• Multiple Instances of Measure Names/Values Variable

    841 votes
    [This use to be a long post with multiple broken pictures (if memory serves) so I tried to delete it altogether, but once you have an Idea, Tableau won't let you delete it no matter how bad it is. So in protest I blan...
    Shawn Wallwork
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  • Street Address Geocoding for the U.S.

    57 votes
    We would love to have street address geocoding available within Tableau. Yes, we are aware that there are other products that do this (like Alteryx) but if mapping is a priority for Tableau, this seems like a must-hav...
    marshall greene
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  • Limit the Measure Names that appear in Quick Filter

    419 votes
    I show the Measure Names Quick Filter so that Tableau Server users can select which measures to display. I only want to show them a selection of measures from the workbook, not all measures in use.   At this tim...
    Rebecca Sundquist
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  • Right-click-drag Measure Values into viz and get Measure Names filter dialog

    0 votes
    I have a suggestion to save clicks when using Measure Values object in a viz. I would like to get the Measure Names filter dialog when Measure Values is right-click-dragged into a viz.   Right now, right-click-...
    Aron Saläng
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  • Adding the "Alt-Click" functionality to dashboard actions

    3 votes
    Have you ever been authoring a dashboard in Tableau desktop with dashboard filter actions and you accidentally click where did intend to and now your dashboard filters which is not what you wanted? Happens all the tim...
    Sean Miller
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  • Different Columns Width

    1396 votes
    While I'd like to keep by default the current behaviour of column widths of text tables, it would be nice to also have the option to:   1. Fix the width of each column individually 2. Add a "Fit to content" opt...
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  • Conditional Formatting of Measure Names/Measure Values

    1433 votes
    A common request in the forums is to be able to apply conditional formatting of Measure Names/Values, in other words something that approaches what MS Excel can do. Users have come up with various workarounds, includi...
    Jonathan Drummey
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  • Sankey and Jump Plots

    10 votes
    It'll be great to have a way to generate a sankey/jump plot (a chart that communicates flow) natively in Tableau...something like a Sankey Show Me.   I know creating Sankeys can be done using data densification ...
    Farris Husseini
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  • Hierarchy Filter

    530 votes
    What Allow hierarchies in single and multiple values quick filters.   Why Having options ordered by categories reduces the cognitive load for users when they choose what to filter. It also reduces the number ...
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  • Group Measure Names

    587 votes
    Often I have a need to create header fields that group measures in my crosstab reports (see below). This could be accomplished in an easy to understand way by allowing users to create group fields on "Measure Names". ...
    Mark Jackson
    created by Mark Jackson
  • Default Value for Quick Filters

    801 votes
    To set the default value for quick filters. E.g. could be according to last value or according to a sort.   My use case is that I have time-series data to which I refresh extracts regularly and new time periods ...
    Nathan Schofield
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  • 'IN' Operator equivalent

    800 votes
    I would like an equivalent to the SQL 'IN' operator.  Currently the only way to compare a list of values is by using an OR operator.  This is very cumbersome when comparing a large list of values.   For...
    Stephen Smirl
    created by Stephen Smirl
  • Apply number formatting inside a calculated field

    840 votes
    I need to be able to take numbers and apply number formatting to them based on the logic of my calculation.  The number formatting should be exactly the same as the "Custom" formatting that tableau does now. ...
    Russell Lamb
    created by Russell Lamb
  • Horizontal Scrollbar on tables

    In Review
    1429 votes
    I often have large tables that exceed the width of the screen. While these are not for analysis/consumption, they are used as a staging point to create a new datasource. Sometimes I need to check the far right columns...
    Alex Kerin
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  • Have the availability to search for field in data source window

    6 votes
    It would be great to have the availability to search in the data source window for fields (similar as it is available in the data pane in worksheets or as it is available for sheets and data source names in the data s...
    Eugenia Kis
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  • Advanced Relative Date Options

    95 votes
    The 'Relative Date' filter is a wonderful tool, but limited by the way it is anchored, forcing users to either switch to 'Range Date' filters or build numerous calculated fields as workarounds to display data exactly ...
    Tyler Glenn
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  • Calculated fields - exportable list for auditing

    157 votes
    One of my colleagues suggested this idea.   The problem: My colleague has a workbook with a lot of calculated fields which all use similar formula, but different measures. He discovered that the template formul...
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  • Add Calculation Function: PRODUCT

    43 votes
    The Product function (in Excel) simply multiplies a set of numeric values.    In the finance industry at least, this function is commonly used to calculate total growth (or return) for a series, which can ...
    last modified by thomasminnick
  • Swap Primary and Secondary Data Sources

    45 votes
    I like to have the ability to swap a primary data source with a secondary data source for data blending in a workbook.  Currently, I have to rebuild the worksheet and bring in the secondary source first.  Th...
    Al Robinson
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  • Display all values of a dimension in a worksheet title

    73 votes
    When there are more than 3 values for a discrete dimension in the view or a dimension used as a Quick Filter, Tableau changes the title to "item 1, item 2, item 3 and N more" as in this view from Superstore Sales: ...
    Jonathan Drummey
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