• Improve Quick Filter Title Formatting

    136 votes
    I would like to see more options available for editing Titles of Quick Filters (used on Dashboards).  In particular, the ability to ensure the Title Text is wrapped based on size of container quick filter sits wi...
    Jenny Hart
    last modified by Jenny Hart
  • Use table worksheet as a datasource

    477 votes
    There are plenty of times where I would like to use a table on a worksheet as a new datasource - perhaps there are some complex table calculations that I don't want Tableau to recalculate, or that make the chart diffi...
    Alex Kerin
    created by Alex Kerin
  • Proper string function - Proper()

    507 votes
    Hi,   It would be great if the developers can add a easily function - proper() function to capitalize the first letter of words. This is a basic function in almost all applications.   Many thanks, Minh &#...
    Minh Nguyen
    last modified by Minh Nguyen
  • Apply number formatting inside a calculated field

    849 votes
    I need to be able to take numbers and apply number formatting to them based on the logic of my calculation.  The number formatting should be exactly the same as the "Custom" formatting that tableau does now. ...
    Russell Lamb
    created by Russell Lamb
  • Different Columns Width

    1411 votes
    While I'd like to keep by default the current behaviour of column widths of text tables, it would be nice to also have the option to:   1. Fix the width of each column individually 2. Add a "Fit to content" opt...
    last modified by thierryjakircevic
  • Only Relevant Values on Secondary Data Source

    470 votes
    It would be nice if when you blend two data sources, you could have the option to show "Only Relevant Values" on filters used from the secondary data source.  As it is right now (version 8) if you add filters fro...
    Karl Jensen
    last modified by Karl Jensen
  • Multiple Instances of Measure Names/Values Variable

    849 votes
    [This use to be a long post with multiple broken pictures (if memory serves) so I tried to delete it altogether, but once you have an Idea, Tableau won't let you delete it no matter how bad it is. So in protest I blan...
    Shawn Wallwork
    last modified by Shawn Wallwork
  • Limit the Measure Names that appear in Quick Filter

    429 votes
    I show the Measure Names Quick Filter so that Tableau Server users can select which measures to display. I only want to show them a selection of measures from the workbook, not all measures in use.   At this tim...
    Rebecca Sundquist
    last modified by Rebecca Sundquist
  • Field Analytics Export

    1 vote
    Provide Field Level Analytics in an exportable format (Excel, Google Sheets, CSV, Access etc) to aid Meta Data Publishing and Decision Making specifically during Transformation Projects or Report Building.   I a...
    Gavin Britton
    last modified by Gavin Britton
  • Add the ability to configure Axis Settings as part of the Default Properties of a Measure

    1 vote
    With Measures, we can set a fair share of default properties such as the number format, Color scales etc.   I would love to be able to set default settings for my axis settings, such as: -Whether or not to show...
    last modified by mortenbodaugaard.jrgensen
  • Data Connector that supports REST API/URL that returns JSON data specifically

    0 votes
    customer doesn't want complexity of having to create Web Data Connector and maintains that most publishers of web based data sources publish with a simple URL and return JSON formatted data. We should provide this kin...
    Craig Bartel
    last modified by Craig Bartel
  • Providing COALESCE and DECODE features in Calculated Fields

    12 votes
    Hi,   In SQL, we have functions named : COALESCE and DECODE.   COALESCE : It evaluates the arguments in order and returns the current value of the first expression that initially does not evaluate to NULL...
    Rachel Chacko
    last modified by Rachel Chacko
  • Ability To Display A Quick Filter Horizontally Instead Of Vertically

    354 votes
    Makes it easier to move a filter to the bottom of a dashboard and view the options available while providing more space for a chart or table.     ************************************************************...
    Joseph Pirraglia
    last modified by Joseph Pirraglia
  • Dashboard Watermark Draft Image

    22 votes
    Automate the process of adding background image on dashboards. In today's version you can add Background images that you display underneath your data in order to add more context to the marks in the view. When you add...
    Lori Sullivan
    last modified by Lori Sullivan
  • Have multiple Calculated Fields windows open at same time

    26 votes
    Usually if you're editing one calculated field and need to open another calculated field, the most recently opened Calc Field forces the earlier Calc Field to be closed.   Sometimes it would be great to have mor...
    Arno Grigorian
    last modified by Arno Grigorian
  • radius-function for maps created in tableau

    14 votes
    What is your idea? Please implement a radius-function for maps created in tableau! This functionality would also be very helpful in a mobile version, when e.g. sales persons are onside and would like to see what is ...
    Maximilian Ernst
    last modified by Maximilian Ernst
  • Export to PowerPoint using JavaScript API

    26 votes
    Tableau released the capability to export a workbook as a PowerPoint file in the Tableau Server 2019.1 release. However, the ability to export a workbook isn't available through custom code by using the JavaScript AP...
    Binit Kumar
    last modified by Binit Kumar
  • Default Date Parameter to "Today"

    16 votes
    Please add a checkbox on the Edit Parameter pane for Date Parameters to set the default value to today's date ( Today() ) for all allowable values.   This is such a common requirement for enterprise reporting an...
    Judi Stewart
    last modified by Judi Stewart
  • Support TIME data type of SQL Server

    67 votes
    I m using Tableau Desktop. I connect to Microsoft SQL Server Table that uses the TIME data type for 2 fields Cstarttime and Cendtime. Now it may be either TIME (m/d/yyyy) or DATETIME (m/d/yyyy h:m:s) When I connect ...
    tim daly
    last modified by tim daly
  • Quick Filter, Parameter, Etc. Formatting on Dashboards -- Apply to All (NOT by originating sheet)

    46 votes
    Couldn't find a similar idea, but I realized when I format quick filters on a dashboard, only some of my filters get the applied formatting.  I realize now that this is because some of my quick filters originate ...
    Matt Lutton
    last modified by Matt Lutton