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Welcome to the Community Digest! Each week share highlights on some of the great things happening across the Tableau Community - with a spotlight on the community forums. If you are keen to learn more about getting started in the Tableau Community I suggest you create a profile and help answer questions in the community forums - follow the Tableau Ambassadors and Zen Masters on Twitter - take part in Makeover Monday - find inspiration on Tableau Public - and join your local (or a virtual) Tableau User Group! You may not know this yet - but if you made it this far you are already a part of what makes this community so special! We are all here to help each other make connections so we can see and understand data. Thank you for helping us spread the data love and being a part of what makes Tableau so special!


How do you feel about Dirty Data? Recently Tableau CMO Elissa Fink asked some kids their thoughts on clean vs. messy. If you haven't seen the video series (or supporting GIFs & Tweets) I suggest you head over to YouTube and check them out now: Kids Explain Data - YouTube





+ Join the Tableau 2018.3 Beta Program today! This release brings heat maps, the easiest and fastest way to find a pattern in dense data, and more dashboard formatting options with transparent worksheets: https://tabsoft.co/2wETyWk


+ This Thursday our very own Community Forum Ambassador, Simon Runc, will be presenting a Think Data Thursday session on Actions - one of the most powerful features in Tableau! Learn more about Simon and register at this link: Think Data Thursday - Lights, Camera...Action! with Simon Runc - September 6, 2018 - 8 AM PDT


Zen Master Hall of Fame member Andy Kriebel and Social Ambassador and Zen Master Eva Murray will be running a Tableau careers webinar series starting September 6th. This series kicks off with a webinar about how Tableau Conference can be used as a career springboard. There will be 6 weekly webinars with two presenters each, talking about their Tableau jobs, what they love about their work, how they got there and what they recommend to the audience from their own experiences.  Check this out here - Webinars | Makeover Monday - Do you have your ticket to Tableau Conference yet? Do not miss out on this chance to join thousands of data rockstars in this great city! Get your tickets now.


+ Has your local Tablaeu User Group participated in the Tableau Viz Games? This year we challenge our user groups to build a Viz that showcases the magic of New Orleans. Contact your local user group to participate and make sure to get the entry in by September 28th at 3PM PT! Find out more about the Viz Gamse here.




This week we are celebrating a couple great milestone! Naveen B has received the Answer Wizard badge, which is received after 100 people have marked your answer 'Correct', both ali twaij and praveen kumar earned their Calc Contributor badges for creating documents in the Workbook & Calculation Reference Library, and meenu choudhary earned the Help One, Help All badge for achieving 100 "helpful" votes!


Most Talked about Thread


The most talked about thread this week remains unanswered: Need to display dot(.) in place of 0 asks, "All my measures are in FLOAT. I have a dimension with multiple measures. I need to display dot(.) in place of 0. For example: I have country, sales,target and quantity. all my measures are in float. I need to show dot(.) where zeroes are getting displayed." The thread has seen 17 replies and some really incredible engagement, but remains unanswered. Can you help Koushik Neelakantha find a solution?


Top Voted Idea


With over 5,000 active ideas in the forums it takes a lot for one to rise to the top. This week we see former community forum Ambassador and Zen Master Shawn Wallwork's Multiple Instances of Measure Names/Values Variable coming in with 8 new votes to a grand total of 732 votes. Shawn's idea states, "Allow us to create multiple instances of the Measure Names and Measure Values variables so we can assign groups of measures to one axis and a different group of measures to another axis. This would allow us to have a multi-measure line chart laid over a multi-measure bar chart without needing any Custom SQL wizardry." - Do you agree? If so, head over to the forums to up or down vote.
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Community Highlights


+ Zen Master and frequent forum contributor Ken Flerlage just shared part 1 in a developing series on SQL, focused on Tableau users - SQL for Tableau Part 1: The Basics Ken series of blog posts, "will attempt to provide a primer to SQL, with a specific focus on Tableau users." - This is one worth subscribing to if you are hungry for resources on SQL. There is also an ongoing thread on this topic on Ken's Twitter. Join the conversation!


+ In advance of Lorna Eden & Sarah Bartlett's TC18 talk "The A-Z of the Tableau Community", they are asking for input from Tableau Community members on what the community means to you & how you first got involved. Link to survey: Tableau Community Survey


+ From Tableau Public Ambassador Rajeev Pandey: "One aspect of data visualization we all have been discovering over the years is that when we talk about data visualization we often think that the choice of which graphical representation to use is the most important one to make. However, deciding what to visualize is often equally, if not more, important, than deciding how to visualize it. The goal of this visualization was to engage readers in finding and telling their own stories in the data. Special thanks to Neil Richards for this wonderful creation." Read more in Rajeev's blog!


That is all we have for this week! Do you have ideas, Vizzes, events, or recognition of someone in the Tableau Community? Share them with the Tableau Community at community@tableau.com


Happy prepping, vizzing and analyzing!