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Tableau Conference is in full swing. Thousands of Tabloids are gathering together to talk data! For those that could not attend Tableau Conference in-person? Check out Tableau Live! Register to see the Tableau Conference keynotes and a curated list of sesssions.



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+ David Pires has an awesome new podcast on #TC18. Check it out on the interworks site: https://interworks.com/blog/interworks/2018/10/09/pyd68-tableau-conference-2018-with-david-pires/


+ Definitely check out TC Live! (linked above)


+ Think Data Thursday will be starting again soon! Check out all the past Think Data Thursdays on the playlist: Think Data Thursday & Talk Data - YouTube


Most Talked about Thread


The most talked about thread in the forums this week was Calculated Field Not Working Properly  posted on October 21st by Kashish Bhola. Mahfooj Khan was able to provide some information anda correct answer to the question about the calculated fied.


Top Voted Idea


The top voted idea this week is to https://community.tableau.com/ideas/1411. This idea was created by Russell Lamb and the idea has now being tracked by our Internationalization Development team. Karla Wagner is one of the members heading up the new Internationalization space!


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Community Highlights

Shout out to the below individuals for their contributions to the Tableau Community:


+ Mavis Liu has been awarded the Answer Wizard badge for having 100 replies marked as Correct by other members of the Community Forums.


+ The Help one, help all! badge was achieved by Don Wise for having a 100 replies marked as Hepful!


+ Achieving the Helpful is my middle name for having 50 replies marked as Helpful we have Suraj Kumar!


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