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Welcome to the weekly Community Digest! The Academy Awards are coming up this weekend. Check out this visualization about the highest grossing Actors of All Time while you wait to see who gets this year's golden statues. Samuel L. Jackson with 108 movies throughout his career is the real deal.  Thanks to Ryan Sleeper Twitter:@ryanvizzes.  See his blog and related post here:  https://viz.fyi/BLOCKBUSTER


+  It was a big week here at Tableau 2019.1.1 with Ask Data and the much requested Tableau Prep Conductor.   Amanda Boyle has a post with links to all the information you need to get up and going with these new features.  Read here: Natural language and data prep at scale arrive with Tableau 2019.1


+ Speaking of 2019.1.1 - Zen Master David Murphy has a video showing what Ask Data is and it's benefits.  What is Ask Data in Tableau? #Tableau #AskData - YouTube



+ Our next Think Data Thursday is this Thursday, February 21st with Tableau Zen Master Bridget Cogley titled Think Data Thursday: The Logic of Dashboards - Designing for the Whole Picture - February 21st, 2019 8:00 AM Pacific . Register here: Webinar Registration - Zoom


Top-Voted Idea

The top voted idea in the Community this week is one the request to "Show SQL".  This idea does have a few different solutions to utilize for finding the SQL sent to data sources so be sure to read the comments on page two and visit this KB article: https://kb.tableau.com/articles/howto/viewing-underlying-sql-queries-desktop      Your votes and comments are welcome on all Ideas so be sure to visit Ideas.


Woot! Did you notice that an idea created way back in 2012 by Shawn Wallwork has a status change to "Planned".  The idea Ability to Disable the One-Click Sort is now in planning.  Persistence and 771 upvotes votes are making this request a reality. Thank you for your votes and comments. Keep your eyes out for this hitting Beta soon.  


Most Talked About Thread


Community member Caitlyn Garger brings us this weeks most viewed thread on the topic of Normalization/Standardization.  Caitlyn's question is about normaling two different lines to better understand the relationship of the values when the axis minimizes the value/impacts of one of the lines.  Aurélien Vautier contributes a reply suggesting the use of a dual axis to better show the two lines and user Tim Dines shares a more detailed view utilizing a few other aggregation models and the use of shapes with commentary in the visualization.  Finally, Michael Hesser suggest even a few more options to compare the lines as well as methods to swap between different views.  The community provided all of these replies within a couple hours of the original post.  Thank you Aurelien, Tim and Michael.


Community Highlights

+ Zen Master Eva Murray authored a blog article about the top 7 skills for data analysts that you can read here: Top 7 Skills You Need To Have As A Data Analyst


+ Zen Master Ken Flerlage has created a new blog article on how to create gradient effects  on bar and area charts.  Ken loves taking Tableau to the next level so be sure to check out his blog. https://www.kenflerlage.com/2019/02/gradient-colors.html


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