I am excited to be writing you this week from our new home in DATA 1! Tableau's Fremont based marketing and support teams have moved west on 34th avenue to join our sales and team in a fantastic new building in the "Center of the Universe".  In addition to being LEED Gold registered, "the DATA 1 building is Salmon-Safe certified and features biofiltration retention planters that treat 160,000 gallons of the heavily polluted rainwater runoff from Aurora Bridge annually. Two additional future phases of remediation are planned on nearby properties with the goal of treating over 2 million gallons of polluted runoff annually every year." Read more about DATA 1 and Weber Thompson architects here.


This is incredibly important in Seattle considering on average 169k+ sockeye salmon pass through the Ballard Locks between June 12th and August 13th each year. If you, like me, find this fascinating, check out this great viz on the Daily Salmon Count Through Ballard Locks by Ondrej Sklenar on Tableau Public.


Screen Shot 2017-11-27 at 6.43.43 PM.png

Another reason this move is amazing: Your (US based) community team is now under one roof! Community Support leads Patrick Van Der Hyde and Patrick Byrne, along with User Group manager Jordan Scott and I are all able to collaborate and support each other more seamlessly. We hope this will help us continue to do great work for the Tableau Community. We are also conveniently located closer to some of your favorite alumnus Dustin Smith and Tracy Rodgers so I will be sure to bug them when I need advice and legacy knowledge We still have the incredible support of lenaic.ridinger in Dublin and dozens of other Tabloids around the world working hard to keep this space strong.


Thank you to everyone who helps keep the Tableau Community vibrant - most especially all of you, our amazing community members!



+The Tableau 10.5 beta is available.  Interested in beta testing the next version of Tableau?   Explore all the features on the Coming Soon page, including mapping updates, Viz in Tooltip, Hyper, Linux, and more! Sign up today to take part in the Beta by following this link: Tableau Pre-Release Programs | Tableau Software.

The Beta Developer Tools announced at Tableau Conference may also be found online in the Developer Preview here: Tableau's Developer Tools & APIs


+ Think Data Thursday is back on the calendar! Steve Wexler from Data Revelations will be joining us on Thursday, December 7th at 8:00 AM Pacific time to show us how to use Tableau with survey data. You can learn more and sign up today for this online webinar here: Jump Start Visualizing Your Survey Data Using Tableau



Congratulations to Tableau Community members Vishal Jethwa for earning the Helpful is my middle name badge for 50 marked "helpful" replies and to Tushar More for earning the Question Slayer badge for 50 answered marked "correct"! These are huge contributions to our community. Thank you both for your dedication and support


Most Talked about Thread

The thread Donut chart label overlap posted by sunitha k was this week's most popular thread, with 11 replies. "When there are more than one value, the labels display correctly as pic 1. When the chart shows only 1 value, the labels for both donuts overlap. Is there any way to fix this?"

Alvino Vaz responded with a workaround using annotations and shared screen shots with the packaged workbook. Thank you for your help in getting this resolved so quickly Alvino!



Top Voted Idea

Community member Darrin Schulte shared the idea Control what displays in View Data originally in 2012, and the idea remains relevant today with four new votes in the past week giving it 949 total to date. With over 104 comments there are definitely a number of opinions on this. Check this out and add your thoughts if this is relevant to your work.


Other News

We are featuring Forum Ambassador Lei Chen in the latest spotlight: Tableau Ambassador Spotlight - Lei Chen! She joined our ranks as an Ambassador in January of 2017 and has contributed heavily to the community through the Tableau Forums, helping people with complex calculations, giving feedback on dashboard design, and helping answer Server questions. Lei is multilingual and has translated her interview into both Japanese and Chinese, so please check out those links for your preferred language. Thank you for all that you do for the Tableau Community Lei!


That's all I have for this week! Feel free to send submissions, suggestions, or comments to community@tableau.com


Happy analyzing!