with needing to create SQL Users for everyone...
    Paul Rowles
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  • Ask Data: The ability to add "Ask Data" to Dashboards

    9 votes
    The idea would be to publish a dashboard, with all of the complex visualizations, and then allow the end user to ask questions on the dashboard.   Additionally, all filters that apply to the dashboard, could aut...
    Andre Salazar
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  • Update Parameter value list with every refresh

    12 votes
    It would be a relief to have a parameter value list (or range) auto updated when the data refreshes. When creating a parameter of Data type string with a value list, you can now fill it with values from a field, this...
    Hugo van der Flier
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  • Data Source Migration Tool

    23 votes
    Tableau Data Server Extracts have served me well to get my BI program off the ground. But I'm now at a point where I need to consider a dedicated analytics database solution like Vertica. I'd like to see a data source...
    Mark Jackson
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  • Export visualizations to SVG image format

    112 votes
    SVG image export will allow dynamic resizing of exported images which will help immensely with desktop publishing and compatibility with Adobe products. Also embedding into Microsoft Office products. A live embedded v...
    David Mautz
    last modified by David Mautz
  • Google AdWords (Google Ads) Connector

    27 votes
    Are you interested in connecting directly to your AdWords data from Tableau? Refreshing it on Server or Online? If so I'd really like to learn more about your use case and needs, please share them!   Drew Loika ...
    Drew Loika
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  • Advanced Relative Date Options

    115 votes
    The 'Relative Date' filter is a wonderful tool, but limited by the way it is anchored, forcing users to either switch to 'Range Date' filters or build numerous calculated fields as workarounds to display data exactly ...
    Tyler Glenn
    last modified by Tyler Glenn
  • Totals and subtotals over displayed marks instead of separate calc (aka make subtotals work like Excel)

    654 votes
    [added 2015-01-25] In Tableau 8.1 two-pass totals were added, however they don't cover all situations, they only work for regular aggregate measures coming from a single data source (primary or secondary). What remain...
    Jonathan Drummey
    last modified by Jonathan Drummey
  • Additional date time number formats

    186 votes
    I calculate time variances in some of my KPI dashboards that result in negative time values (e.g. if a procedure starts early it will be a negative variance from the planned time). Extending the custom number formats ...
    Mark Jackson
    last modified by Mark Jackson
  • Ability to use the $expand parameter of OData connection

    37 votes
    We are using OData connection to get data from SharePoint 2010 lists but, many of our lists include "lookup" field. The default behavior of OData is to return the ID of the reference value for lookup fileds: you need ...
    Francois Arseneault
    last modified by Francois Arseneault
  • Native Tableau Connector for Azure Data Lake

    112 votes
    Idea: Create a Native Connector from Tableau to Azure Data Lake (ADL)   Data is beginning to migrate to cheaper and more scale-able systems.  Tableau needs to support these namely Microsoft Azure Data Lake....
    Luke Brady
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  • Update Tableau's bundled postgres odbc driver

    29 votes
    Tableau installs a postgres odbc driver along with Tableau Desktop as noted here (Driver Download | Tableau Software ).  Currently, version 9.06 of this driver is being installed which is around 2 years old. ...
    Robert Looney
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  • Relative Paths for Data Sources

    129 votes
    Say there is a Tableau workbook at /Users/me/myworkbook.twb, connected to a csv data source at /Users/me/mydata.csv. Currently, data sources are specified in .twb files as full paths (e.g. /Users/me/mydata.csv). This ...
    Aloysius Lim
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  • Keyboard shortcut for creating calculated fields

    16 votes
    As asked in this post https://community.tableau.com/message/416663 a keyboard shortcut for creating calculated fields would be greatly helpful since it's an operation we do quite often. Please upvote if you agree....
    Alexander Mou
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