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As we wrap up July I thought I would highlight a few of our #sportsvizsunday visualizations. To start it off, let's take a look at this viz brought to us by Simon Beaumont. Here, he breaks down the 2019 Wimbledon's Men's Singles Final between Federer and Djokovic. Check out the viz to see how Simon effortlessly uses data to tell the story of the match.


In keeping with the tennis theme, Simon also compiled an excellent viz on both women and men Wimbledon Champions of the open era. Check out the viz to see which countries and players have dominated tennis for the past 50 years.





Did you miss last week's webinar with Tableau Zen Master Adam McCann? He showed us how visual analytics can bring to life the patterns encoded in music. If you did miss it, no need to worry. Head on over to our on-demand version of the webinar to watch it in your spare time. You can view the on-demand webinar here Visualise Music Patterns with Data  | Tableau Software.   


Stay up to date on all the music-related webinars we have coming up: Data + Music | Tableau Software and all other non-music, but DATA related webinars can be found here: Webinars | Tableau Software.





We have a big achievement this week, Forum Ambassador Zhouyi Zhang (ZZ) has reached 100,000 points on the forum. Just the second member to do so, we are thrilled to have ZZ reach this milestone! Big Congrats to you ZZ and thank you for all your support on the forums. For those reading, be sure to give ZZ shout out and some thanks!


Joe Oppelt & Jim Dehner are neck and neck to be the next to cross the 100K threshold. Who will be the first to do so?


I'd also like to congratulate Jonathan Sherman & Sander Binda for having 50 of your answers marked helpful! This earned you both the Helpful is My Middle Name badge. Thank you for providing content to the forums that so many users have found helpful. Keep up the good work!


If you would like to learn more about forum badges and how to earn them, check out this page: Points, Levels & Badges



Top-Voted Idea


The most popular idea in the Community Forums Ideas space this week comes from Adam Freeman and was originally posted in Jun, 2016. This idea is to allow Allow Server Administrators To View As Other Users. Check out the idea https://community.tableau.com/ideas/6100 which received 9 new votes last week, bringing the total to 452 for this feature! Keep sharing and voting for ideas that you want to see added to the Tableau products.


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Most Talked About Thread

Last week's most talked about thread was submitted by Scott Carman on July 24th. Titled YoY Calc, Scott was looking for help on creating a year over year calculation with a fiscal year that begins in October and ends in September.


The post received 16 replies and a correct answer. Thank you Kelly McGrady for coming in with the right answer to help Scott.


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Community Highlights


+ Sarah Battersby latest blog post is a can't miss read on Converting Geohash to Lat/Lon in Tableau Prep 2019.3 with TabPy. Sarah digs in to how to use the new Python integration in Tableau Prep Builder 2019.3.1 (still in pre-release at the time of the blog) to geocode data sources to point lat/lon locations in order to map them easily in Tableau.


+ Yvan Fornes shared his latest viz on Land Cover | Natural vs Artificial Lands, which showcases how changes in land cover and land use are among the leading contributors to terrestrial biodiversity loss.


+ Craig Bloodworth has a new version of the Export All extension for Tableau.


+ Python & R support in Tableau Prep v2019.3 (currently in beta) is going to going to enable a whole lot of new use cases. Robert Carroll has a “return a value from a prior row to the current row” Python script that will enable multi-row formulas: https://community.tableau.com/docs/DOC-23322


+ Last but not least, check here for a non-exhaustive list of blog posts and other resources for using Python integration introduced in Tableau Prep v2019.3 (in beta as of 29 July 2019). Thanks to Jonathan Drummey


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