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The 2018 World Cup is about ready to kick off.  Are you from a country with a team that is  not participating this year and looking for a way to learn more about the teams competing (hello USA)?

Investigate the teams participating in World Cup 2018 and learn where each teams members play professionally to help determine if England, Spain, Portugal or another country is the better pick to represent you this year.  Check out this great visualization posted earlier this week by the Germany based Institute for Game Analysis:











+ Do you utilize static IP address values for accessing the Tableau Maps?  This is common if your company has a proxy setup for all internet requests.  On June 15th, Tableau will be updating the value for these IP addresses and you will want to prepare now.  Read how to prepare and test for this change now here: Important: Action Required to Continue Using Maps Proxy in Tableau


+  As we mentioned last week, we are making changes to the look and feel of Tableau Help. To help us understand your current experience with Tableau Help, please take a second to provide your feedback if you have not done so already: Please rate your experience when using Tableau Help


+  Have you ever been to Tableau Conference?  TC18 is the DATA event of the year and you won't want to be left out.  You can learn more about why every Data Rockstar should attend Tableau Conference in this new post from Amy Barone  Learn more about Tableau Conference and register at this link: https://tabsoft.co/2qozvrl




Congratulations to Zen Master Ken Flerlage as he achieved the prestigious "Help one, Help all!" badge for 100 members of the community marking Ken's replies/posts as helpful. Joining Ken this week, Bryce Larsen received the "Helpful is my middle name" badge for 50 members acknowledging their posts as helpful.  Finally, Mavis Liu followed up last weeks 'Helpful is my middle name' badge by earning the 'Questions for Breakfast' badge received after 25 replies to questions have been marked as the correct answer.


Most Talked about Thread


The most talked about thread for last week from Rayvel Lopez titled Count each month greater than zero.   Rayvel posted a question seeking a LOD calculation to assist with finding a count of months with charge amounts greater than zero for the last year.  Wesley Magee jumped in with the first reply eight minutes after Rayvel posted his question.   Ambassador Joe Oppelt jumped in to remind Rayvel that posting a workbook helps the community better understand his data and question.  Rayvel added a packaged workbook file to the thread and then several other members of the community joined in to assist until Arvind Garg proposed a datediff calculation that looked at the difference in dates and the charge amount value in a single calculation.   Thank you to all that helped Rayvel.



Top Voted Idea


This idea ODBC connection for Tableau Prep was the idea with the most votes this week.  We welcome your votes and ideas on the direction of Tableau Prep.  Please be sure to categorize the Idea with "Tableau Prep" when adding new ideas.  Be sure to vote for your own idea and ask others to vote up your idea. 



Community Highlights


Andy Cotgreave has posted a recap of the Best of Tableau Web for May, 2018. This is a great way to catch up on many of the best and most helpful posts related to Tableau from May.


+  There is still time to register for the Tableau Prep webinar with  Joshua Milligan & Bridget Cogley covering Tableau Tips and Tricks Round 2 on Wednesday, June 27th! Click on this link to register.


+ Tableau's own Ed Barrie has posted a blog piece, How analytics helps cash flow management by uncovering key details to provide near real time view of your business.


+ Want to learn more about the Tableau Community and how to get involved, take a listen to the InterWorks Podcast Your Data podcast where you can listen to this weeks focus on Community with a few of our Ambassadors and Zen Masters followed by an interview with yours truly.


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