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Welcome back for another installment of the Tableau Community Digest! Big announcements today from Tableau today:

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Please read more about the Tableau Community from our CPO Francois Ajenstat: Tableau Community, Meet Salesforce and the Trailblazers | Tableau Software

A note from Adam Selipsky: Salesforce Signs Definitive Agreement to Acquire Tableau

See the press release here: Salesforce to Acquire Tableau




+ Release of the ODBC connection for Tableau Prep, this was Community submitted idea that has been released to the world check out the released idea here:


+ #ThinkDataThursday is coming up on June 20th! Get excited for Ken Flerlage and his first #TDT. More details to come soon!


Check out the recorded webinars at the Tableau playlist - Think Data Thursday & Talk Data - YouTube



Top-Voted Idea


With 9 votes this last week, we have our currently trending and the top-voted idea of the week, Proper string function - Proper(). This idea comes from Minh Nguyen and has received 445 votes. Our team has brought this to the attention of the Tableau Product Managers and will request they add any updates directly to the idea:


Most Talked About Thread


The most talked about thread this week in the Tableau Community Forums for this week's digest comes from a new user in the Tableau Community Forums charith madhuranga about filtering a view within a respected month.

Check out this amazing thread: Filter respected month value only without any aggregation


Community Highlights

+ Going to TCE? Sarah Bartlett has a brand new blog post out with her "Top Tips for Tableau Conference Europe #Data19". Check out the full blog post here: Top Tips for Tableau Conference Europe #Data19


+ Jonathan Drummey is yet again dropping some knowledge on the team with an update to a Tab Wiki document originally created by Patrick Van Der Hyde in the Tableau Community Forums going into the differences of Windows_Sum() vs Total() in Tableau. Check out the document here: TOTAL() vs WINDOW_SUM()


+ David Pires sits down with Jonathan Drummey and talks about his work in Zambia and Tableau. Check out the full interview here:


+ Come on down for a chat with the team about release with Craig Bloodworth and Jonathan MacDonald to talk about the stand out features of Tableau 2019.2! Check out the recording of the chat:


+ Chart Chat, Round 6: Two data viz experts duke it out, live (June 11) with Jeffrey Shaffer and Steve Wexler who are coming together for the battle over the good, bad, and ugly of data visualizations. Do not miss this awesome opportunity to see two titans tango in this webinar. Register today:


+ Jeffrey Shaffer also posted a new blog on mapping styles and vector maps. The amazing Allan Walker assisted with reviewing this blog post as well. This is definitely not one to sleep on!


+ With yet another amazing contribution, Jeffrey, also has released Volume 15 of Quick Tips for Tableau:


+ Do you like sports? Do you like to make vizzes? (Of course, you do!) So why not combine them both with Sports Viz Sunday? A great way to combine the power of data with the passion of sports. The most recent data set helps focus on the upcoming Women's World Cup! Check out the data set and share your creations:


+ Take a dive into 2019.2 with Bridget Cogley in the new blog about minimalist maps with Mapbox in Tableau! Check out the blog post here:


If you have any feedback or suggestions for our Community team, we would love to hear from you at


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