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As the first day of summer rapidly approaches (June 21st). Yes, I know. It is almost summer! Where has the time gone!? As the year flies by let us take a look back at this last year's flu season. For some of us it definitely seemed worst than years past. Now you have the data to prove it. The Viz below created by Andy Kriebel for a recent #MakeOverMonday looks at the flu seasons since 1997 to today. As we can see there were some significant years in the past but this last season that we coughed and ached through was definitely one of the worst. Check the blog post about the Viz below here: https://www.vizwiz.com/2018/06/flu.html









+ Do you utilize static IP address values for accessing the Tableau Maps?  This is common if your company has a proxy setup for all internet requests. The change was implemented On June 15th, Tableau updated the value for these IP addresses and you will need to make the changes now.  Read how to make these change now: Important: Action Required to Continue Using Maps Proxy in Tableau


+ We are making changes to the look and feel of Tableau Help. To help us understand your current experience with Tableau Help, please take a second to provide your feedback: Please rate your experience when using Tableau Help


+ TC18 is coming up fast and we hope you can join us in the Big Easy! Learn more about Tableau Conference and register at this link: https://tabsoft.co/2qozvrl




+ Congratulations to the following individuals for their amazing contributions to the Tableau Community. Peter Fakan earned his Question Slayer badge for having 50 "correct" posts. Another member we would like to recognize for their contributions is Mavis Liu. Mavis earned both the "Question Slayer" badge as well as the "Help one, Help all!" badge which is given for having 100 answers marked as "helpful" by a memeberof the Tableau Community.


Most Talked about Thread


+ The most talked about thread for last week comes from Lavy Friedman on Create field in 1 table based on a different table was posted on June 8th at 2 am with a response and marked correct answer by Bryce Larsen at 11 am. One of our top contributors, Mavis Liu  , for the past couple weeks also dropped a reply at the beginning of the discussion!


Top Voted Idea


+ Yet again! We bring you our top idea Control what dsiplays in View Data with being 1100 votes for the idea the Tableau Product Mangement team is actively working on this feature. Please keep sharing a voting the idea!


Community Highlights


+ There are a few spots left for the SFBATUG (San Francisco & Bay Area Tableau User Group) and their next presentation on Wednesday June 20th!


+ New Viz and blog about people looking down at their phones while walking around. The Viz looks at the breakdown of generations and gender of how people act when walking with their phone.


Joshua Milligan & Bridget Cogley have an upcoming webinar on Tableau Tips and Tricks Round 2 on Wednesday, June 27th! Click on this link to register.


+ Lorena Vazquez just put out an amazing blog about how the SLDC process does not work for analytics.  It requires a team approach of devs and users: It Takes a Village


+ Zen Master Christopher DeMartini shared this blog: Small Multiple Flows in Tableau including two Small Multiple Flow visualizations, built in Tableau, as part of this write up.


+ Zen Master Bridget Cogley shared this article from her blog: That First Link. Bridget shared, "Humans are social creatures.  It’s how we survived.  We’re wired to find tribes, to prize a sense of belonging.  It’s why community – however it’s defined by the group…"


+ Zen Master Ken Flerlage sent over musings about analytics and data visualization: 3 Ways to Pivot Data for Tableau. Enjoy!


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