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Welcome to another installment of our weekly digest on all things community from Tableau. Tableau Director of Evangelism Andy Cotgreave recently shared, Best of the Tableau Web: Celebrating 6th year anniversary and TC18, marking the 6th anniversary of these incredible round-ups. This one is worth a read + a share. We hope you enjoy all the incredible community content!


The mic has been dropped on using Tableau Set Actions by community member Lindsey Poulter. Her incredible blog, Add Bar Charts into Drill Down Table with Set Actions, was in heavy rotation on Twitter a week back, so just in case you missed here is a snapshot. Again, definitely worth a read and re-tweet:

Screen Shot 2018-11-26 at 5.25.08 PM.png




+ Our community - and the data viz community at large - is getting together this week for Tapestry Conference! Tapestry, taking place in Miami this Thursday and Friday, is an event designed to advance interactive online data storytelling. Tapestry brings different viewpoints together with the goal of generating a rich conversation about data storytelling. This two-day conference includes keynotes, short stories, discussion, and a demo theater designed to provoke ideas and discussion across disciplines. If you are planning to attend but have yet to register here is the link: Register for Tapestry.

Every one can follow along with #tapestryconf on Twitter.


+ TC18 in New Orleans is barely behind us and we are already looking forward to seeing our #DataFam again at TC Europe in Berlin, 17-19 July, 2019! Join your fellow data lovers in Berlin, Germany at the Estrel to celebrate all things Tableau. Learn as much as your brain will allow with hundreds of hours of breakout sessions, hands-on-trainings, and one-on-one consultations with Tableau Doctor. Be inspired to do more with your data while networking with like-minded peers, then cap the week with thousands of your friends at Data Night Out. Register by 8 February and save €300 off the full ticket price of €1300.


Most Talked about Thread


This week we heard from Maite Fernandez Huergo with our most talked about thread: Data get mixed with my sheets! The conversation has 10 replies going so far with Forum Ambassador Norbert Maijoor. Maite is facing some common troubles faced by many new to Tableau - and new to the Community forums, "I'm having a problem with my sheets and data. I have one excel document for each worksheet (tableau), but 2 of my worksheets use the same excel document, even if I tried several times to change the source of data. This is driving me crazy!" -- We feel your pain Maite! Thank you for working with Norbert to come to a conclusion. We hope you are able to solve this soon. Please update your thread and mark it correct once solved.


Many new to the forums might miss this great resource: Getting Started in the Forums. Check out our 'Required Reading' section + Packaged workbooks: when, why, how and Resolving Issues in the Tableau Community. Join the conversation on this thread and let us know if these resources are helpful - or if there are any more we should highlight.



Top Voted Idea

Back at the top on our dashboard for Most Voted Ideas from the previous week we see Control what displays in View Data from 2012 we are now up to 1212 votes on this idea. As I shared on the thread back in October, "Please be assured that our development team is aware of this idea and we have discussed this. The last time we chatted I remember it not being on the roadmap but will continue to share feedback on this." Your ideas - and your votes on ideas - are communicated to our development team so please keep it up. We will share updates on feature requests as they become available and we encourage you to let us know what you want to see across the Tableau platform through our Ideas Forum.


* You will need to have a community forum login to vote, comment, share ideas, or post in the forums. Follow this link to create your own profile: Join the Community Forums!


Community Highlights


+  Mark your calendars! Tableau Ambassadors Mark Bradbourne, Chantilly Jaggernauth, and Sarah Burnett are revealing what the community has chosen as the #11th BI Trend. You won't want to miss it: https://tabsoft.co/2qT8z3n Ds-PLUYWwAEddlL.jpg


+ Visualising the passing of 2 time Premier League and World Cup winner N'Golo Kanté (possibly the nicest player in the world) with Tableau Software, Tableau Public Ambassador Ravi Mistry shares a new viz inspired by Peter Silvester and Nicholas Feltron


+ Extensions - launched in July, 2018 - remain    hot topic. Tableau Zen Master Christopher DeMartini shares his thoughts on the good and the bad of the Tableau Extensions API + highlights the four extensions he has been able to develop to date. Give it a read here: Extensions for Tableau


+ Back with another fresh post, first year Zen Master and frequent Tableau forum contributor Ken Flerlage shared a blog about building a visualization of wind roses, which was inspired by a conversation he had in the Zen Garden at TC18. He shares, "On Thursday morning, I was hanging out in the garden and a gentleman mentioned that he’d been wanting to create a “wind rose” in Tableau (unfortunately, I have since misplaced his business card. If you were that person, please let me know so I can credit you properly)." Are you the missed connection? Please reach out to Ken on the forums or on Twitter and say hello!

That is all we have for this week! Do you have ideas, vizzes, events, or recognition of someone in the Tableau Community? Share them with the Tableau Community at community@tableau.com


Happy prepping, vizzing and analyzing!