Dr. Seuss was a man who wrote the stories that most of us remember reading before bed time when we were kids. The man was a legend in the industry for creating this rhyme filled adventures in his wonderful wild land filled with characters such as the Lorax and the Cat in the Hat. One of his most famous books is the timeless classic Green Eggs and Ham. Corey Jones examined just how masterful Dr. Seuss was with his words in this Viz about the number of words used in the classic.



More from Corey can be seen in his gallery on his blog, found here: gallery . As well as on his Tableau Public profile: Corey Jones | Tableau Public




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Being avid consumers of data science and visualization they seem like a common phrase. But how common are these phrases? Hannah yan han created this visualization looking at Google Trends data and examined how often the terms "Data Visualization" and "Data Science" were searched in major cities across the globe.



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