Welcome to the Community Digest, #DataFam!


This week we want to celebrate all the incredible Data + Music vizzes we are seeing! Music is a part of our identity. It defines us and unifies us. Data + Music is a collection of visualizations from the Tableau community highlighting the data behind the music we love. Turn the volume up with the most powerful and flexible analytics platform for your data.


Have you seen this incredible (ie: ridiculously amazing) collection of vizzes?! Check out the Tableau Public Gallery here: Data + Music Viz Gallery | Tableau Public The best thing about this is it applies to EVERYONE! No matter where you're from, what language you speak, what you feel your level of experience is, or what genres of music you are into - all of us have felt the rythym of a song, heard a lyric you couldn't get out of your head, or been carried away by a melody. Music (along with math) is my favorite universal language! For real - go check out the gallery! It's amazing.


In honor of the best CMO Tableau has ever had, here is a Tom Petty Viz by Karen Hinson! Elissa Fink, this one is for you






+ Have you had a chance to check out the 2019.3 Beta yet? Tableau Product Marketing Senior Manager Ryan McShane put together a great blog breaking down the leading new features. Check it out here: Explain Data, Tableau Catalog, and Project McKinley now in beta | Tableau Software.


If you want to connect with our developers directly we encourage you to get involved with the Tableau Pre-Release + User Research Community! This site fosters direct collaboration between the Tableau Development team and our customers and partners throughout the product development lifecycle. Tableau Pre- Release + User Research programs let you evaluate, experience and provide feedback on emerging ideas and new product capabilities. Again here is the link: https://prerelease.tableau.com/welcome/




We are excited to celebrate two strong contributors in the community forums this week! Data School Alum and Viz Whiz Diego Parker earned both the "Help one, help all!" badge for having 100 of their answers marked as helpful, and the "Question Slayer" badge for having answers marked correct 50 times. These are massive contributions and we are so appreciative of your support of the forum, Diego, thank you!


Second up we have Data Monarch (1ok+ total points!) Paul Wachtler who just earned an "Answer Wizard" badge for having answers marked correct 100 times! Paul has only been a forum member since September 2018 and has blown us away with his contributions.


Cheers to you both! We hope we will get the chance to meet you at Tableau Conference this November and we can connect on all things Community!


If you would like to learn more about forum badges and how to earn them, check out this page: Points, Levels & Badges



Top-Voted Idea


Our Top-Voted Idea this week comes from Brad Earle, Change datasource on one worksheet and not others. The idea was originally posted back in 2012 and has 581 votes to date and 72 comments. It doesn't look like there has been any engagement on the idea from our developer team so we are working on connecting with the proper product manager to make sure they are aware of the recent activity. If this idea is relevant to your work - or if you want to add a comment we encourage you to log in and share your feedback.


* You will need to have a community forum login to vote, comment, share ideas, or post in the forums. Follow this link to create your own profile: Join the Community Forums!


Most Talked About Thread

This Week's Most Talked About Thread was Last Year to Latest Quarter Sale Difference by Chaitanya Kulkarni.  In the post Chaitanya shares, "I'm trying to calculate last year (2017) sales minus current year (2018) quarter (Q4) sales difference." The thread evolves from there with 16 comments so far and a handful of people contributing. Follow the link above to read the thread and add your comments or learn along with the rest of us. We hope to see a resolution and correct answer on this soon!


Community Highlights


+ Tableau Zen Master and User Group Ambassador Simon Beaumont shared that the July SportsVizSunday challenge is live! The challenge runs until the end of July and is being hosted by fellow Zen Master Rob Radburn. Simon shared that they've already seen one VOTD and would love to see the community submit lots of amazing Tableau Public vizzes! Here’s the link to the data: Tour De France - dataset by sportsvizsunday | data.world


+ Forum Ambassador Jim Dehner recently had the opportunity to present "Mapping - Dots, lines, shapes and more" to the graduate level Marketing Analytics class at Baldwin Wallace University in Berea Ohio. He took the group beyond mapping basics in to navigating with maps and using maps for visual impact. Thanks for the update and great work Jim!


+ Zen Master and Social Ambassador Eva Murray put together instructions on how to build a Voronoi diagram in Tableau. She also included the steps for modeling the data, as well as a dummy dataset of 1000 records so people can build their own version. Check it out here: Controlling space in football - Exasol


+ Zen Master Bridget Cogley put together a post on where I think data viz falls between art and science: Art, Science, or Something in Between.


+ Zen Master Joshua Milligan has a new post covering some simple, but useful scripts using Python in Tableau Prep 2019.3: Python in Tableau Prep: simple useful scripts | VizPainter. Josh also shared that Tom Christian has another Python post with a different use case here: TabPy + Prep == <3 (yellow heart)


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Happy prepping, vizzing, and analyzing!