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Today's Viz of the Day is a Companion Planting Web from William Strouse! "Growing your own food is a simple way to live a more sustainable life. This user-friendly guide will help you distinguish between flora friend and foe" This Viz is inspired by Tableau Community Founder Joe Mako's handoff-map.






+ We are switching things up and are moving the Community Digest to a monthly post instead of a weekly post. We love that this has become a trusted resource for some, but we are not seeing the same level of engagement or views that we used to so we are taking some time to re-evaluate the focus of this post and how it can be most helpful for our community. If you have any thoughts or feedback please comment below - we would love to hear your thoughts!


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+ Are you studying for your Tableau Certification? If so, we recommend reading up on these fantastic tips by Christine Reitmann: Becoming a Tableau Desktop Specialist and Marie Le Bars: Pass the Tableau Desktop Certified Associate Like A Boss


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Top-Voted Idea


Our top-voted idea this week is Apply number formatting inside a calculated field from Russell Lamb - This idea was updated this October with a note from Tableau Community Manager Ciara Brennan: "We are investigating this feature request and if you have use cases that can't be solved with calcs, please reach out with your feedback to Tableau Product Manager  Thomas Nhan at tnhan@tableau.com"


Thank you for all the new votes and comments! Please reach out to Thomas with your feedback. We need your help to continue to make these improvements!


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Most Talked About Thread


Our most talked about thread this week was Re: Need month parameter that covers two years. Kristin Fitzpatrick shared: "I have two different sets of dates (both covering 2017-2018) that I want to control with a single "month" parameter formatted as a list of months. The catch is, I want the month to include data from that month in both 2017 and 2018." There were 17 responses on the thread and Forum Ambassador Jim Dehner came through with the solution! Thank you to everyone who participated on this thread!


Community Highlights


We have tons of updates from Tableau Ambassadors and Zen Masters this month! With the Community Digest moving to a monthly cadence rather than weekly you can stay connected with most of our community champions on Twitter. Here are links to lists from the Tableau Twitter to follow all our Tableau Ambassadors & Zen Masters! Once you give them a follow say hi! We're here to stay connect and help everyone grow and learn


+ Tableau Ambassador Adam Crahen and 2x Zen Master Pooja Gandhi released a new course on dashboarding on Plural Sight. Check it out here: Building Effective Dashboards with Tableau Desktop


+ Social Ambassador Sarah Bartlett published a blog post which summarises the #IronQuest #SportsVizSunday collaboration: Iron Quest Sports - Recap


+ Public Ambassador Joshua Smith shared A guide to Tableau Conference for the Invisibly Ill (and their friends)


+ Zen Master Joshua Milligan has another brilliant Tableau Prep resource - this time for all you IoT lovers: Tableau Prep Tackles Nest Thermostat Data


+ Zen Master Bridget Cogley has shared a post "What Makes a Legend?" Reflecting on the amazing life, standout career, and enduring impact of Kelly Martin. Thank you for sharing this, Bridget.


+ Also from Bridget Cogley, she shared an updated recruiters guide to finding Tableau talent, "Hiring Tableau Talent in 2019: The Machine Learning Edition for LinkedIn Recruiters"

+ Zen Master and lead for Tableau's Server & IT Admin User Group Mark Wu has shared a great summary and slide deck for 2019.3 server feature demo: Tableau 2019.3 Server Features : Encryption at Rest, Data Management Add-on and Server Management Add-on


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Happy prepping, vizzing, and analyzing!