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Welcome to the Community Digest for the week of July 23rd.  I hope you are enjoying your summer and any vacations that you have lined up.  Have you visited Seattle, the home of Tableau HQ and where most of your community team forum administrators reside?  Trying to find just the right month to avoid the rain or maybe you want to come here and cool down from that hot summer in Texas.   Be sure to check out the visualization from Data Duo (Adam Crahen and Pooja Gandhi) before you plan that trip to find just the right time of year for your precipitation and heat expectations.  Maybe your city has a visualization related to temperatures and precipitation?  Search Tableau Public and if you don't find a viz, maybe the one here will inspire you to make your own.  Thank you to Pooja and Adam!! 


I want to be the first to welcome our brand new Tableau Community Forum Ambassadors, Deepak Rai, Mavis Liu, and welcome back Okechukwu Ossai.  Each of our Ambassadors has been a leader in the community forums providing

hundreds of helpful replies to questions for users just getting started to some of the most challenging and advanced questions in the community.  I want to thank each of them for their contributions and welcome them to the Ambassador club.



+ Have you wanted to up your game with Tableau but you don't have time to get away to full day training sessions with our Tableau training team?  Well Tableau Virtual Training might be just the thing for you. Tableau trainier,  Kristee Bingham provides an inside look at Tableau Virtual Training in the Tableau Blog this week.


+ We bring it up nearly every week because we it is our favorite event of the year.  Tableau Conference is the event where our community comes together to learn, share, and enjoy the company of each other.  Learn more about TC18 by visiting and come see for yourself: https://tc18.tableau.com/  



Most Talked about Thread

+ This week's most viewed thread covers a topic we see frequently in the forums, visualizing Month and Year to-date values.  This question was posed by Haan Haan and replied to by Mahfooj Khan with the use of level of detail calculations.   Ambassador Deepak Rai also contributed to the thread and then finally there were a few back and forth questions related to using parameters to adjust the selected date for searching.   Do you have a question related to Dates?  Be sure to search the forums as there are hundreds of

replies.  The community has compiled some very helpful resources related to dates in the FAQ:  Open & Close Dates and in the

Workbook & Calculation Library. Be sure to check them out.


Top Voted Idea


+ The top voted idea for this week is related to Tableau Prep.  Tableau Prep - add ability to schedule flows originally posted by Jennifer Vogeler and gaining votes every week.  Thank you for your continued engagement and votes! This idea has 615 votes at present.  Have you used Prep?  Let us know your thoughts by visiting the idea and voting up/down the idea.  We appreciate your comments and ideas about how to make each feature work best for you.


Community Highlights


As Amanda mentioned last week, the third and final feeder  for Iron Viz opens on Monday, August 1st and closes on August 28th. Check out this link for details!


+Do you ever get stuck trying to find the perfect viz type for your data?  Well this week, Zen Master Andy Kriebel is here to share his Visual Vocabulary   If you are new to Tableau or have been using it for years, you will find this helpful reference guide a time saver and go to guide for nearly any viz you can imagine.  Bookmark this page today and visit often.




Feel free to send submissions, suggestions, or comments to community@tableau.com


Have a great summer.



Happy Analyzing!