Coming Together at Tableau Conference Next Week: A note from Tableau's CEO Adam Selipsky


On behalf of Tableau employees, I want to express our deepest sympathies for the victims and their families that are forever changed as result of the tragedy in Las Vegas Sunday night. We believe the best response is to carry on as normally as possible to show our collective resilience and the force we can be for positive change. As such, we look forward to gathering at Tableau Conference to share and learn from each other, albeit with heavy hearts.


I want to thank all our customers, partners, sponsors, and the Las Vegas citizens, who have reached out with their support. We are extremely thankful that our team members who are already in Las Vegas are safe. Our first priority is the safety of our attendees and we have increased security measures for TC17. We are in close contact with the venues and local authorities in Las Vegas to ensure everyone is able to have a safe and enjoyable experience.


We have also heard from many of you, full of compassion and eager to help. We’re encouraged by your spirit. We are pledging a contribution to the National Compassion Fund to support the victims and their families. In addition, we will provide opportunities next week for all of us to help those affected.


In the meantime, one way to contribute is to donate blood to your local blood bank. Visit to find a donation station near you, or follow the #data17donates to join a blood drive during next week’s conference.


For more information about next week’s events, please visit the Tableau TC17 Response FAQ page. Also, look for updates from the Tableau Conference team in your email and in the #Data17 mobile app.


In moments like this, we find strength in community. We at Tableau are eager to stand together with you.


Looking forward to seeing you next week,

Adam Selipsky

President and CEO



▲ Announcements

+ Tableau 10.4 has been released! From the Tableau Blog: With Tableau 10.4, we’re making data discovery a breeze. Save time and reduce mistakes by ensuring that you are using the best data for your analysis. Data source certification promotes approved data sources and works seamlessly with recommendations to guarantee you’re using the right data at the right time. Enable smarter conversations between teams with discussions and viz snapshots, and visualize custom transportation routes and other networks with support for linear geometries. Polish your dashboard design with dashboard spacing and publish to older versions of Tableau Server using the newest version of Tableau Desktop with downgrade and publish.

+ #WeAreDataPeople: Celebrating the Tableau Community: Starting September 25th, we mailed 5,000 #WeAreDataPeople flags to our community with one simple directive: Take a selfie. Didn’t receive a flag? We’ve got you covered. Complete this form, and we’ll get one sent your way as soon as possible, while supplies last. Terms and conditions apply.



Cheers to new names and some familiar faces popping up with awards this week! Mike Dunning has earned the Tableau Server Certified badge and Tableau User Group Ambassador Donna Coles has earned the prestigious Help one, help all! badge.  It's been a big week with community support with jennifer.vonhagel earning Questions for Breakfast, Jayshree Dawrewar received Helpful is my middle name, and sesha.peram with the Help Desk badge! Congratulations to all and thank you for all your support.


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The top liked forum this week comes from Tableau Product Manager for Maps and Spatial Data Kent Marten.Work with Maps and Spatial data? We need your feedback! The post is originally from July, but received 17 replies this week alone. He closed the survey for feedback in mid-August but shared, "If you are planning on attending TC17 in Las Vegas, please come by the Mapping kiosk, attend one of the many mapping breakout sessions, or to the Mapping in Government meetup in Thursday morning."


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In closing, and with respect the Tableau Community team echoes what our CEO Adam Selipsky shared, "In moments like this, we find strength in community. We at Tableau are eager to stand together with you." We are here for you. If you have any additional questions or concerns, please reach out to


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