Happy Monday Tableau Community!


As the newest member to the Tableau Community team I must first say that I am in awe of all the amazing data work being created and shared by all of you on the community forums. All of you are what makes this space so special. Thank you for being a part of our #DataFam!


In case you missed it, I am sharing one of my favorites from last week’s viz of the day series. This one is on UFO Sightings in America. Created by Natalie Miteva, you can check out this and other vizzes she's put together. They not only look great but have some really interesting stories to tell. Personally, I have never seen a UFO but I do keep my eyes to the skies in the hopes I might catch a sighting.





The Tableau Mobile App is getting a redesign! The app is expected to be released to the iOS App Store and the Google Play Store in the coming weeks so keep an eye out for it to drop. For any questions or feedback you may have, join the conversation around the redesign.


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Tableau Ambassador nominations are open! Nominate the data heroes in your life that you want to lead the Tableau Community Forums! Check out all the details on the Tableau blog here: Nominations are now open for 2019 Tableau Ambassadors, Introducing Student Ambassadors! | Tableau Software





As we do every week, I wanted to take the time to acknowledge some of our shining stars of the past week. KALPIT GOYAL has achieved the "Helpful is my middle name" badge! Geraldine Zanolli, Madhuri Tanniru, & Tanusri Sarkar all earned the "I love helping!" badge last week. Thank you all for contributing to the forum and continuing to make this space a great place for learning and development!


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Top-Voted Idea


The most popular idea in the Community Forums Ideas space this week comes from Stephen Smirl and was originally posted in Aug, 2012. This idea is about adding an equivalent to the SQL 'IN' operator. Check out the idea https://community.tableau.com/ideas/1500 which received 6 new votes last week, bringing the total to 766 for this feature! Keep sharing and voting for ideas that you want to see added to the Tableau products.


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Most Talked About Thread


Our most talked about thread this week comes from Community Forums member Data Rules who posted this thread first in June 26th at 4:55 PM Pacific Time. To date, there are 15 replies to the thread! Be sure to check out the thread if you are interested in learning How to hide a value from a FILTER without filtering out any data.


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Community Highlights


+ Zen Master Eva Murray is hosting a webinar on football (soccer for the Americans) analytics in Tableau with Exasol on July 3rd at 3pm BST. Register for the webinar here: https://www.brighttalk.com/webcast/16939/362568


+ If you missed last week's #ThinkDataThursday hosted by Zen Master Ken Flerlage, be sure to check out the on-demand playback in our YouTube Channel - Think Data Thursday & Talk Data.


+In case you missed it last week, Anya A'hearn's blog post on Feeding the screen-time beast with shifting mobile metrics is a truly enthralling read. Learn from one of the best on how you can build mobile dashboards that serve up relevant content that is engaging, useful, and quick to digest on the go.


If you ever want to see your work highlighted in our weekly digest feel free to email community@tableau.com or tweet at us @tableausupport. You can also tweet at me personally at @StephenmOnline.


Happy vizzing!


Stephen Munoz