It's hard to believe but the Olympics are right around the corner.  The 2018 Winter Olympics will be hosted in Pyeongchang, South Korea.  Are you preparing to watch hours of Skeleton, Curling, and Nordic Combined?  While you wait for the start of the games, be inspired to create your own Olympic Dashboard. 

Here is a dashboard I found on Tableau Public from the four years ago. Building a viz for fun is where you take Tableau to all new levels. Do you have an idea for a 2018 Olympic viz?   Share in the comments. 






+ Have you voted for the Business Intelligence Trend of 2018?  That's right, you the community of Tableau users are invited to vote on what you think the most important trend in BI today is?  Andrew Grinaker has this post explaining more - Introducing the Tableau Community’s “11th Trend” – Vote Now with a link to voting here: 11th Trend Survey | Tableau Software .  Please come on over and share your voice. 


+ Are you a Tableau Online user? If so, be sure to read Greg Bennett's post Get Ready for the Tableau Online Upgrade to 10.5 where Greg covers the new features with 10.5 and what they mean for you. 





Congratulations to Glenn Kuly and Alvino Vaz for achieving the "Helpful is my middle name" badge this week with 50 posts marked "Helpful".  In addition this week, arvindgarg and sunil.sachdeva achieved the 'Questions for Breakfast' badge representing 25 answers marked as 'Correct'.  These contributions of Tableau users helping each other makes our community the special place it is. Thank you!! 


Most Talked about Thread

The post Making parameter that will change chart label by Dimitriy Shcherbenko was posted on December 7th.   Tableau Ambassador Shinichiro Murakami provided the answer marked correct after several other customers offered assistance and direction.   The solution shows off the power of table calculations in Tableau. 





Top Voted Idea

This week's top voted idea is the 'IN' Operator equivalent idea going back to 2012 by Stephen Smirl  .  This idea gained 7 new votes this week.  The FAQ page FAQ:  'IN' operator is another resource to review if you too find this idea of interest. 


Other News

+ We had a great Think Data Thursday last week as Steve Wexler from Data Revelations presented how to use Tableau with survey data.  If you missed this presentation, you can watch it by clicking here.  Thank you again to Steve.


That's all I have for this week! Feel free to send submissions, suggestions, or comments to community@tableau.com.


Happy analyzing!