Tableau has a gigantic smart and fun community!

Before TC17 in Las Vegas, a lot of Tableau User Groups are gathering to discuss updates, products, tricks and have fun together.

Make sure to join the Events and Conferences: Colorado, New York, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Illinois, Texas, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and the Kentucky are all in the starting blocks for the United States while the Netherlands and the United Kingdom are boosting their power before the Conference.

tableau_healthcare_user_group_blog_header-_180x100.pngTableau Healthcare User Group UK



▲ Announcements

+ Gain new analytic superpowers as you join the Tableau Conference 17, Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas from Oct 9 to 12. We hope to see you there in two weeks! Learn more about the event:

+ There is so much to do at #Data17! Here are a few ways to ensure you'll get the most of the Community experience.

Data rockstars unite: Find your tribe at Tableau Conference 2017

+ Check out Pooja Gandhi and Adam Crahen's work: #DearDuo! An inspiring and smart project for fun and skills boosting.

#DearDuo: Our quantified-self journey


+ Are you a marketer that’s tired of creating reports in excel? Do you get annoyed every time you pull data from multiple platforms to create website traffic reports? Two of Tableau’s own marketers have created a next-level website analytics dashboard, with custom traffic metrics, to make reporting a breeze! They will be sharing their knowledge about Tableau at TC17 during their breakout session.

DIY Website Analytics Dashboards for Marketers at TC17




Today I particularly wanted to thank Andrew Kim for the quality of his work

44 posts have been published this week to help our community, while 39% have been marked as correct and helpful!

This is the highest ratio this last week but also for the whole month of September! (90 posts for 31 helpful or correct)


Of course, we at Tableau, are really appreciative of our users in the forums. We love to read your replies and different paths that will allow our customers to better understand Tableau while gaining more knowledge about a given topic. You totally help users see and understand their data. Doing so, YOU are a Data Rockstar! Cheers



Most Talked about Thread

557 views, 22 comments, Vasu choudhury almost nailed our community with his question about dynamically showing previous Quarters/Half Yearly values based on Time period selection.

Thanks to Norbert Maijoor, Shinichiro Murakami and Yuriy Fal, THEY nailed him down with many excellent and detailed replies.

Congratulations to you all, you really are pillars of our community and we can't thank you enough for your dedication.

Show Previous Quarter/Half Yearly values based on Time period selection



Best ideas

This week I wanted to put the incentive on our Ideas. It really is a great place if you want to propose new features for Tableau, implement new things and directly discuss with our Dev teams.

The latter are regularly skimming through your threads in order to gather more feedback from our community, discuss implementations and raise the best detailed ideas for their projects.

If our products lack things that you really want to see added, come over and directly speak with us: Full List of Ideas



Enjoy the week, it is cold but very sunny in Dublin this Monday - I hope you're having a great weather as well. I can't wait for snowboarding season early in 2018! Ah... 2018, time flies right?

Until next time, happy analyzing!

As usual, feel free to send submissions, suggestions, or comments to




→ BONUS from Danny Sutton, I spotted his Star Wars viz on Twitter: Sentiment Analysis; What fans feel about the franchise? - Tableau Public

(Han Solo shot first)