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Welcome to another week of the Community Digest! We hope that you have heard all the buzz about of annual conference being in New Orleans this year. Well, in addition to heading to the Big Easy, we are excited to share that the $200 discount price for #TC18 tickets has been extended another week! Register today to save $200: http://tabsoft.co/2NVirnR This expires on Friday the 20th so don't delay!


Are you new to the Tableau Community, or still on the fence about attending Tableau Conference? Tableau Ambassador and community veteran Gregory Lewandowski wrote this great piece for our blog: "I've been to 10 Tableau Conferences. Here's why I keep coming back." He breaks down the essentials + small things that make a big difference. If you're a newbie - or if you just have some questions - ping Greg on Twitter @lewandog and look for him in the Community area at TC18.





+ Tableau Prep 2018.2.1 is now available - click on that link to check out all the details + see what community ideas made it into the latest version of Tableau Prep

  • Enterprise deployments are a cinch with silent activation and deactivation
  • Union recommendations make it easier to align mismatched fields
  • Work directly with ISO 8601 dates in calcs.

We’ve addressed some of the top customer ideas with new connectors for:

  • Snowflake
  • Hadoop - Apache Drill, Amazon EMR Hadoop Hive, Cloudera Hadoop, Hortonworks Hadoop Hive, MapR Hadoop Hive, and SparkSQL

And we’ve made a lot of user experience improvements, allowing you to group data, set up more filters, and take actions on fields in the data grid.


Most Talked about Thread


+ Our most talked about thread this week comes from Hamza Alsalman on subtracting based on constant. Hamza shared, "I have a constant value for one date and I need to drag that value in its own column and populate all empty fields with this value. The value is retrieved by the following formula: SUM(IF YEAR([Prod Dt])=2017 then [Curr Bal Amt] END) I need this balance except for all dates >=2017 as I need to perform column subtraction. Thanks!" With 18 responses total the solution was found in just under a day by Deepak Rai. Thank you both for all your hard work!


Top Voted Idea


+ Once again bringing you our top idea Control what displays in View Data. Thank you for your continued engagement! This idea has 1145 votes at present and has been flagged to our dev team.


Community Highlights


+ Global Feeder #2 for Iron Viz just closed yesterday! Cheers to everyone who submitted an entry on the theme "Health and Wellbeing"

     We will all have to sit in suspense as the entries are sorted and the winners are selected. Best of luck to everyone! Your work is truly amazing.
     The third and final feeder opens on Monday, August 1st and closes on the 28th. Check out this link for details!


Feel free to send submissions, suggestions, or comments to community@tableau.com


Thank you all for making the Tableau Community so special!


Happy Analyzing!