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The Tableau Ambassador Program mission statement is, "To recognize members of the community who connect, collaborate and share with other people because they recognize the value of helping people see and understand their data." Do you know someone in the community that embodies that mission? Please let us know! Tableau Ambassadors are nominated by our

community and team members. If you would like to nominate a community member as an ambassador please fill out this form. We will be accepting nominations until next Friday, July 6, 2018. More can be read about the program on our site here - and the nomination blog here.



Iron Viz Global Feeder #2 is Open!

The second feeder of the 2018 Iron Viz Global competition is officially open. The theme is: Health and Well-being. Submissions are accepted until 15th July 2018 (11:59:59 p.m. Pacific Time). See the FAQ page for details on how to participate, and for eligible countries of residence.




+ We’re honored and humbled to announce the Community Founders Award—inspired by individuals like Michael Cristiani who embody the spirit of the Tableau community. The recipient will be awarded an all-inclusive trip to #TC18. Nominations will be accepted until Friday, July 27, 2018 at 12:00 PST.


+ Do you utilize static IP address values for accessing the Tableau Maps?  This is common if your company has a proxy setup for all internet requests. The change was implemented On June 15th, Tableau updated the value for these IP addresses and you will need to make the changes now.  Read how to make these change now: Important: Action Required to Continue Using Maps Proxy in Tableau


+ We are making changes to the look and feel of Tableau Help. To help us understand your current experience with Tableau Help, please take a second to provide your feedback: Please rate your experience when using Tableau Help


+ TC18 is coming up fast and we hope you can join us in the Big Easy! Learn more about Tableau Conference and register at this link: https://tabsoft.co/2qozvrl



Most Talked about Thread


+ Our most talked about thread this week comes from lashon gaines asking for assistance with: Date Calculations in Tableau 10.2 Aggregation Issue. Here is the issue shared in the forums, "I am trying to calculate the total entries in 2018 by the overall total entries for 2017 and 2018 and I am getting an aggregation error. I tried the sum/total and it did not work either. Can you please help? I am looking for the total number of plans by the last certified date 2018/ total overall plans in my dashboard which is dated from 2017 and 2018. I don't have an open and close date to go by I only have the last certified date which I use as the close date. " This post has 30 replies, but remains unanswered. Thank you to Deepak Rai for all your support on this thread! It seems like you are getting there - but can anyone else help? Please check out the thread to see where it landed and if there is anything you can add.

    + Please remember to always mark answers as "Helpful" or "Correct" as that truly helps the rest of the Community


Top Voted Idea


+ Same as last week - we are once again bringing you our top idea Control what displays in View Data. Now I have to wonder if this keeps showing up because it's in this recap - or if its still the hot button idea? Either way, we will inform the dev team associated with this and encourage a response on whether this idea is being considered for the future roadmap, or if there are any other details they can share. Thank you for your continued engagement! We hear you


Community Highlights


+ Community member Jonathan Schwabish and author of the blog PolicyViz put together a heartwarming tribute to founding community member Michael Cristiani: Episode #130: A Tribute to Michael Cristiani


+ Challenge Accepted: Tableau Evangelist and all around great guy Andy Cotgreave shared the following: "The Slightly Spooky Recamán Sequence. Anyone want to take on the challenge of building this sequence in #Tableau" on Twitter (this link). Zen Master Ken Flerlage and his brother Kevin were both up to the task. Check out Ken's recap blog post here: Two Approaches to Building the Recamán Sequence in Tableau.


Joshua Milligan & Bridget Cogley have an upcoming webinar on Tableau Tips and Tricks Round 2 this Wednesday, June 27th! Click on this link to register.


+ Zen Master Jeffrey Shaffer recently shared the post How to Make a Tadpole Chart and Other Charts in Tableau with Open Circles on his blog.


+ Zen Master Yvan Fornes shared: I'm happy to announce the winners of the EDHEC MBA & Executive MBA, data visualisation challenge organised by Amadeus IT Group and Tableau Software. I have been amazed by the visualisation they have done with an only 1 day training that I was honored to deliver. Among the 99 visualisations produced by the students, John Thierry Driver and myself selected 3 winners Zen Master:

1st: Devakumar Selvam Viz: https://lnkd.in/eiPe4ez 2d: Vikas Sharma Viz: https://lnkd.in/egAWuDR 3d: Scott Perry Viz: https://lnkd.in/eMy2x-7


+ Zen Master Adam Crahen, otherwise known as one half of the DataDuo, shared a blog post: Imagine Adventure Day – #DataKids recapping a visit he made to his daughter's school where he taught over 200 students from 2nd to 5th grade Tableau! Thanks so much to the Tableau Academic team for supporting this with temp licenses for the school lab.


Feel free to send submissions, suggestions, or comments to community@tableau.com


Thank you all for making the Tableau Community so special!


Happy Analyzing!