• Ability to join Tableau Server data sources

    958 votes
    I would love the ability to join Tableau Server Data sources.   Use case: I published a SQL view containing transaction information to Tableau and another containing account information.  Right now if I wa...
    Elan Sofer
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  • Tableau Data Catalog for Tableau Online   [RELEASED | 2019.3]

    1 vote
    Hello,   A very simple idea : an access to Tableau Data Catalog with Tableau Online. Would be great for customers (but also for a partner/VAR, given the fact that Tableau Idea is far easier to show than Tableau ...
    Simon AUBERT
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  • Add Service Account data connection for Google BigQuery

    66 votes
    Our IT organization does not support OAuth on the Tableau Server to connect to BigQuery. They require the use of a Service Account rather than an individual user account.  Without this authentication, users canno...
    Leigh Fonseca
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  • New Calculated Field Option - FIELDNAME()

    2 votes
    There are many times where I have to write complicated formulas that all do the same thing, but due to current constraints, it has to be done. For example: Updating values in a viz IF [Parameter] = 'Sales' THEN SUM([S...
    Will Perkins
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  • Ability to Subscribe to an Excel (DATA/CROSSTAB) format

    97 votes
    I know we can subscribe tableau viz, sheets, workbook at certain schedules to email. Yet, it is just like a snapshot of the viz and when you click it, it will bring you to the viz,workbook itself..   Would it be...
    Rodell Basalo
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  • Enable Data-driven Alerts for Tableau Administrative views

    4 votes
    What is the idea? Currently, the Tableau Admin Dashboards such as Stats for space usage etc are not enabled with Data-driven alerts. It requires constant attention from a Server administrator to monitor it daily. It...
    Crystal D'souza
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  • Totals and subtotals over displayed marks instead of separate calc (aka make subtotals work like Excel)

    636 votes
    [added 2015-01-25] In Tableau 8.1 two-pass totals were added, however they don't cover all situations, they only work for regular aggregate measures coming from a single data source (primary or secondary). What remain...
    Jonathan Drummey
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  • Data blending: Support non-additive aggregates (COUNTD, MEDIAN, RAWSQLAGG_xxx) when linking dimensions are not in the view

    624 votes
    Tableau v8 added a new style of data blending (DB2) where the linking field does not have to be in the view. However, when the linking dimension is not in the view, non-additive aggregates from the secondary like COUN...
    Jonathan Drummey
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  • Apply number formatting inside a calculated field

    874 votes
    I need to be able to take numbers and apply number formatting to them based on the logic of my calculation.  The number formatting should be exactly the same as the "Custom" formatting that tableau does now. ...
    Russell Lamb
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  • Rename Data Source Via Tableau Server

    60 votes
    Add a button to the "more actions" list:"Rename Data Source"   The new name should be applied to all workbooks that are connected to the data source.  
    or kornboim
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  • Data Source within ZIP file

    34 votes
    It would be great to be able to connect to data files which are stored in container files such as a ZIP or a TAR, particularly for CSV, without having to unzip them. This would even more useful where the data is comin...
    Matthew Reeve
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  • How to convert UTC Time zone to different time zones in tableau

    8 votes
    if date([Date Time Stamp In]) > #14-03-2010# and date([Date Time Stamp In]) < #07-11-2010# then DATEADD('hour',8.5,[Date Time Stamp In])     elseif date([Date Time Stamp In]) > #13-03-2011# and ...
    ramu Ka
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  • Web Data Connector for Tableau Prep

    145 votes
    A web data connector with functionality and support the same as Tableau Desktop. Basis should be in either JSON or Google Analytics (or both)
    Kym Miller
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  • Allow Salesforce connector to pull calculated fields - formulas and roll-up summaries

    60 votes
    With the Tableau connector to Salesforce.com, it currently does not allow visibility to any data fields that are formula fields or roll-up summaries. This is making it very painful, as my company has a lot of business...
    Brad Blake
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  • Conditional extracts, run when data source has new data

    1 vote
    How can we kickoff an extract only after the backend dependent data sources gets it fresh load of data?
    Pavel Svetleachni
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  • Edit data sources directly on server

    585 votes
    Hi,   Not sure if someone already posted a similar idea (did a quick search with no results), but I would like to be able to edit and manage my data sources directly on Tableau Server. Whenever I want to make a ...
    Geert Janssen
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  • Multiple Instances of Measure Names/Values Variable

    855 votes
    [This use to be a long post with multiple broken pictures (if memory serves) so I tried to delete it altogether, but once you have an Idea, Tableau won't let you delete it no matter how bad it is. So in protest I blan...
    Shawn Wallwork
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  • Keep Data Source Filter when using "Replace Data Source"

    15 votes
    We should be able to choose if we want to keep data source filter or not as options when we use "Replace Data Source".   Issue: In Client facing situation, it's very common to use "Replace Data Sources" function...
    Naoya Urata
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  • Zoom on sheets

    2 votes
    Hi!   Recently I was doing some scatterplots and my data were very dense in a certain point. To view them better I put the sheet on a dashboard and I made it larger so I could have a better look at my data. A th...
    Carlotta Fabris
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  • Data Source Filters for Web Authoring/Web Editing

    1 vote
    Web authoring is a fantastic feature for casual analysis, particularly for Explorers, but sometimes it is necessary to pare down the amount of data for the sake of relevance and performance.
    Ryan Cooper
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