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DWftTKZVwAArFuX.jpgWe are in the third week of our celebration of Black History Month and are excited to be supporting Viz for Social Good. If you aren't familiar with the group here is a little backgroup: Viz for Social Good's mission is to empower nonprofits through data story. They help mission-driven organizations to promote social good and understand their own data through beautiful and informative data visualization. Check out their website to learn more: Viz for Social Good.


Viz for Social Good selected the civic technology organization Pollicy, based in Kampala, Uganda, to highlight for Black History Month. Pollicy is looking to celebrate the achievements that women have accomplished in the past, and highlight the opportunities that we have to support more women in leadership positions, and particularly, women leaders focused on women's issues. Curious to learn more and explore the data? Click this link to see all the details and to download the data set.


Learn more about all of the events available this month and get involved here: tabsoft.co/2FFEhGY


Remember to share your Vizzes with the world with #VisualizeDiversity on Twitter!




+ As was shared in the last edition of the Community Digest, we have selected a new group of Tableau Zen Masters! We want to take a moment here in the forums thank Tableau Forum Ambassador Shinichiro Murakami for his countless hours of support, and to congratulate him on becoming a Zen Master. Your dedication and discipline to responding to questions from the community is above and beyond what we ask from any of our ambassadors. We all appreciate the work that you do to keep the community, and our team of community managers and support, engaged and aware of areas where we can improve. As we have shared widely, the spirit of Tableau is our customers. We build software for the everyday person. By listening to and engaging with our community, we not only build better software, but ultimately a better company. Thank you Shin for embodying ethos of the Zen Master program as a teacher, master & collaborator.


+ Project Maestro Beta #3 is under way!   New features include quick cleaning for string fields, quick filters for date ranges, wildcard union for Excel, drag/drop to add a file connection and more.  Check out the Beta.  Sign up here and a member of our team will be in touch to support you.


+ If you are already in Project Maestro join the Community Group. This is open and welcome to the public!




+  We've seen a bit of a shift in the gamification this week in the community, with a massive number of new Vizitors (entry level), along with Dataprentices (level 3) and Data Wranglers (level 4). I want to take this opportunity to welcome you all to the forums and thank you for signing in! While getting new badges and being recognized for your achievements is great - what is important is that we as a community continue to support each other. We have heard from you that, "The Tableau Community will not let you fail." We hope you all agree, and we are excited to welcome new Tableau users and community members to the forums! This week we recognize all of you

And just in case you are curious about the badges and points, here is more info: Points, Levels & Badges.


Most Talked about Thread

Originally posted on February 15th by Greg Mooney he asked a question regarding, Create a calculated field to determine number of weeks selected in filter? Always quick to help, Tableau Forum Ambassador and newly appointed Zen Master Shinichiro Murakami responded just 10 minutes after the question went up! It took them to get on the same page, as you can see in the thread, but in between packaged workbooks and dozens of screenshots Shin and Greg were able to come to the correct solution. Cheers to your patience in troubleshooting!


Top Voted Idea

Community member Alex Kerin created the idea Horizontal Scrollbar on tables [RELEASED | 2019.4] back in 2012, and it remains incredibly relevant today, picking up 10 more votes in the last week.
This idea has come up before and has been elevated to our development team. We continue to read and share your feedback on this idea (and others) and want to encourage you to share specific use cases where this is impacting your work.


+ Keep voting, creating and sharing Tableau Community Ideas that you want to see in the next version of Tableau. Our Beta program is another great way to stay in the know of all of the awesome new features coming soon: Coming Soon | Tableau Software


That's all I have for this week! Feel free to send submissions, suggestions, or comments to community@tableau.com


Happy analyzing!