Happy New Year from the Tableau Community Team!


Welcome to 2018 and start the New Year off right with a New Year's resolution. What better way to track your progress throughout the year than with Tableau! James Randal Jones tracked his New Year's Resolution for 2017 to exercise through the Viz below.



Another awesome Viz I would like to share is this Viz that summarizes the 2017 year of #Makeover Mondays created by Rodrigo Calloni called the #MakeoverMonday XMAS tree!  With the new year many like to reflect on the year that has past. Our #MakeoverMonday duo Andy Kriebel and Eva Murray have taken a look at a multitude of Vizzes over 2017 and the Tableau Community have all done an amazing job creating beautiful Vizzes. The tree shows us just how many different views can be created from just a few data sets.




To see more from the author check out his Tableau Public profile: Rodrigo Calloni | Tableau Public




+ Think Data Thursday this month will cover the Tableau Extensions API on January 25th, 2018. More information to come soon!   


+ It's that time of year again! Who do you think should be the next Tableau Zen Master? The nomination period is open until 10:00pm PST on Friday, January 19th. Further details about the Zen Master program can be found on the Zen Master page. Already know all the details? Here is a direct link to nominate a Zen Master. We will announce the new class of Tableau Zen Masters in February of 2018. We look forward to hearing from you!


+ Have you heard about the Project Maestro beta? We are rethinking data prep, to give you an intuitive experience that's visual, direct, and deeply integrated with the rest of Tableau. If you are a current Tableau customer you are welcome to test the latest version of beta. Sign up here and a member of our team will be in touch to support you. Please allow for a delay with the end of year holidays.


+ If you are already in Project Maestro join the Community Group. This is open and welcome to the public!



Congratulations to Tableau Community members Matthew Theis and Crystal Meyers for achieving the Help Desk badge for having 5 answers marked correct!  Thank you for the contributions as these are what make the community such an amazing place.


Most Talked about Thread

The thread Times, durations, and a report that counts tickets per hour posted by Chrissy Scott was this week's most popular thread with 16 replies. One of our Tableau ambassadors Shinichiro Murakami was able to assist with a correct answer. Chrissy was able to attach workbooks and was highly responsive to additional clarifying questions from Shinichiro which helped with a solution being found. With the correct answer marked I am sure many more Community members will find this thread useful. Thanks for posting and we look forward to seeing the next Viz challenge that you tackle.


Top Voted Idea

Community member Darrin Schulte created the idea Control what displays in View  Data which received 5 new votes adding reaching a total of 1,010. This is the top voted idea for two weeks in a row! The Tableau Development team is taking note of the popularity of the idea. Keep voting, creating and sharing Tableau Community Ideas that you want to see in the next version of Tableau. Our Beta program is another great way to stay in the know of all of the awesome new features coming soon: Coming Soon | Tableau Software



That's all I have for this week! Feel free to send submissions, suggestions, or comments to community@tableau.com


Happy analyzing!


Byrne, Patrick