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Are you ready for Tableau Conference? It is one of my favorite events of the year where a thousands of data nerds, enthuasiasist and rockstars get together to discuss the latest in Tableau! As many are planning to stay in New Orleans for Tableau Conference 2018, some will be using the opportunity to stay a little extra time in the Big Easy and relax after the week of learning and networking. After staying in a hotel for a few days it is quite nice to change up their scenery and check into a cozy AirBnB. Possibly in the French Quarter or  Lakewood neighborhoods? Reed Boyden has put together this amazing Viz that has a ton of great information on all the different pricing in the various neighborhoods in New Orleans. Check it out below:




Do you have your ticket to Tableau Conference yet? Do not miss out on this chance to join thousands of data rockstars in this great city! Get your tickets now.





+ We are very excited to announce a new member of our Support Programs' Community and Social team, Ciara Brennan! Recently joining the team you should see her answering posts and assiting in the Community Forums. Here is a little about Ciara from her...


Bootcamp photobooth_1.jpg

My name is Ciara Brennan, and I started in Tableau at the end of July as a Program Manager for the Community. Previously I worked in Hewlett Packard in a variety of roles from Failure Analysis to Engineering to Customer Insights & Analytics. My initial background is in Chemistry, and then later, Technology Management. Earlier this year I completed a Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing, which I loved as I’m particularly interested in customer support through online and social.I started using Tableau when I was a Program Manager in HP, and I loved how with just a few dashboards it could really bring to life the key customer insights I wanted to articulate from my datasets.


I live in Leixlip, which is only 12 miles or so from Dublin (for any pop quiz fans out there, Leixlip is the original home of Guinness!). I’d love to say I’m super sporty running 5K’s and hiking mountains, but I’m more of a gym twice a week type of person! I enjoy gardening, interior design and cooking (having said that though I probably enjoy eating out more given some of the results I’ve had from following along with Jamie Oliver recipes!!)

I’m excited to be part of the Tableau team and I really look forward to getting involved in the Community.


Feel free to get in touch to say hi!


- Ciara




+ Our very own Community Ambassador, Simon Runc, will be presenting at our next Think Data Thursday about Actions, one of the most powerful  features in Tableau.  Learn more and register here: Think Data Thursday - Lights, Camera...Action! with Simon Runc - September 6, 2018 - 8 AM PDT


Speaking of #makeovermonday, Andy and Eva will be running a Tableau careers webinar series starting September 6th.  This series starts off with a webinar about how Tableau Conference can be used as a career springboard.  There will be 6 weekly webinars with two presenters each, talking about their Tableau jobs, what they love about their work, how they got there and what they recommend to the audience from their own experiences.  Check this out here - Webinars | Makeover Monday


+ Has your local Tablaeu User Group participated in the Tableau Viz Games? This year we challenge our user groups to build a Viz that showcases the magic of New Orleans. Contact your local user group to participate and make sure to get the entry in by September 28th at 3PM PT! Find out more about the Viz Gamse here.




This week we would like to recognize three shining stars of the Tableau Community for their contributions. Andrew Bickert achieved the "Helpful is my middle name" badge for having 50 of his answers marked as helpful by other Communtiy Forums users. Both Ankit Bansal and Srinidhi Narayan both achieved "Questions for Breakfast!" badge for having 25 questions marked as Correct! Thank you all for your amazing contributions!


Most Talked about Thread


Carolina de Mello e Souza is a user experience designer at Tableau and took the "Most Talked about Thread" title by storm this week. Asking for feedback on the way customers are using dashboard containers in workbooks. There is some amazing back and forth that can give somwe insight into the future of dashboard containers. Read up on thread and add your comments!


Top Voted Idea


The top voted idea this week in the Tableau Community Forums Ideas space. The idea is an old one that the development is taking very seriously, Control what displays in View Data, the team is still working on this. The idaea was submitted on February 22nd, 2012 and has been our top voted idea for several weeks.


Community Highlights


+ Rodrigo Calloni recently released a guide for Tableau in Portuguese! Share with your counterparts in your Brazillian office so they can leverage the power of Tableau. Check out the new guide here.


+ David Turley created this amazing new blog post on Interworks about Transforming Data in Tableau Prep, do not miss this awesome post. Another amazing post from Interworks comes from Robert Rouse about Making a Packed Circle Grid in Tableau


+ A new Interworks blog on Making a Packed Circle Grid in Tableau was written by Robert Rouse.


That is all I have for this week folks! Do you have ideas, Vizzes, events, or recognition of someone in the Tableau Community? Share them with the Tableau Community at community@tableau.com


Happy posting!


Byrne, Patrick


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