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If you have read my past digests you might have noticed that I love music, especially music Vizzes! This week I have seen a ton of amazing music inspired creations shared on Twitter and Tableau Public. My musical tastes vary widely from the Beatles to metal bands to well... I could list genres until my fingers fall off. I love all types, and forms of music. Although the way we consume, share, and buy music has greatly changed over the years; from Napster and Lime Wire to having every song at your fingertips (albeit with an internet connection). One thing that has persisted throughout the years is visual art in music. The creation of album art work, clothing, and posters for shows all have stood the test of time and continue to be staples of any band, DJ or performance group. This week I am featuring a blog by Bridget Cogley that analyzes the work of one of the greats from this part of the music industry, Paula Scher, and how her design process aligns with that of a Viz author's process.


Inspired to visualize music now? Neil Richards is here to help with his blog on How do we visualize music? That takes the Iron Viz theme of "water" a different route than most. Neil explored Handel's Water Music. This is an amazing blog with some very artistic and beautfiul Vizzes that analyze this amazing music. Want to know the greatest of all time (GOAT) of the music industry? Check out this Viz: G.O.A.T Music | Tableau Public




+ Tableau is excited to announce Citrix Endpoint Management and Microsoft Intune for Tableau Mobile using the AppConfig approach. Check the blog post from Rahul Motwani found here.


+ The 2018 Vizzies awards are here! As we approach the end of the year, we wanted to recognize the awesomeness of the Tableau community, beyond those who have been recognized by Tableau as Zen Masters. So without further ado, we present the 4th Annual Vizzies. We also have a new category for this year; Favorite Viz of the Year. This is you favorite among favorites. Perhaps it's informative and beautifully designed or resonated with you because of the story it told. Provide the link to the visualization and we'll award someone with the Favorite Viz of the Year. Nominations are open through September 30th, please submit award nominations here.


+  In addition, on October 6th, the Tableau Licensing Server utilized during the activation, deactivation, and renewal process of Tableau products will be moving to a new data center.  If you rely on custom configurations of your proxy server or firewall, please verify they utilize a configuration that will not be impacted by this move.  Learn more here: Important: Tableau Licensing Server is Moving


+ The Tableau Self Service team would like to hear from you about improving the landing experience for Tableau Server and Tableau Online.  #HelpUsHelpYou by visiting their online survey and answering a few questions.




Congratulations to Maneesh Gaddam for achieving his I love helping! badge. Which is awarded for having 25 questions marked as helpful by other users! Thank you Maneesh Gaddam for your contributions. If you receive help in the forums remember to mark answers helpful, or correct to give credit to contributors and those assisting in the forums.


Most Talked about Thread


The most talked about thread this week was posted by Manuel Ramos and is about a calculation error being experienced in Tableau Desktop. Expected type string, found integer.  Comparison in 'CASE' expression must be string type. The answer was provided by just under an hour after being posted to the Tableau Community Forums by Anisha Jhamb, thank you for supplying a quick response Anisha!


Top Voted Idea


The top voted idea for this week's digest which was originally created by Ketta n is Hierarchy Filter which is the ability of having mulitple value selection filters carry over their hierarchy structure from the data into the filter. (i.e. products would be broken down by their category etc...)




+ The first Tableau User Group is coming to Lisbon! David Pires and Nisa are helping start off the first ever TUG in Lisbon, do not miss this awesome chance to be on the ground floor, Tableau User Group - Lisboa Tickets, Thu, Sep 20, 2018 at 6:00 PM | Eventbrite


+ Ken Flerlage released the Part 2 of his blog series on SQL for Tableau. This blog post foucuses on combining data with SQL for analysis with Tableau. Do not miss this blog post SQL for Tableau Part 2: Combining Data - Ken Flerlage: Analytics Architecture, Strategy, & Visualization. Did you miss out on Part 1? Check it out now SQL for Tableau Part 1: The Basics - Ken Flerlage: Analytics Architecture, Strategy, & Visualization


+ If you have not seen it, check out the article from Marie at the Medium about her experiences with Iron Viz in Europe and Makeover Monday.  We encourage you to check out this great article here.


+ Recently Tableau released a brand new API, Tableau Extensions, many were excited to sink their teeth into this brand new and shiny tool. Toan Hoang has been experimenting with the Extensions API ever since it got added to our pre-release. To assist users with this new tool Toan has begun writing a 4 part series for creating a Tableau Extension. Creating a Tableau Extension / Part One - Tableau Magic


+ Zen Master Bridget Cogley has published part 2 of her data ethics series article here: https://www.tableaufit.com/paper-rock-scissors-ethics-how-we-make-decisions/


+ There is still time to contribute to the conversation.   In advance of Lorna Eden & Sarah Bartlett's TC18 talk "The A-Z of the Tableau Community", they are asking for input from Tableau Community members on what the community means to you & how you first got involved. Link to survey: Tableau Community Survey.  Please consider taking part and sharing your thoughts.


That is all we have for this week! Do you have ideas, Vizzes, events, or recognition of someone in the Tableau Community? Share them with the Tableau Community at community@tableau.com


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