Winter gets closer as we enter November.

The leaves are falling while the vizzes are blooming;

Yet, we haven't explored every single dashboards.

Get ready analysts, Tableau on your list,

Workbooks are getting better, shout HYPER HYPER!

viz-in-tooltip_gif.gifTableau Division.png▲ Announcements

+ Tableau 10.5 is currently in Beta! Join us now, and explore new possibilities with our next update: Coming Soon in Tableau Software

  • Our Hyper technology (patent pending) brings faster data refreshes and query performance to Tableau extracts, plus increased scalability in a platform-wide update.
  • Tableau 10.5 also brings you viz in tooltip, allowing you to add visualizations to tooltips for better context. Plus, take charge of your content with flexible project control and improved workbook version compatibility. You can also rename workbooks, so everyone finds the analytics they need.
  • Share and collaborate on findings more easily with subscription messages and the ability to subscribe users in groups. And last but not least, IT administrators can more efficiently deploy Tableau Desktop at scale with automated Tableau Desktop license activation.

Let’s take a look at some of the biggest features: Announcing Hyper with Tableau 10.5 beta

[Download Tableau 10.5 beta]


+ We’re excited to announce an update to our Amazon Redshift connector with support for Amazon Redshift Spectrum (external S3 tables). This feature was released as part of Tableau 10.3.3 and will be available broadly in Tableau 10.4.1. In Tableau, customers can now connect directly to data in Amazon Redshift and analyze it in conjunction with data in Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3).

Check out our latest news: Announcing support for Amazon Redshift Spectrum in Tableau 10.4


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I wanted to thank Branden Kornell who has the highest ratio of posts marked as Helpful and Correct last week.

We really value your time with the community, thanks for your support Branden, you are also among the top 5 for Customer Contributions this week!

More broadly, a huge thank you to everyone helping our users with Tableau, you are true Data Hero.


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Most Talked about Thread

Churn Rate Calculation from Vandana Samtani:

Vandana wanted to calculate the churn rate base on a given logic. The thread was well documented with a mock-up of what he wanted to do, an Excel file and a .twbx workbook.

This is an excellent way to help the fantastic other users on the forums, and it will encourage our community to provide you with the best of their help. Don't forget to thoroughly write up your thread and add meaningful documentation while keeping it short but detailed.

Shinichiro Murakami jumped on it and after some discussions, he solved the issue five days later. Thank you Shinichiro!!


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Top Voted Idea

We have our winner from last week!

Well, there are no winners in the Ideas section. Our developers love to wander in there, looking for fresh and interesting suggestions that could make Tableau even Greater and our community happier; However the idea that gathered the most upvotes is: Create a Native Connector from Tableau to Azure Data Lake (ADL)

Luke Brady, thanks for the feedback. We really appreciate it.


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In other news, visit our latest blog article called "Best of the Tableau Web" to check out beautiful pi charts and dashboard design thinking!

Def worth your time with tips and tricks + fantastic and original vizzes for inspiration.



Thanks for visiting and using our forums. Until next time... Happy Analyzing!

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