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We are celebrating Black History Month.  Have you ever thought about getting involved in #MakeoverMonday? Today is a great day to start as we #VisualizeDiversity.  Learn more and get involved here: tabsoft.co/2FFEhGY



This week, we celebrate the opening day of the Winter Olympics. Tableau Zen Master Rody Zakovich created a great Winter Olympics viz to learn more about the achievements of prior Winter Olympics here.




+ Join us for Developer Office Hours on Tuesday, February 6th at 10:00am PST. The is the first in a two part series on Tableau Server Admin Tools and will be hosted by Tableau Product Manager Rahul Motwani. Register here: Dev Office Hours: Tableau Server Admin Tools Session 1


Session 1 will cover - TabJolt, Scout and Replayer


+ Think Data Thursday this month will be presented by Tableau Zen Master Tamas Foldi (Twitter:@tfoldi)    Tamas will present how he has added machine learning to dashboards, query live data from web services, and create animation and paiging in Tableau Server by utilizing the Extensions API.  Be sure to join us for this entertaining look at what's possible with the Tableau Extensions API on February 8th, 2018.    Register here: Zen Master Tamas Foldi: No Limits with Tableau and the Extensions API | Tableau Software



Project Maestro beta #3 is out today.   New features include quick cleaning for string fields, quick filters for date ranges, wildcard union for Excel, drag/drop to add a file connection and more.  Check out the Beta.  Sign up here and a member of our team will be in touch to support you.


+ If you are already in Project Maestro join the Community Group. This is open and welcome to the public!



Congratulations to Tableau Community member Peter Fakan for achieving the badge Help one, help all! for having 100 replies marked helpful.   Jyothisree Rayagiri achieved both the I love helping badge for having 25 replies marked as Helpful! and the I Know Stuff!! badge for 10 posts that were marked correct.    Thank you for all the contributions to help each other learn and use Tableau.


Most Talked about Thread

The thread was posted on January 29th by user murtaza farooqui regarding Duplicate Records.  Ambassador Norbert Maijoor was the first to reply with a request for a bit of clarification and then user Neil Lord suggested one option of removing the duplicate records with the use of a custom sql statement on the data connection.  This solution was eventually the marked correct solution as a few other users provided ideas/solutions for murtaza.


Top Voted Idea

Community member Darrin Schulte created the idea Control what displays in View  Data which received another 9 new votes this week. This is the top voted idea again this week! The Tableau Development team is taking note of the popularity of the idea. Keep voting, creating and sharing Tableau Community Ideas that you want to see in the next version of Tableau. Our Beta program is another great way to stay in the know of all of the awesome new features coming soon: Coming Soon | Tableau Software



That's all I have for this week! Feel free to send submissions, suggestions, or comments to community@tableau.com


Happy analyzing!


Patrick Van Der Hyde