• Auto create Charts

    1 vote
    We need to have an option to generate Create Charts automatically based on the Dimensions and Measures, including Statistical/Forecasting techniques. This will help to analyse the data better and helps to explore the ...
    Rajashekar PK
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  • Let me get rid of the "abc" placeholder!

    192 votes
    The title says it all.   If Tableau can't give me a standard, out-of-the-box "Data Grid" view then at the very least please allow me to remove the default "abc" label that displays on table views with empty meas...
  • Compliance Reports:Ability to download data in excel along with parameters used

    11 votes
    As a listed company, we have lot of reports which are used to perform SOX controls. When users export these reports from the system, they need to document the evidence like below 1. what parameters used, 2. what wa...
    Santhosh Kumar Loganathan
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  • Dropdown filter/parameter control size

    111 votes
    The idea is to implement the ability to change both box height and body font size for dropdown quick filters and parameter controls when they are inactive.   Currently, formatting the body font size for an dropd...
    Matt Hong
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  • Row height should have "can grow" feature

    477 votes
    Height increases to every row if I increase the row height. I like to have row height increase only if content is more. like "Can Grow" propertly in Crystal reports.   Thanks Reddy
    Venkata Kagitala
    created by Venkata Kagitala
  • Automatic Units scaling for Currency

    11 votes
    When working with measures, you might have seen units scale well for "Automatic" number format. It adapts well to different time periods chosen in your analysis and units scale up and down, accordingly K to M etc... &...
    Karthik Venkatachalam
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  • Add Dremio as a first class connector

    2 votes
    https://dremio.com is a fast data lake engine and a data federation tool that can connect to multiple sources.
    Naren S
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  • Publish Live Data To Server From Tableau Prep

    3 votes
    Let's discuss the proverbial elephant in the room. If I understand this correctly, it is currently impossible to publish live data to Server using Tableau Prep Tableau Prep - Live Data The only recommendation made in ...
    last modified by philip.watkinson
  • Dynamic Axis Labels

    414 votes
    Allow us to enter dynamically changing fields/parameters into the axis title:  
    Shawn Wallwork
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  • Allow parameters in Axis Titles, Legends, etc.

    111 votes
    I would like have parameters be able to be entered into Axis Titles, Legends, etc. so that when I have a parameter that swaps out my measures I can see the parameter value on the axis and in the legend.   This s...
    Dan Huff
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  • Different Columns Width

    1396 votes
    While I'd like to keep by default the current behaviour of column widths of text tables, it would be nice to also have the option to:   1. Fix the width of each column individually 2. Add a "Fit to content" opt...
    last modified by thierryjakircevic
  • Multiselect dropdown list to retract when clicked on Apply button

    31 votes
    When using Multiselect dropdown list it doesn`t retracts automatically when the selection is made. I have been told that this is the expected behaviour as Tableau does not know when the user has completed the selectio...
    Amanjot Klair
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  • Drop down quick filter list should close automatically after clicking Apply

    29 votes
    With current product when clicking on the apply or cancel buttons on a multi-select drop down quick filter, the drop down remains open by design and we have to click main view, or within the drop down selection box, t...
    Himanshu Garg
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  • Ability To Display A Quick Filter Horizontally Instead Of Vertically

    350 votes
    Makes it easier to move a filter to the bottom of a dashboard and view the options available while providing more space for a chart or table.     ************************************************************...
    Joseph Pirraglia
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  • Sort Date in Quick Filter - should obey default sort's logic

    36 votes
    What:  For any Date field "Default Properties -> Sort" should retain the sort at different level of date aggregation. Once a sort  logic is assigned it should be universal. Or at least provide the end u...
    Rahul Upadhye
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  • Proper string function - Proper()

    487 votes
    Hi,   It would be great if the developers can add a easily function - proper() function to capitalize the first letter of words. This is a basic function in almost all applications.   Many thanks, Minh &#...
    Minh Nguyen
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  • Allow changing the label of a dimension based on parameter value

    4 votes
    Similarly to this question, I would like to rename the column names based on a parameter value.   In the attached workbook, the dimensions in the "dynamic crosstab" can be changed using two parameters. However, ...
    Philipp Reiner
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  • Multiple Instances of Measure Names/Values Variable

    842 votes
    [This use to be a long post with multiple broken pictures (if memory serves) so I tried to delete it altogether, but once you have an Idea, Tableau won't let you delete it no matter how bad it is. So in protest I blan...
    Shawn Wallwork
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  • Street Address Geocoding for the U.S.

    57 votes
    We would love to have street address geocoding available within Tableau. Yes, we are aware that there are other products that do this (like Alteryx) but if mapping is a priority for Tableau, this seems like a must-hav...
    marshall greene
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  • Right-click-drag Measure Values into viz and get Measure Names filter dialog

    0 votes
    I have a suggestion to save clicks when using Measure Values object in a viz. I would like to get the Measure Names filter dialog when Measure Values is right-click-dragged into a viz.   Right now, right-click-...
    Aron Saläng
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