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The Community Digest comes a day later than usual as I was unfortunately out sick yesterday, but I am back today and bringing you this jam-packed digest! First, we have our results for the firs Iron Viz global qualifier, the Iron Viz 2019 Agriculture Results! The winner is Joshua Smith who really went deep into the analysis of farmland in the United States. My father's family is originally from a small town in South Dakota, which besides being the home to Mount Rushmore and the Black Hills, is mostly a flat farming state. It made this Iron Viz


Dashboard 1 (2).pngThe viz created by Josh is extensive, to say the least, but one of the most interesting pieces is showing the land that is used for both pasture and crops(pictured to the right). Having some knowledge of the area from my family I definitely knew that there was a lot of double use of the land in South Dakota which this data confirmed this theory. Nothing better than confirming long-held thoughts or theories with data! Have you ever confirmed a theory or thought of yours using data?




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+ Our Tableau Senior Product Manager Harveen Kathuria is still looking for your feedback on exporting to Excel and table visualizations. Please take 5 minutes to take her survey: Exporting to Excel and Table Visualizations


Top-Voted Idea


Our Top-Voted Idea this week is from Stephen Smirl. Originally posted in 2012: 'IN' Operator equivalent has received 10 votes in the last week and 739 total votes showing support of this feature to be added to Tableau! As mentioned in the idea itself, the new edition of the 'Set Actions' feature does resolve a few use cases of the 'IN' Operator equivalent. Click for more information on Set Actions.


Thank you to all those who have voted for this idea! Please continue to share and encourage others to vote to show support for this feature.



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Most Talked About Thread

The most talked about thread this week already has 12 replies, several coming from Joe Oppelt and being marked helpful by the poster.  In Shafi Hadimani's they asked the following(quoted below): * Link to the original post found here.


Hello All,

   I have a data set in which there  is a list of trainings which the engineers have to do.

All, the engineers have not done all the trainings. For example, if there are 10 trainings then Engineer A has done only 3 and Engineer B has done 6.

I would like to know which are the 7 trainings which Engineer A has not done, similarly the 4 trainings which has not be done by Engineer B.

Attached is the excel sheet

Welcome to the Tableau Community Forum, Shafi and as always, thank you, Joe, for being so helpful!


Community Highlights

+ Tableau Zen Master Ken Flerlage has a new blog post out An Introduction to Data Densification. This a great way to get your feet wet in data densification which can be, you guessed it, a fairly dense subject.


+ Zen Master Anya A'hearn shared there is an upcoming SF TUG featuring the IBM Weather Company! Register today to save a virtual seat for yourself or your team. Do you have an internal group of people working with Tableau? Book a conference room and watch the webinar together!


+ Zen Master Klaus Schulte posted a new blog about creating Step Area Charts in Tableau that is definitely one that you will want to read. Check out the post here: https://vizjockey.com/2019/05/15/step-area-charts-in-tableau/


+ When are two maps better than one? Found out, with this fresh blog post from Zen Master Neil Richards about tile maps.


+ Zen MasterJeffrey Shaffer has a couple of new blogs for us this week, Sankey Diagrams: Why I Used the Sigmoid Function and Why You Probably Shouldn’t and Mapping Paths in Tableau 2019.2. Starring on the Datasaurus Rex podcast, Jeffrey Shaffer, also talks about the contributions made to Sankey diagrams he has made and their history within Tableau.

Note: 2019.2 is still in Beta and available through the Tableau Pre-Release program.


There is always a ton to share or highlight, it can be hard to capture it all! If you ever want to see your work highlighted in our weekly digest feel free to email community@tableau.com or tweet at us @tableausupport


Happy prepping, vizzing, and analyzing!


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