Happy Halloween!
In the spirit of this festive - fun holiday here is a question on Structuring Data for Spider Graphs from Steve Rohde that was shared in the Community Forums this week        The Objective: Render a "spider map" from a table of point-to-point trips in a station-based bike sharing system. Assign measures such trip count, average duration and elevation difference to station start-end pairs (i.e. spider line) as line attribute (e.g., line or colour). - The thread goes on from there in detail, and Tableau Forums regular Galen Busch provided the correct answer.


Now I don't know who Jeff is, but it looks like his house is the place to be on Halloween! A quick search on Tableau Public brought up years of results detailing daily traffic, peak times for crowd flow, and a forecast of how many visitors they are expecting. This Viz was my favorite, but a little dated. If you know Jeff, please encourage him to reach out to us at community@tableau.com with his 2017 results.


Trick or treat!   



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+ You likely saw this last week, but I wanted to share again: Tableau 10.5 beta is a out and ready for testing! This is version 2 of the beta. Explore all the features on the Coming Soon page, including mapping updates, Viz in Tooltip, Hyper, Linux, and so much more! Sign up today to take part in the Beta by following this link: Tableau Pre-Release Programs | Tableau Software.  The Beta Developer Tools announced at Tableau Conference may also be found online in the Developer Preview here: Tableau's Developer Tools & APIs



Congratulations to community members Walter Allen and Ana C T Figueiroa who both earned Tableau Desktop Qualified badges, and Gene Moeller who has earned the Tableau Server Qualified badge! We also have four new Calc Contributors: Haruka Kinumura, haitham Farouk, Taisuke Ono and Brett Megaard. Cheers to all and thank you for your support!


Most Talked about Thread

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On October 26th Gurpreet Singh Goraya asked a question regarding Exclude Unique values from Worksheet. This seemed to strike a cord in the forums and a thread of 22 comments led to a correct answer in just under an hour! That is some truly remarkable community engagement. Cheers to Katie Bridges who came through with the correct answer and thanks to all who helped get to the solution. * Pro tip: The original question included a packaged Tableau workbook. Remember this is incredibly helpful when you are looking for community support.


The top liked forum question this week comes from Anuj Chopra who was looking for support: Calculated Field Explanation required. This question, posted on October 19th is marked "Assumed Answered". It was found helpful by 4 people! Thank you to all who contributed to this thread, including Abhilash Sharma and Tableau Ambassador Jim Dehner.


Top Voted Idea

The idea to have the Option to uninstall prior version during Tableau Desktop upgrade was posted by Tableau Technical Support Engineer James Parsons, and has been popular in the community in the last week. This idea has received 7 votes, and one comment relating back to another idea from years ago. If you agree with James and think this is a great idea head over to the forums and vote for or against it - and please share comments on how this impacts your work.


Thank YOU for making the Tableau Community so special! Please feel free to send any comments, suggestions, or feedback to the community team at community@tableau.com


Have a safe and Happy Halloween!