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This week I wanted to share a viz created by David Velleca about the rise and fall (based on dollars of revenue) of the various formats that we consume music in. Starting back with 8-track and vinyl back in 1973 and taking us to modern day with streaming services and other platforms. One interesting takeaway and something that helps support my theory about vinyl regaining popularity increasing over the last decade is how the sales revenue of vinyl declined all the way through 2007 until 2008 when it began its climb back up! Having collected vinyl all my life I had noticed a trend in its popularity but it is something I have neglected to prove with data. But luckily David has done it for me!


Check out the viz below and the rest of David's awesome gallery on Tableau Public: Tableau Public | David Velleca






+ Our Think Data Thursday with long-time Tableau Forum Ambassador Joe Oppelt took place last week! Joe discussed how to utilize sheet swapping to make your dashboards pop! Check out this link in the forum for details Think Data Thursday: How to utilize Sheet Swapping to make your Dashboards Pop - March 14, 2019 A recording of the webinar will be uploaded to our playlist here: Think Data Thursday & Talk Data - YouTube


+ Tableau Conference 2019 site is up! Check out the site and get excited for the biggest #DataFam party out there. It will be my 4th year attending the conference, and each year is bigger than the last! There is no other event out there quite like Tableau Conference. It is part music festival and part business conference. Where you can get down with a Tableau training, talk or workshop and then get down on the dance floor with some awesome artists at the Data Night Out! Check out the site: https://tc19.tableau.com/ Share your conference journey or excitement with the hashtag #Data19!


+ 2019.2 is in beta! Vector maps, parameter actions, new Ask Data functionalist and more! Check out the blog with all the exciting details from Tableau Product Marketing Specialist Emily Chen here: Now in beta: Vector maps, parameter actions, and new Ask Data functionality | Tableau Software.


We’re working hard to get Tableau 2019.2 out the door, but we need your input first! We invite you to give us feedback so we can identify any issues and ensure the highest quality for these new features. Features included in beta and in the final version of Tableau 2019.2 may change over time as we complete beta testing. Join the Tableau pre-release community today! Tableau Pre-Release Programs | Tableau Software



Most Talked About Thread

+ Our most talked about thread this week had 18 replies has a solution posted! Jon rios asked for some assistance on the use of KPI labels in Tableau, KPI labels for colors only shows 1 option, we have several replies from our phenomenal Tableau Community Forums members and some potential solutions shared by Robert Breen. Thanks for helping out your #DataFam Robert and thank you for posting in the Community Forums Jon!


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+ The top voted idea this week is Allow Server Administrators To View As Other Users, created in 2016 and has 395 votes! The idea was created with the thought of being able to evaluate user permissions throughout an organization. Do you like the idea? Sign into the Tableau Community and up-vote it to show support! Don't forget to share the idea with other #DataFam who would also love this feature.


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+ Ken Flerlage, Tableau Zen Master, has a new blog post up about teaching you how to make radar charts in Tableau! Ken is a true Tableau Viz Wiz and has tons of awesome posts on his blog. Check out the latest about Radar Charts here: https://www.kenflerlage.com/2019/03/radar-charts.html


+ Want some reasons to enter the Iron Viz competition? Check out the new blog post by Sarah Bartlett on her blog Sarah Loves Data and check out some of her other amazing posts. Share your reasons for entering Iron Viz in the comments!

+ New episode of the Tableau Wannabe Podcast is up! This episode is featuring Chantilly Jaggenauth a Tableau Zen Master! Listen to her talk about how she first started with Tableau and the amazing #MAD program. More information on MAD can be found here: Millennials and Data | Program Benefits  Listen here: The Tableau Wannabe Podcast: 192 - Chantilly Jaggernauth


+ The #LondonTUG has a new blog post up highlighting some amazing things from their last meeting. Watch the presentation by Mark Jewett, head of Product Marketing at Tableau.


+ Lorna Eden 's #WorkOutWednesday's challenge to add a custom sort control spired a new blog post from Klaus Schulte showing how he created his custom sort control. Check out the awesome blog from Klaus here: Custom Sort Controls in Tableau!


+ Don't miss your chance to respond! Courtney Jacobson on Tableau's Customer Solutions team has shared a poll in the forums to help improve and evolve the certification program. This survey is limited to those who have already completed their Tableau Desktop Qualifies Associate exam. If that is you - we would love to head from you. Please contribute here: Planning to level up? If you are new to Tableau or you would like to learn more about our certification exams you can read all about the process, the exams, take training, and register for your exams here: Certification | Tableau Software


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