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First off I'd like to share a really interesting article published by Eva Murray in Forbes on the importance of color in data visualizations. Eva talks about how colors sets the tone and reinforces a message for the underlying visual display. The article made me think a bit more about the color design within Tableau, and the different color palettes used. If you're interested to learn more about the science behind color and visual design principles, there is on-demand webinar that you can access HERE.

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Next up, congratulations and thank yous are in order for some of our top contributors over the last week! Thanks to Naveen B for 30 answers being marked as Helpful, to Ken Flerlage for 18 answers marked Correct. To Zhouyi Zhang and Mahfooj Khan for crafting Responses that garnered 3+ Likes. Well done folks, thank you so much for everything you do in the Forums

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One of the more popular Ideas recently is #6100 Allow Server Administrators to View As Other Users. This idea was created three years ago and now has 400 Votes. You'll notice that Michael Hesser has kindly provided a workaround for this topic. However if this Idea is of interest to you, please add your votes and comments. 


Now that the 2019.2 Beta is available, we're excited to switch the status on a number of Ideas, such as ....


#1370  Force Server users to reset passwords

#1528  Tableau Server Enterprise deployments - Additional Password Policy controls

#7197  Tableau ONLINE Usage Stats

#4123  Traditional Chinese User Interface (Desktop, Prep and Server)


Our top viewed thread this week - with over 1500 views - is a question from Rachel Nichols re. Calculation help. Fantastic contributions on this thread from Ewald Hofman, Robert Breen and Kaz Shakir.


A quick reminder that if you'd like to help tackle our Unanswered Questions, please check out the Crow's Nest. You're welcome to search for specific topics you are an expert in and help answer questions from fellow Tableau Community members! Crow's Nest

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Lastly if you have any questions or suggestions for the Community Forums team, we would love for you to reach out - we're all ears!

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