Do you love data analytics? Do you strive to improve processes or geek out over security? Do you believe in the power of understanding data to inspire true innovation?

Then, Tableau Conference 2017 is for you! You’ll be among thousands of fellow data people who understand that powerful insights, beautiful visualizations, and surprising revelations are a reason to get out of bed every day. And did we mention they love to have fun?


This is where data people gather to learn, collaborate, and network, building a lasting community with the power to make a difference. The excitement is tangible – you’ll feel inspired from the first moment, and build momentum as you discover new tools, techniques, and curiosity.

With more than 400 sessions of every level and focus, you’ll learn more in one week than you ever thought possible. From keynotes to breakouts, hands-on training to hands-in-the-air parties, you’ll be in the company of Tableau experts, partners, and customers: it’s data people paradise.


Gain new analytic superpowers to take home with you. You can even get certified as a Tableau expert. It’s all happening at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas - Oct 9-12.See you there, in a little bit more than two weeks!


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+  Create a viz using your personal fitness data, upload it to Tableau Public, and you’ll be on your way to slipping into some Lululemon apparel! You have until Saturday 30th of September to Submit your viz.

Join the #FitData17 viz competition for a chance to win gear at TC17 | Tableau Software

+ It’s time for another round up of the best of the #Tableau blogosphere! Fresh ideas & new bloggers in our community.

Best of the Tableau Web: Welcome to the new bloggers! | Tableau Software

+ So cool to see #vizforsocialgood at UNHQ for the General Assembly--front and center as leaders from around the globe come together to talk about our biggest challenges! Check out the vizzes on Tableau Public here: Socio-Economic Development and the Sustainable Development Goals - A Collection of Interactive Data Visualisations





Deepak Rai replied to 51 threads while having a dozen of them marked as correct and helpful!

Thank you very much for your time and skills Deepak! We hope that many users will be inspired by your performance and share their knowledge as well



Most Talked about Thread

Abderrahim Oubidar had a question related to filling some missing values in his data. He had 2 tables that he joins together, the first gives the sales for each day, the other is monthly budget.

Guess who solved it? Kalyan Allam: Congratulations, you rock!

Filling missing values in the data

Thank you everyone for jumping in that thread


Best idea last week

Luke Brady would like to enable Tableau Desktop to connect to and create an Extract of OneDrive content which is shared with me where I am not the owner.

Do you think like Luke? Then upvote and comment his idea!

Ability to Create Extract from someone else's OneDrive Data


Have a great week, and until next time, happy analyzing!

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