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Welcome to the first Digest of March - the month that brings us Spring daffodils, March Madness and of course St. Patrick's Day

This week I'd like to share a fantastic post by Jim Cox, our Product Manager for Tableau Mobile. Tableau Mobile:  Redesigned App Coming Soon The redesigned app brings lots of welcome improvements to the browsing experience and offline access.

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Our CTO Andrew Beers recently announced a new Engineering blog for R&D. Check it out here: Announcing our new Engineering Blog for research and development | Tableau Software I particularly liked the blog by Mia Dubose on how to make Sprint reviews more visual.


Why not visit the Community's one-stop-shop for all things Tableau Public , feel free to jump in to answer questions, share tips on how you created your Vizzes and vote on the Ideas.

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Most Talked About Thread

One of our most viewed threads this week is a question from Yun Jing on making Gantt bars for financial data. Some great inputs by Zhouyi Zhang and Robert Breen to help address this. This thread is worth a read as its always nice to see great collaboration between Community members How to make Gantt Bar for Financial data?


Top Voted Idea

The top voted idea from last week is #1411 Apply number formatting inside a calculated field. Good news is that Idea #7197 is now marked Beta, so if you'd like to try out Tableau Online Admin Insights for yourself, check it out here - we welcome your feedback

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Community Highlights

Some of our members that have joined within the last few months are really moving through the ranks and providing great contributions. So big thanks and shout outs to Manoj Lobo (Data Cowboy level), Claire Smith (Data Wrangler level) and Tatiana Hernandez (Got Data level).


As a reminder, the actions to receive points are outlined on this page Points, Levels & Badges


TC Europe is coming up soon (17-19 June), and if you'd like to hear more about it why not dial in to the live webinar on March 7th (10-10.30 GMT)


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