I was out yesterday, Monday the 22nd, and so I am bringing you the Digest a day late but definitely not a dollar short. I wanted to highlight an awesome viz that caught my eye this week as I have always been somewhat fascinated with the Zodiac signs (not the killer kind) and find myself looking into the stars at night when I escape to our more rural parts of Washington. In this viz from Hesham Eissa we explore the various Zodiac Constellation as well as providing some history and information surrounding the symbolism of each.


Without giving out my actual birthday, I am a Pisces, and it seems quite fitting in some ways. I am a true Seattle-ite and have always been extremely comfortable in and near water.


(I believe I have mentioned my birthday before in a previous Digest before, so you can go hunting for this factoid if, but no more hints than that! Well, you can start the hunt here(ok, that was the last hint): Getting Started in the Forums)





Adam McCann is presenting a webinar coming up this Thursday at 6:30 AM PST about his infamous Beatles viz! This was one of the first vizzes that really sparked the light bulb in my head about how much can be done in Tableau! Register for the webinar here: Visualise Music Patterns with Data  | Tableau Software


Stay up to date on all the music-related webinars we have coming up: Data + Music | Tableau Software and all other non-music, but DATA related webinars can be found here: Webinars | Tableau Software a





We are excited to recognize a powerhouse in the Forums this week. Branden Kornell achieved the coveted "Questions for Breakfast" badge in the Community Forums, which is earned for having 25 replies or more marked correct in the Forums!


Cheers to you Brandon! We hope we will get the chance to meet you at Tableau Conference this November and we can connect on all things Community!


If you would like to learn more about forum badges and how to earn them, check out this page: Points, Levels & Badges



Top-Voted Idea


Our Top-Voted Idea this week comes from Stephen Smirl created the idea originally in 2012, receiving 782 total votes over its lifetime as well as 9 votes for the last week! The idea 'IN' Operator equivalent has had dozens of comments and support from the Tableau Community. Continue to share your feedback with the team so they can better our product.


* You will need to have a community forum login to vote, comment, share ideas, or post in the forums. Follow this link to create your own profile: Join the Community Forums!


Most Talked About Thread

This Week's Most Talked About Thread was Last Year to Latest Quarter Sale Difference by Chaitanya Kulkarni.  In the post Chaitanya shares, "I'm trying to calculate last year (2017) sales minus current year (2018) quarter (Q4) sales difference." The thread evolves from there with 16 comments so far and a handful of people contributing. Follow the link above to read the thread and add your comments or learn along with the rest of us. We hope to see a resolution and correct answer on this soon!


Community Highlights


+ Tableau Zen Master Ken Flerlage has a brand new blog post out for users' wanting to learn about the various ways to connect to MongoDB to Tableau, 4 ways to be exact! Check out the full blog post on Ken's blog here:


+ The ever-talented Bridget Cogley has a new piece about "Data and the World in Which I Live." up now and takes us on a journey on how she interprets data in everyday life. Check out the new post here:


+ Zen Master Joshua Milligan has a new post that plays off last week's "Python in Tableau Prep: simple useful scripts" (linked below) with a new piece: Python strikes again! More Python scripts for Tableau Prep


+ The Viz Chic has a brand new blog post about AnsweringTough Questions that you might find yourself asked. I definitely am going to bookmark this one myself for future reference!


+ Python in Tableau Prep: simple useful scripts | VizPainter. Also check out this post from Tom Christian on Python with a different use case here: TabPy + Prep == <3 (yellow heart)


If you ever want to see your work highlighted in our weekly digest feel free to email or tweet at me @Data_Diplomat_


Happy analyzing everyone!



Patrick Byrne