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Welcome to another installment of our weekly digest on all things community from Tableau. We are just four weeks out from TC18 in New Orleans and are looking forward to seeing so many of you! Are you still on the fence about attending Tableau Conference? Don't delay and register today: Register for Tableau Conference!

Will this be your first Tableau conference and you're unsure what to expect? Well we've gathered up a couple great tips & tricks blogs from members of the community to share. We bet after a quick read through these you will feel ready to join us in the Big Easy for a whole week of fun!

+ #TC18 ~ Planning for Before, During, and After the Conference from Tableau Social Ambassador Mark Bradbourne

+ Preparing for Tableau Conference 2018 #TC18 from Tableau Social Ambassador Sarah Bartlett

+ Tableau Conference Survival Guide 2018 Edition from Tableau Public Ambassador Curtis Harris - this one should not apply to any Tableau Employees at TC18

If you are looking for more check out #fontinola on Twitter and add your own tips & tricks for seasoned pros and first-timers alike.


Community member Jeremy Poole has posted a survey on Attendee Info for TC18. He is asking for people to, "Share your info to connect with peers who will be attending this year. Coordinate hotels/arrivals/common interests. Meet some new community members, and most of all...have a blast!"


He is showcasing our responses on this viz on Tableau Public:




+ Fanalytics is just one month away! Join us at TC18 for inspiring talks, important conversations, and community building. If you are new to the Tableau Community, Fanalytics is a fun and inspiring event where the community gathers to discuss data visualization, community initiatives and all things Tableau Public. This year, Fanalytics will take place on Thursday, October 25 between 2:15 PM and 5:15 PM Check out all the details on the Tableau Public blog here: Get ready for Fanalytics at TC18! | Tableau Public


+ On October 6th the Tableau Licensing Server utilized during the activation, deactivation, and renewal process of Tableau products will be moving to a new data center. If you rely on custom configurations of your proxy server or firewall please verify they utilize a configuration that will not be impacted by this move. Learn more here: Important: Tableau Licensing Server is Moving


+ Join the Tableau 2018.3 Beta Program today! This release brings heat maps, the easiest and fastest way to find a pattern in dense data, and more dashboard formatting options with transparent worksheets: https://tabsoft.co/2wETyWk


+ Tableau is excited to announce Citrix Endpoint Management and Microsoft Intune for Tableau Mobile using the AppConfig approach. Check the blog post from Rahul Motwani found here: Manage Tableau Mobile deployments with Citrix Endpoint Management and Microsoft Intune using AppConfig


Most Talked about Thread


The most talked about thread in the forums this week was Daylight saving in Tableau posted on September 18th by Ivan Varga. Data Analyst and Tableau Forum Ambassador Zhouyi Zhang shared some helpful support - but the question remains unanswered. If you have run into issues related to daylight savings in Tableau this is a great thread to contribute to. With daylight savings time ending on November 4th this is something to be aware of as that is just a few short weeks away. If you fond this thread helpful (or any others in the forums!) you can bookmark them once you are logged in to your account - just look for the 'Bookmark' icon on the top right.


Top Voted Idea


This week we saw 5 more votes for the well documented idea, Apply number formatting inside a calculated field by Russell Lamb form back in 2012. The idea now has 658 votes and is considered "active", which means we are watching this, but it is not on the product roadmap. In summary he stated, "I need to be able to take numbers and apply number formatting to them based on the logic of my calculation.  The number formatting should be exactly the same as the "Custom" formatting that tableau does now."  Fortunately for everyone who has commented on or up-voted this idea Ben Dubois share a workaround on August 7th, highlighted in the comments. Here is what he shared, "We hacked this today using this solution: We had an aggregate calculation using a case statement to display the proper variable, and one of the values needed two decimal places while the others needed none. Due to the formatting limitations we couldn't remake anything, so the solution was to use a small floating box with the proper decimal value placed over top the table value. Quick n' dirty & hopefully helps someone who is waiting for this feature and googles it. Won't work for automatic sizing though."


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Community Highlights


+ Tableau Zen Master Jeffrey Shaffer share a blog post on the Z-Order in Tableau. Check it out: Data + Science


+ Zen Master and Ambassador Adam Crahen - better known as half of the Data Duo - shared this blog: Visualizing Incomplete Time Series Data – The Data Duo


That is all we have for this week! Do you have ideas, vizzes, events, or recognition of someone in the Tableau Community? Share them with the Tableau Community at community@tableau.com


Happy prepping, vizzing and analyzing!