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Welcome to another amazing week in the Tableau Community! This is such a vibrant and diverse community that it is truly a pleasure to be a part of and I love to see the continuous development and improvement. Recently, two of my loves combined, Tableau and my love for the one ring to rule them all! I am talking about the Lord of the Rings (LOTR) of course. This was one of the few books I read completely through that was not either mandated by schooling or was not focused on historical events or self-development. I rarely get engrossed by a fantasy book, But LOTR was a different story and kept me engaged the entire time. So what does this have to do with Tableau? Well, in my recent professed love of LOTR over Twitter, I was shared a couple awesome vizzes that I knew I needed to include them in my Tableau Community Digest. From James Smith, better known in the Twitter-verse as @sportschord shared the "The Lord of the Rings Story Line" viz. Another great LOTR viz is the takes a different route through vizzing middle earth and our favorite trio of hobbits. Creating what Ken Flerlage calls the Middle Earth Facebook. Both amazing vizzes! Check them out below:









Top-Voted Idea


An old one, but a good one, the top voted Community idea this week is Apply number formatting inside a calculated field. This is to allow users to format their text used inside a calculated field in Tabeau. An example of this would allow users to modify the given format of a view depending on a parameter selection.


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Most Talked About Thread


The most talked about thread comes from EKENE ODIGBOH about Urgent Not actually, this was merely a title as Ekene needed some quick assistance on reproducing a heat map. The Community Forums was quick to help to provide examples of the desired heatmap using the packaged workbook attached in the original post. Don Wise was very helpful working through some iterations with Ekene, helping provide an understanding and achieve the desired results.


Have you helped out in the Tableau Community Forums? Check out the Tableau Crow's Nest for unanswered posts in the Community Forums: Crow's Nest



Community Highlights


+ Tableau Ambassador Mark Bradbourne has an amazing new blog out that looks at how sometimes we need to take a step back and bust out the old fashioned pen and paper. Check it out here.


+ Next level storytelling with the Tableau Extensions API written by Zen Master Merlijn Buit has just been released! Definitely, do not want to miss out on this amazing blog found here.


+ Pablo Gomez, a Tableau Ambassador, has a new webinar out for our Spanish speaking Tableau enthusiasts and aspiring data rockstars! The webinar can be found here.


+ Our Think Data Thursday occurred last Thursday! Tableau Zen Master Bridget Cogley gave an amazing talk about dashboard designing for your end user! Check out the #ThinkDataThursday playlist on YouTube with the latest Think Data Thursday from Bridget and all past #TDTs!


If you have any feedback or suggestions for our Community team, we would love to hear from you at community@tableau.com


Happy analyzing!



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