Hi Tableau Community!


This week I am writing from the great city of Dublin, Ireland, working out of one of our remote Tableau offices. Mainly hosting our awesome support team for our Tableau gurus in the European, Africa, and Middle East theatres.


Although I am writing from Europe this week. I wanted to highlight a Viz from about my home country that discusses a topic that is on everyone's minds in any rapidly expanding country. How are people going to afford to live in these rapidly changing areas with costs constantly rising no matter where you go. Chris Herron with help from The Eviction Lab created the Viz below that explores the evictions of US Households since 2001. Check out the rest of Chris' work and follo him on Tableau Public: Tableau Public| Chris Herron or follow him on Twitter, Chris Herron (@chrisherrondata) | Twitter .




+ Another phenomenal Viz I would like to share is one on European Public transport and rail stations. This amazing Viz was created by Daniel Caroli. Check out all his amazing work and follow him on Tableau Public: Tableau Public | Daniel Caroli


Metro Systems in European Cities




+ TC18 in New Orleans is coming up fast and we are just days away from a ticket price increase. Register by July, 13th to save $200! Learn more about Tableau Conference and register at this link: https://tabsoft.co/2qozvrl


+ Iron Viz Global Feeder is your chance to show off your Viz making skills and competing against your fellow Viz authors. Check out the following Tableau Public page for more details! Iron Viz Global - Feeder 1 | Tableau Public



+ Application deadline has been extended to April 22nd. Do not miss the chance to speak at one of the most amazing conferences in the world!  Apply to speak at conference here: Tableau Call for Speakers


+ Project Maestro Beta #4 is under way! Try it out today by joining the Beta Program: Project Maestro | Tableau Software  If you are already in Project Maestro beta join the Community Group.




+ Recognizing one awesome Tableau Community member to achieve the amazing achievement of the "Helpful is my middle name" badge in the Tableau Community. RAHUL SINGH was able to achieve this awesome badge this last week! Thanks for all your contributions Rahul they are greatly appreciated.


Most Talked about Thread


+ The most talked about thread for last week is Filling in select states on a map if no records exist in data source which received a whopping 28 replies in just a week time. Scott Kailey created the question and has been receiving some excellent help from Tim Dines and Mike Mainzer nearly creating a solution to satisfy the requirements of the Viz.


Top Voted Idea


+ Our top voted idea this week was created by Alex Kerin back in 2012. Shading/Fill on background when None should be transparent with a total of 8 new votes it was the most voted idea last week. This idea is focused on the ability to set or modify the background color of a sheet in a dashboard.



That's all I have for this week! Feel free to send submissions, suggestions, or comments to community@tableau.com


Happy analyzing!